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Yuki Yuki

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Yuki Nakayama, a final year student in Highschool, a simple girl who takes pleasure in the small things like cake on a Sunday, and also has a bizarre affinity for Rugby. Join Yuki as she encounters a dreadful situation which leads to distressing problems in her final year. On top of graduation pressures, Yuki must face difficult questions regarding her own feelings as she falls out with friends, meets new people, maintains her grades at school and the good work at the friendly neighbourhood cafΓ©. Will Yuki find out the truth? What decisions will she make in face of such pressure? (All character (and cats!) resources for designs go to https://charat.me/ - a really great website for those with no artistic experience!!)

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1 - Welcome!

"You wouldn't believe how hard it is having someone like Sakura as your sister," Hina groaned whilst shoving a ball of rice in her mouth. "There's no way I can be better than her in anything, I was born into a losing battle."

"You haven't met my sister, she's lovely but thinks she's the next big genius and won't let any of us forget it," Yuki commented, twirling a strand of hazelnut coloured hair around her finger. "What about you Satomi, how's your sister?"

Satomi nodded her head understandingly. "Mines annoying too, I guess that's just sisters for-"

"HEY! Come watch me play basketball, I've learnt some crazy new tricks. Even Satomi's gonna be impressed this time!"

A tall boy with incredibly messy brown hair burst through the classroom door, yelling way too loudly for a classroom environment. Behind him, a mischevious blond haired boy began began a long laugh from the classroom doorway.

"Yeah, the same tricks everyone learnt months ago, you just want to flaunt your muscles in front of the girls," he declared. Ren, the messy haired boy, looked eagerly towards the girls waiting for a response, ignoring the blond’s comment.

"Oh get lost," Satomi responded as Yuki nodded towards Ren simultaneously. With Yuki working at the cafe and Ren studying with Satomi to improve his grades, Yuki would never pass up a spare opportunity to watch Ren do just about anything.All eyes turned towards Hina to make the final decision. Seeing the desperation in Ren and Yuki's faces, Hina agreed. Satomi grudgingly rose from her chair and followed the rest towards the basketball courts.


As Ren and the blond boy otherwise known as Aoi, fought over which basketball to use, Yuki and Satomi seated themselves in their usual spot.

Meanwhile, in the store room...

"This one."

"No this one bro."

"Are you stupid? That one's obviously deflated."

"Are you blind or-"

"JUST PICK ONE," Satomi snapped, curling her fists. Yuki laughed as Aoi and Ren quickly choose a ball. You don't argue with Satomi unless you want to be humiliated. Aoi knew this well seeing as their mothers have been close since middle school, meaning Aoi discovered Satomi's temper the hard way.

Once the boys picked a decent ball, Ren called Yuki over to start the game. Grabbing the ball, Yuki closed her eyes, counted to three and threw it in as high as she could. The chaos began from that moment...

"Oi! You're not allowed to do that, dumbass," Aoi yelled, grabbing Ren by the back of his shirt.

"Pretty sure you're not allowed to do that either, stupid," Satomi snorted, leaning her head on Yuki's shoulder.

"You wanted to watch this?" She drawled, running her small fingers through her soft, satin locks. Yuki grimaced. She looked down at her hands awkwardly.

"Well, we've never seen just the two of them play so I thought it would be fun," she said sheepishly, instantly regretting her decision.

"We are both to blame for this one, don't worry Yuki," Hina giggled sweetly, covering her pink lips with her beautifully manicured hand. "Next time we listen to Satomi."

"Are you guys even watching?" Ren pouted.

"Not really, no," Satomi yawned, closing her eyes.

Ren's mouth hung upon. He was pretty much speechless.

"B-but..." before he could finish Aoi threw the ball at Ren, hitting him smack in the head.

"Yes headshot!" Aoi cheered manically, throwing his arms up in victory.

"You bastard!" Ren shouted once he'd processed what happened, rubbing the back of his head. He sprinted straight to Aoi, grabbing him in a headlock.

So much for a basketball game.

"Truce! Truce!"
"Apologise fist!"

The boys continued to argue, missing the bell and showing up late to class...as per usual.


"Everybody, settle down now please. Lesson has started!" Yuki’s favourite and incredibly stylish teacher, Mrs Arai called out to the class. "Today, you'll be glad to know, we shall be studying the Shakespeare classic, Twelfth Night!"

Yuki noticed a few heads drop onto desks in what seemed to be disappointment. However, she couldn't contain a smile at the prospect of talking to Mrs Arai about anything literature related.

Slyly, Satomi leaned in towards Yuki's desk. "Sometimes you're really sad, you know that?" She whispered with a smirk.

Yuki was one of the three students who were by far the most passionate about Literature in the class and this showed in their top grades. The three girls were always the first to answer Mrs Arai's questions and the last to miss one of her lessons.

The rest of the lesson consisted of complaints from Ren and a few others about how pointless studying Shakespeare is and everyone trying to figure out who the Malvolio of their class was. The answer to this question remains a mystery but Yuki has her bets on Haru, the quiet and apathetic looking boy who sits at the back of the classroom.

As the bell rang to signal the end of the lesson, Mrs Arai called Yuki up to her desk.

"Yuki! I've been meaning to ask you. What has Ryu been up to? It feels like it's been a lifetime since your brother was sat in my classroom." She asked.

Yuki smiled at her. It always pleased Yuki to see how caring and genuine Mrs Arai was. Everyone deserves a teacher like her in their lives.

"He's great, Mrs Arai! He's studying at university right now and still plays rugby."

"That's a lovely to hear, Yuki!" She responded as her face lit up. "You remind me of Ryu, so hardworking and trouble free. Anyway Yuki, I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. If you want to borrow any more books from my classroom, feel free to take whatever you would like!" Mrs. Arai finished before welcoming her next lot of students into the classroom.

"Bye, Mrs Arai!"

With that, Yuki Nakayama skipped happily to her next class, eager to catch up with her two friends.

Hi! Thank you guys very much for reading and welcome to Yuki Yuki! ❀️ We really hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed writing it 😊 - Sara and Selena πŸ’

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