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Laila Sofela is an easy going, carefree and intelligent sixteen year old orphan that lives with her aunty. Her dreams came true when she was given scholarship to one of the most expensive private school in the country. She hope to enjoy the adventure in the new world different from the one she knows. But boy she was so wrong as she becomes the toy for amusement for the king bully Jason Johnson. And she discovered there is nothing she could do since everyone fear him even the teachers has no say. Jason Johnson is not only a king bully but a sadistic, handsome and intelligent seventeen year old, born with a silver spoon. He finds pleasure in bullying students and he is feared and hate by all. He found Laila amusing and he make it his mission to torment her despite she try to stay away from him and then try to be nice to him. Laila tries to survive his bullying until she finds out the secret of the king bully. Find out Laila adventure in her new school, Jason attraction to Laila and the reason for the facades.

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Chapter 1

Laila POV

I put on my black stockings and then my shoes. I stood to look at myself in the small mirror beside my bed. I love the way i look. The uniform look so perfect on me. A navy blue skirt, a cream long sleeve shirt, navy blue tie and wine blazer with my black socks and shoes. And a wine hat. It is one of the four uniform I was given excluding sport wear and swimsuit. I was shocked when I was given six of each of the five uniforms. I promise to keep them well.

I have pressed each of them and hang them in my wall robe since three days ago when i was given the uniforms.

A year ago i would have never thought i will be wearing Greater Heights College uniform.

Greater Height college is one of the most expensive and biggest private high school in the country. They make use of British curriculum, partake in international competitions, exams, awards and events. There have extracurriculum activities and there teach foreign languages. Mr Anthony had paid for French class which I am glad to take. Students that also graduate from their school have easy access to study in Europe or Britain.

Attending the school is a dream come true.

I heard footsteps approaching my door. I quickly pick up my school bag - a new one actually which i had begged my aunty to get for me.

Just so you all know I am an orphan- that's because I have never seen my biological parents and I have never heard anything about them. My aunt Judith who i grew up knowing is my only family and she never told me about them.

She is a complete introvert and take no nonsense.

The door to my room click open and my aunt walk in.

"You have a call from Mr Anthony." She told me giving me her phone.

"Good morning sir." I greeted happily.

"I'll wait for you in the living room." I heard my Aunt said and she left my small room.

"I'm fine. I'm so happy. It's all thanks to you." I said. "... Nervous." I chuckles. "A bit." The caller said something and she replied. "Thank you...... Alright. I promise to call when i get back.... You too." And i end the call.

My lips curve up to a smile. Mr Anthony and his wife have been like my parents for a long time now. I met them some years ago and they love me like i was their own. They did not have any children for twelve years. But God bless them with a baby boy six months ago. They believe i bought them good luck so they decide to send me to Great Height college.

They were life changers.

I leave the room and walk to the living room. My aunt was sitting on the couch.

"Mr Anthony driver is here." She said to me as i enter the living room.

I nod and give back her phone. I don't have one and my aunt refuse to let me have any one for a reason unknown to me.

"Your lunch is on the kitchen cabinet." She told me. I went to the kitchen and take my food. I don't usually take lunch to school. My aunt give me money to buy lunch.

"I'm leaving. Bye aunt." I said.

I saw her nod as i walk out of the house.

She is not the emotional type. And she never cuddle or do the kissing and hugging stuff. I grew up that way and i am use to it. She raise me to be independent, strong and able to fight for myself.

She may not have been so sweet and kind to me but i appreciate everything she did and taught me.

Mr Anthony Toyota car was waiting outside our apartment. I greeted my next door neighbor, a fat and nice woman with triplet. She replied in her ever graceful way and i open the door of the car and enter it.

It isn't the first time that i will be driving in Mr Anthony's car. I've entered it a few times with his wife to malls and supermarket. But it is the first time i will be drove to school in my entire fifteen and half years.

I said my greetings to the driver and he replied and he drove out of the compound.

The ride to the school wasn't quite long. It take an hour but to me it felt like three hours. I am excited to go to my new school but i am also nervous.

When we arrive at the school the driver and i came out of the car and went to the gate. They were few security men at the gate.

The driver said somethings to one of the men while i watch different cars drove into the school compound. They were all gigantic and expensive cars.

"Miss." The security man called me. I turn back to them with a small smile on my face.

"He will take you to the admin officer." The driver said to me.

"Okay. Thanks for the ride." I appreciate. He nodded and went back to the car.

"Do you have your tab with you?" The man asked as we walk inside the school.

I nod. I had put it in my bag with my notes. "Yes sir."

"Okay. From tomorrow we will start checking it at the school gate."

So they check the tab. I said in my mind.

I followed the security man to the academic office and at the same time look at the amazing structure and landscape of the school.

The school have an huge difference with the school i previously attended. It is neat, beautiful and contain a lot of buildings. It has large football field, basketball courts, a marathon lane with bleachers, five tennis courts among others.

The man took me to a building that read 'Academic Building' which stood beside the administration building. The academic building is also large and well decorated. After walking up a flight of stairs, we came to the second floor and he knock on a first door on the right which have a sign on the door that read 'vice principal admin'. Then we enter the office.

The office is cold compared with the outside environment.

A woman sit in front of a desk looking at the desktop in front of her. She look up at me and the security man.

"Is Mrs Mustapha inside?" The security man asked.

She nodded and direct us into another room. And i follows the man.

A slender woman with glasses sit in front of her shinning desk making phone call. She pointed to the sit in front of her when we entered the office. The man sat down opposite her but i refuse and decide to stand. Then she end the call.

"Good morning ma." I greeted at the same time with the man.

"Good morning." She greeted back with a small smile. The man handed her a note and she read the content.

She look up at me and smile.

"You must be from Mr Anthony?" She asked.

I nod and replied "Yes ma."

"That's good. Welcome to our school. You have a lot to learn but I'm sure you will catch up fast." She said. I nod. "My secretary will take you to your class."

"Alright ma."

"I will take my leave now." The security man said standing on his feet. The Vice Principal nod and thank him. He then wish me good luck. "Good luck on your first day."

"Thanks." I replied.

As he walk out of the room, the lady at the desk came in. She is wearing a tight skirt and blouse.

Mrs Mustapha, the vice principal academy instructed her and she asked me to come with her which i do.

The walk to my class wasn't long. The school is already crowded with students in their neat uniform and expensive looking shoes. I saw the different eyes of students staring at me as i follow the VP academy secretary to my class and i suddenly feel nervous again.

We get to the class on the thrid floor and she enter the first class in the floor. Above the wall of the door is 'SH 2 Ruby'. The class is almost full with student gossiping while some sit in group on the table tapping on their tablet.

They left their position and they sit down on their chairs slowly before greeting the secretary. Some did not border greeting.

"Good morning. Welcome back to school." She said flatly. "This is Laila Sofela, your new class mate. Ivy"

"Yes." A pretty fair girl with pink lips answered.

"Show her around and help her with whatever she need. And everyone make her feel welcome." She instructed the girl. She nod and roll her eyes at me.

"Good luck." She said to me before leaving the class.

I could feel the different eyes boring holes on me.

"Hello." I said.

No one answered. They return to their position when i came in with the secretary. I use my eyes to search for an empty seat. I found one at the back. I hope i could see the board from there. But the class was large and spacious. The board is also wide. So i won't have problem.

I walk to my seat. There were three empty seats at the back and i took the one at the left.

I had barely sit when a tall girl walk up to my side and she took the seat next to me.

"Hi." She said.

Great! Not everyone is rude.

"Hi." I said back.

"You're new here? " She asked. I nod as i notice she is wearing a baby pink lip stick and lashes.

"I'm Florence."

"Laila. I'm Laila."

"Good. Welcome to the greatest class in the school. Have anyone tells you about our class?"

I shake my head. "No."

"That's bad."

"I don't think they like me." I said to her.

She smile. "Don't worry some will come around. But be careful." She look at me. She look at my shoe and my bag. She shake her head but said nothing.

"What's wrong?" I asked afraid of hearing the answer. I already know what she is thinking. I'm not from their class. I had notice the hair the girls made, their jackets, shoes and other belongings were nothing compare to mine.

Even Florence wear a gold wristwatch.

"Nothing." She replied looking at her self in a mirror. Someone shout her name. I look up to see some group of boys smiling at her.

She wave at them.

"Is that your new friend?" They asked her. She look at me and then shrug.

The bell rings and she stood up, so was the others. They begin to walk out of the class.

"Is it time for assembly?"

"Of course." She laugh. She seem to read my mind because she said. "We are in Nigeria, there is always assembly every morning. It's mandatory."


She chuckles. "Where are you from?" She laugh again. "The assembly is starting late today because it is the first day of resumption but things will be back to normal tomorrow. Common let's go. I will tell you more about our class when we get back."

She is nice and i like her. I am curious to know about this school and class. So I'm grateful she will be doing me a favour of telling me about the class. I don't want to step beyond my boundaries. I knew most of them here are from another social strata.

So here is how my first day begin.

Author Note : This is the first chapter of Facade. Please forgive any grammatical errors. It's not edited.

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