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People do crazy things for love or attention; I know I’m one of the extremists. I love with all my might, and I hate just the same.

Guilt is eating me up; because of me, Jane almost died. It’s the second time, but this time I’m not the direct culprit, I think, as I attempt to reassure myself.

The truth is all this is my fault because the spider wouldn’t have spun this scenario if I had played more attention to her feelings. If only I noticed her before and gone to her when I realized none of this would have happened.

This afternoon I watched one of the most disgusting horror movies ever. The crowd cringed and applauded at the director of the evil project.

She bowed, proud of her exploit. Glory at someone else’s expense.

Never would I have imagined she would be sick enough to play such a trick.

As expected, she paints, as always, the image is chaotic beyond explanation, revealing her psyche’s complexity.

“Why did you do it?”

“Do what?” She replies as she carries on to apply black paint on the canvas.


“Why are you yelling?” Mona says as she puts down her brush and turns to face me.

It took me a while to piece things together, and I have to admit I was misled by the fact Mona was supposedly unaware of the accident, but she made a mistake when she accused me; she revealed it herself.

“Jane almost got killed.”

Mona scratches her forehead and crosses her arms, “Jane is alive.”

“But you almost killed her.”

“What are you accusing me of, Brad, because I don’t know what you are talking about,” Mona says, waves her hands in the air before turning back and resuming with her painting.

“The letters, the videos, it was you, Mona? Your movie project: THE DEMONS WE HIDE,” I say, approaching her position.

“What about it?”

“I saw the film; you stalked Jane. I know how you got the black box video; my dad gave it to yours for safekeeping when he retrieved it. I don’t see how you worked about it, but you’ve always known, and you pretended.”

Mona’s face, which appeared lost and afraid, immediately changes to one of an evil character being revealed.

“Bravo, Brad, aren’t you a little detective Conan.”

“Why, Mona?”

Mona chuckles, “why? For the reason why you are standing before me now, it’s you, Brad, your attitude. You played me.”

“Mona, I think you are mixing up everything. You can’t avenge yourself on Jane. Especially when you know what it could do to her.”

“Oh, Brad, you see, this is why I went through with it. Poor fragile little Jane, everyone is always covering up for her, consoling her, when the girl is a crash test dummy continually crashing into walls voluntarily. And all we do around Jane is protect her.”


“Jane killed people, Brad, and aunt Rebecca covered it up. My father and your father became complices in the crime. You, Brad, love her still though Jane murdered people and made us all silent accomplices. So yeah, I did it for all of us. I did it for her because Jane needs to face reality. I mean, the girl even crashed into a relationship with the victim’s son. It’s insane; think about Kim Tae Won. You think I’m sick; Jane fucking dated the son of the people she killed.


“I know, I’m sorry, but still, I don’t regret it.”


“What, it’s always about Jane, I always watch from the sidelines. Everybody loves Jane no matter what she does. Even my father is more concerned about her than he is for me. My mom prays for Jane.”

I shake my head in disapproval, “Mona, I think your perception is biased. People have been worrying about her because we all know that Jane could do something which could put her life in danger. We all knew she could kill herself.”

Mona sighs and looks to the ceiling before bringing her gaze back to me, “and so no one else exists. You know what? I feel like a cameo. Doesn’t it bother you, Brad, to be the second lead? Jane rather flirts, and fuck with anybody else but you.”

My hand stretches out like a claw and approaches her face, and I grit my teeth as I fight the temptation of crushing her face with my hand. It takes me a lot to hold back from lashing out, but I remain collected, “arrgh, Mona, it’s not that people don’t worry about you,” I say, stretching out my hand to touch the shoulder this time, but she jerks back.

Mona was the most stable person I knew; she held the strings to the air balloons Jane and I were. Now I realize that we, I mean, I abused her sympathy.

“Don’t touch me; I don’t want your pity.”

At this instant, I find Mona irresistible. I have a screw loose. I appear to have a thing for either suicidal or evil chicks.

My heart plummets as I know Mona, and I can’t be anything after this.

“Than what do you want, Mona? Because I don’t get it. What do you want from this? Your cousin is unconscious between life and death; is this what you wanted?”

“We might be better off, who knows?” Mona says, folds her arms across her chest again, and steps back to look at her painting.

I’m horrified by what she’s saying; it’s just so, I can’t even tell. Call me insensitive, but I don’t get her point. It doesn’t add up, though there is some truth in her words.

If I weren’t the man I am, I would punch the living daylights out of Mona, and I see myself lifting my fist, but I hold myself back only to deliver a threat.

“Mona, if Jane never wakes up, I swear I’ll kill you.”

I leave; it’s all I can do; otherwise, I will commit the homicide, which is already playing in my mind. It’s difficult for me to seize why Mona stalked her cousin. If I didn’t see the screening of her Blair Witch like a spoof movie, I wouldn’t have known.

The few students present thought it was actors on the screen; it was troubling to read the angst on Jane’s face when she looked around when she ran down streets looking back, afraid that the person would catch her.

Now I see how Mona built her scenario it all. She installed a location app on Jane’s phone. Mona left the letters when she knew no one would notice her at Tae Won’s house and programmed the text messages for Jane. Since she set the time, they were sent even when she was with Jane, and she could pretend and play surprised.

Even coming to see me was part of the ploy. I have to admit it was a smart move. Obsessed and suffering from unrequited love, she couldn’t find a better culprit.

And naturally, I couldn’t suspect someone who had just found out about the accident, but that’s what we all overlooked. It was dumb to think Mona was unaware when the black box video of Jane’s accident was entrusted to her father by mine.

Everything is such a fucking mess.

How did we get here?

At what moment did we all start sidetracking?

Despite everything, I know I’m more than responsible. It all started the night I gave the girl I loved a blue pill at a party with Vodka, Tequilla, and Dom Perignon. Like a fool, I waved her goodbye as she drove off, drunk and drugged up.

I’m such an asshole.

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