Tragic Tale of a Gutsy Rebel

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This is a short story set up in 16th-century Europe, I tried to portray how the voices raised against injustice are being suppressed by power and money, though this story took place in the 16th century, it hints about the present scenario as well.

Drama / Horror
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It had been ten months since the drastic war of countries ended, but people were still waging their wars with poverty, homelessness, and with the destructive effects of treaties signed after the hefty war. The Republic of Garris was a small country in western Europe with considerably heavy participation in the war and they managed to win, but it was all at the cost of their economy. After the war, even the countries on the victory side experienced a horrible financial state, king Onyx IV of The Republic of Garris feared that this crisis might lead to another world war, so he decided to improve the economic conditions of other friendly countries even though Garris itself was lying on the horizon that separates rich and poor countries. It was two in the morning and lights were still burning in David’s cottage, the thuds of hammer on the iron echoed in the silent streets of Lafois town, He was alone in his cottage working desperately as his daughter Aaron and wife Grace were sleeping in the room beside, it had been eight days since they ate a proper meal, sweat rolled down his forehead as his hands moved, he suppressed his hunger pangs and was working relentlessly to produce the strongest shackles for war criminals, he was lost in his thoughts on how to survive the day but his hands remained in the work, he was barely conscious about the way he was hitting the iron when he heard his wife shouting in pain, he dropped the hammer on the cottage floor and ran into the room, his Wife was roaring in pain as her hands rested on her abdomen and his daughter Aaron was clueless and scared. David sat beside Grace, his light brown pupils dilated and eyes showed a mixed emotion of confusion and panic, he asked Aaron to bring a glass of water, he then made his wife drink some water out of the tumbler with care, he didn’t speak a word, Her stomach was burning with pain and David felt helpless, he lifted her in his arms and asked his daughter to look after the house as he was going on a hopeless quest for a medic, Aaron looked into his eyes and then she looked at her mother, she noticed her mother was watching her with teary eyes as David left the house with Grace in his arms. The clock was ticking three in the morning and David was running in the streets to find a medic, but due to the economic crisis there were no medical facilities left in the town, he ran in the streets knocking the doors of all the houses and begging for some milk of magnesia, but none were ready to donate their supplies, meanwhile, Grace continued to yell in pain as the acids in her stomach dissolved her flesh from inside, David knew he was helpless, so he continued begging everyone, while some yelled at him for disturbing their sleep, others did not respond at all. He covered almost all the houses in the town but he couldn’t get even a drop of the medicine his wife needed, as he was walking to knock one last door, he noticed his wife wasn’t crying anymore, he felt a strong chill in his spine as he looked down, his wife was peacefully lying in his arms, there were no movements in her and her arms and head were freely hanging, a dark silence filled the streets again, tears rolled down his cheeks and his wife felt heavy in his arms, he fell to his knees on the empty street, he was silent and the tears dried on his face leaving the marks on his dirty cheeks, he knew this was going to happen, he remained sitting there looking at his dead wife’s face, she barely had any fat left in her, face bones were visible and her hair looked dry, dusty and weak, he felt her ribs touching his hands as she laid in his arms, her beautiful smiling face during their wedding struck his mind as all their wedding vows rang in his ears, his heart filled with guilt and he burst out in anger against everything that was happening around him. He bit his lower lip and punched the ground as hard as he can, with a great deal of effort he calmed himself down for he knew that he had a hungry child back in his home, he went to the town cemetery and dug a hole deep enough to bury his wife, he carefully put his wife in the pit and looked at her one last time, he then filled the pit and left a rock on it, by then he almost went numb, he wasn’t feeling the loss anymore, then he thought of his daughter, he didn’t know how to convey this irreparable loss to her. It was five in the morning and Aaron was waiting at the door waiting for her father, she noticed her father at the end of the street and went running towards him, she hugged him and asked him about Grace, David stood speechless for a minute, as Aaron looked curiously into his eyes, he calmed himself down and told her that her mother was alright and she was on a recovery visit to Aaron’s grandmother, Aaron then let out a huge smile as her dark eyes glowed like the sun, the smile was so contagious that it made David smile too, he knew that he would never let his baby’s life end in that way. Later that afternoon, David went to his cousin Nathan’s house to borrow some bread and butter, Nathan, with a small-scale brewery, himself was not very rich yet he managed to share three loaves of bread and a cube of butter with David. As he was walking back to his home, he thought that he would let Aaron have all the three loaves and smiled. Then all of a sudden a mayor’s guard arrived on a horse from behind and snatched the loaves of bread from David’s hand. “What are you doing? that’s my bread.” retaliated David as the soldier was examining the snatched bread, “sorry brother, but we need to collect food for the Mayor’s feast.” he said and left with the food, he didn’t understand what had happened to him, all his happiness was snatched from him, his only hope to see his daughter happy was grabbed from him, an image of his wife just before she died struck his mind, he felt as if he was standing naked on the road like a loser who failed to feed his daughter. The Mayor announced a feast on the occasion of king onyx’s arrival, but due to the lack of resources, he ordered the soldiers to collect the food as additional tax from the residents of the town, but everyone in the town knew that only the rich and noble would be invited to the feast. David was determined to get his food back, with anger filled up to his head, he went to see the mayor, he knew his bony fragile body was no match to the trained guards at the mayor’s house but he refused to give up. He stood by the gate and shouted for the mayor to come out, the alerted guards came running towards him and pushed him to the ground, he stood up and yelled “I am hungry”. The mayor was standing in his balcony and watched him shout, David couldn’t fight the guards, his shaggy clothes and face were all filled with dirt but he refused to leave the place without his bread, after so many failed trials to get mayor’s attention, he took a stone from the ground and threw it towards the mayor with all his might, the stone had injured the mayor’s head badly, in a flash the guards took out their arms and shot David in his chest, David didn’t see that coming, he saw the glowing face of his daughter and her bright smile, as he collapsed on the ground with four bullets in his body. The death of David kindled a rebellion, the poor in the town started protesting against the heavy taxes laid on them, they destroyed the statues of the king, refused to pay any taxes and created a menace in the town, though the mayor sent guards to control them, they were barely stopped. Aaron burst out into tears after knowing about her father, she didn’t know anything about the protests or the reason behind her father’s death, all that mattered to her was David. Nathan took her to her grandmother’s house where she realized her mother was also not alive, she crashed down on the floor in her grandmother’s house and she didn’t weep, she stayed in silence looking at the floor with her wet eyes as her grandmother cried on her shoulders. Nathan didn’t let the fire in the protests go down, he started leading the mob with his speeches about David and his life, the issue had become so impactful that Onyx couldn’t consider it as petty anymore, He invited Nathan along with some notable protestors for a meeting held at the townhall of Lafois where he could address their demands. The meeting began, the protestors were standing while the Nobles and the King sat in their comfortable chairs. After everyone had settled Nathan broke the silence “I, Nathan Blue is standing in front of the king to inform him about the atrocities happening in the town, our kids are hungry, our wives are dying, the food in our mouths is being snatched before we could eat as the gruesome taxes pushed us down into the depths of poverty.” he gave a small pause, the veins in his neck bulged with blood running through them with intense pressure, and his eyes were bloodshot as he continued, “ We the people of Province Lafois hereby request the king for a voice, we want to stand for ourselves, we need the right to live, right to question and we do not want to be killed every time we raise our voice, We are hungry and we need our bread back.” He looked at the king for his reply but the king kept his silence for a minute and then “close the door.” he said, the guards closed the door and started loading their guns, the protestors in the hall could not think of any way out, Nathan wiped his forehead with his palm for he knew what was going to happen, he shouted, “we are hungry and we need our bread back!” the guards started firing towards them, the whole mob of protestors yelled, “we are hungry and we need our bread back!” Bullets with a habit of dominance devoured their flesh and the royal carpets of the town hall turned red, but they didn’t stop shouting, even when their comrades were collapsing beside them, they continued yelling, they knew they were going to die there, maybe they thought their last shouts would melt the hearts of the royal monsters sitting in front, the guards stopped firing only after the hall filled with silence, their voice was buried down in that hall as the king and noble folks watched their souls leave their bodies and their voice crushed to the ground.

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