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My Last Cold Case

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What If The people closest to you were the people you find see were the devils in disguise? Would you realize the signs before the innocent amounts of more people die and the ones closest to you becomes the next dead victim you'll read on the news channel or in the newspapers? All nation wide on the news? Would you find an slain the perpetrator before it's too late?

Drama / Thriller
Gura Simp
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Zion Jones is a lovely father police interrogator in Miami's overburdened police department. He's up to his eyeballs in paperwork and becoming the cherishing best child father he could ever be. Rather than,

have time for another case taking down more dangerous criminals he been at in the game for like over ten years- forgetting about his family and children that'd been forgiven by his wife the promise for him to never work as a Police interrogator again. Retire from his duties, accept the huge salary of his paycheck or how much he's worth to leave face-to-face with his boss.

Enjoy his celebration of working so hard for his family kept staying them out of debt, and being homeless with expenses pay out issues, saving the world the best he could to it being a better place as we speak.

There substantial financial credit off the charts. Take care of his children for a chance they still have a reason to love him for who he is. Getting the acceptance forgiveness uplifted on the spot before his time runs out dry, he'll anticipate on working the urges for.

States as a deadbeat father no one was to be dealt as. Notify warnings popping up on Zion's phone. He knows what it was. Choose to ignore it.

Wasn't that all stubborn, still wanting to get along with getting closer to his family. Have lots of fun taking care of each other's problems, learning an teaching one a another. The be smarter, more vigilant.

Watching the newest horror movie at the time. Remarking the mood in the room. Honey, who was that? Was that important? "

"No honey, no. Don't worry about it, let's enjoy this movie with you, my love and the children- shh, shhh!" " Thank you children. Pow! Ouch! What was that for? Both quietly chuckling at each other.

But, when his best friend and fellow partner cop is shot in a burglary-gone-wrong. Been harassed

and threatened about him and his wife with a bad name scratched on his entire house the next morning, after he brings his children from Friday after school, he's willing to take on a few extra cases.

There's no way he's going to ignore this madness psycho now targeting his family hard. That crossed a line for Zion. Scared his children shivering sons stopping in there tracks hugsnuggly near daddy Zion.

That very morning day,

Zion was at the front door with some sharp cutlery intact of his pockets. Wearing heavy coat clothing underneath his belly over a ton protecting him lessen the pain of gun shots any of damage to his middle side of the stomach. Sweating him hard lowering his bowel movements of walking an running to any direction, ready the roll.

He obeyed all her rules he should have followed. Not lacking or any of that.

For him to not leave her.

Just this one...... this one had the be..... Had the be My Last Cold Case." Bursted out the for the front door into his SUV. Rapidly engine the moter to a fast release.

Speding off to the Police Headquarters. Wasting no time.

His wife? Oh, his children will handle her for the time being. This father had

to settle with this new upcomer challenging a

professional Police Interrogator who doesn't treat criminals that comes for his family matter kindly.

The next interrogation was supposed to be routine: a murder, a suspect, a suspicious amount of transferred cash. Bloody scribbled notes at the bank, "Hello Zion Jones!"

"It's Good to Have You Back On The Job Snake! "

But the moment he gets in the room, he knows something is wrong. This suspect isn't scared.

This suspect is laughing, and proceeds to tell Zion personal, too-intimate-to-be-hearsay details and evidence on cold case murders going back nearly a hundred years. Years, he haven't been born yet to re-correct it or knew it existed. There famous psychopaths alive an kicking, now killing more people with there own mono, it to being more accurate then usual.

Includes his likes of DNA on the murder weapon.

Forensic residue on the revolver gun used at the scene of the crime.

It killed both of his people that meant the world to him. Hustling Zion's hope to the ground of him knowing he sure wasn't the unsub.

It gets weirder: for reasons unknown, the digital recording came up blank, as if no conversation had taken place.

No DNA came up, but the dangerous criminal guilty of being accused

of a hateful serious crime DNA, that's already dead screwed into the afterlife.

Forensic evidence gun residue was useless.

The writing on the walls was DNA, but wasn't the perpetrator in advance.

Ofcourse, everything Zion has to report is strong good easy evidence to be dismissed—it's nonsense,

nothing that can be proven, and it was just an attempt to mess with his head.

Right? If that's so, then why does Zion feel like someone's watching him everywhere he goes, stalked his birthday party, and what his family does,

as if just waiting for him to make a move on the terrible details he's been given?

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