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"Lay down," Jess tells Timothy. He lays flat on the couch when I get back. I had gone to the store to get some supplies. Gauze, disinfectant, numbing pills, things like that. Jess asked Zoe how to knock Tim out, and she gave us the right recipe. In under an hour, we're ready.

"Drink this," I hand Timothy a small glass of the drink Zoe helped with.

"You know what you're doing, right?" he asks again.

"Even if it goes south, you'll still see her," Jess confirms.

"Okay," he drinks it. After a few seconds, he's out.

"Put it in," Jess gives me the chip.

"You put it in!" I hand it back.

"I've never done this! You do it!"

"Fine," I call Zoe and she starts walking me through it.

"Draw a dot on the middle of his temple so you know where to put it. Don't stress. Clean the spot you plan to insert it at." I follow her instructions. "Give him the numbing shot. Now put the spike on the dot. When you're ready, slowly push it into his temple, but make sure it's straight."

"I'm putting it in now," I push the small spike into the dot. He doesn't bleed, thank goodness. If he did, it'd mean I have it in the wrong spot. When I finish putting it in, it glows bright yellow.

"Registering," it says, on speaker. We're going to have to change that later. Can't have him walking around earth with a speaking spike in his head. "Registration complete."

Jess and I wait for about a half hour before he wakes up.

"I have a headache from the Underworld," he sits up. "I have a chip!"

"It was successful. I'll have to give you Zoe's chip number," I help him get started, and soon, he knows the basics. He climbs the stairs to his room to call Zoe.

"He's so happy! It's kind of cute," Jess smiles when he shuts his door.

I hit her upper arm. "Don't tease him. He lost his girlfriend to suicide a little over three years ago. Let him have his moment."

"Wait. Him and Zoe were a thing?"

"Yes. Zoe lost her sister to cancer, her brother got killed, and her cousin was the murderer. Zoe got severe depression. She took her own life. Haven't I told you this before?"

"I didn't think so. Oh, Tiny! I forgot about her! She must be so worried about me!"

"She's a hellhound. She's fine."


Tim comes back down the stairs. He looks as if he's just seen a ghost.

"She... she was here. She popped up in front of me," he mumbles. I shove Jess outside.

"You gave him a meeting chip?" I harshly whisper.

"I didn't think I did. It was mixed in with the citizen chips," she turns red.

"It's fine. He just can't use it in public."

A meeting chip has its own perks. It's almost exactly like a citizen chip, but when someone calls, you have the option to use a hologram.

"We're gonna have to tell him," Jess facepalms.

"I guess so," we walk back inside.

"Put your hands up!" a man yells. Tim is face down on the floor, blood flowing out of his shoulder. Sara is in a chokehold with a gun pressed to the side of her head. I feel my temperature rising. My demon chip turns red.

No. No. No. No. No. Calm yourself. Control it.

"On your knees!" the man continues. Jess and I reluctantly obey.

"Please don't do this," Jess pleads. She can see me struggling to contain my super.

He shoots her.

"No," I growl. All at once, my super comes out. I tackle the man to the ground, but not before he shoots my wing. The wings are the most sensitive part of a demon's body. I screech out in pain.

"My turn," a voice in my head states. It takes over. I can't control my actions. I bite the side of the man's neck, kick his knee backwards and crack the gun in two. Then, nothing. All is black.

"I don't know. I've never seen anything like it," I hear a voice. I look around. My hurt wing is still out. I have a needle in my arm with red liquid in it. I pull it out, stifling a scream. Too much human blood in my body can kill me. I'm in my black, bulletproof and fireproof armor. My nails are back to normal size but my teeth are still fangs.

I'm so dead.

"Me neither. It's like some kind of devil or something," another voice answers.

I try to stand. That's when I realize I have restraints on my wrists and ankles. I chuckle to myself.

As if that'll help.

I rip my right hand from the restraint so I can free the rest of my body. It hurts so bad. Just as I start to walk out, about two dozen guards point their guns at me. As a last resort, I release my other wing and try to fly. I end up collapsing. Another try. Another fail.

"Where is..." I begin. My voice hurts like crazy. "Where is Jess?"

"What are you?" a man in a camo outfit asks.

"An answer for an answer."

"If Jess is that dark girl, she's in one of the hospital rooms. Now what are you?"

"I'm a," I break out in a coughing fit. It reminds me of when I got the Coronavirus. Before I died, of course. "I'm a," I start coughing again. Why can't I tell him?

"You can't let out your secret," I hear Ghost's voice.

I look around. I don't see him anywhere. Does Ghost have the ability of mind, too? I thought he just had the ability of mind reading. Is Hybrid really his pet, or does Ghost just force him to be?

"Well? I'm waiting," the soldier gets in my face. I pull all of my demon parts back in, but my right wing won't retract. Maybe because it's injured? Ugh. Great.

"I can't tell you," I look away. He slaps me.

"You're going to tell me, you demon!" he yells in my ear. My eyes widen, and I feel a stabbing pain in my back. As if someone whipped me. I fall on my knees as a black tear slowly cascades down my aching cheek. "That's what you are, isn't it?" Again, I feel that pain in my back. I whimper, wishing I could just die already.

"Please, stop. It hurts," I cry quietly.

"I haven't even touched you," he bends down. I pull up the back of my shirt, revealing two massive cuts. Both bloody, both new. "What the hell? How did you get those, demon?" When he calls me a demon, another cut appears on my back. "They show up when I call you that, don't they?"

I nod.

He backs away, only to move to touch the bullet hole on my wing. It burns, but my throat is dry. I can't say anything. I just shake my head.

"You want me to stop?" he asks. I nod again. He turns to the other men. They still have guns aimed at my head. He turns back to me. "I'm sorry for doing this, but the public would freak out if they knew you existed." He runs to his men. "Put her out of her misery!"

That's the last thing I hear.

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