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"Who is he?" Julia asks. I may not be possessing her, but I can still control her.

"He's my boss. I signed up for the military," Tim answers her. "Colonel Quinn."

"Oh. Why'd you join?" I force her to continue.

"I want to protect people. That and my friend died in the military, and she was always telling me to join, so here I am."

"Nice. Then it seems you'd better get going," I stand Julia up and she barely brushes by Quinn before I shove her back in the car.

"That little demon," I possess Julia. "That man is the man that had me killed."

"So that's why you had me questioning him. And Tim joined him?"

"I guess so. He doesn't know who killed me, so I guess I'm not too mad."

I see someone running on the other side of the street. She's tall, with green eyes and dark skin. Her hair is in a braid and she wears a red shirt with black yoga pants.

"Can I possess you for a second? I see a friend," I ask Julia in a rush.

"Sure," she answers. I quickly take over and run to the girl.

"Jess!" I yell. She turns around. For a second, her eyes widen. She recognizes the body, but it doesn't look exactly like me.

"Who are you?" she asks, staring directly at my black eyes.

"It's Raven. I have the power of mind, so I can read and control minds as well as possess people. In order to possess someone, they have to look somewhat like me. I'm possessing a girl named Julia right now. Please believe me," I finish, panting because of how fast I talked to her. She continues to stare at me, this time with a blank expression.

I remember this.

When we were still in the Underworld, Jess would make a blank face, and I'd make a funny face. It's how we knew we had each other's attention. I put my hands on the side of my head, wiggle my fingers, and stick out my tongue.

"Raven!" she pulls me into a bone crushing hug. I let her hug me. She was there when I died. This is twice now I've died to a bullet. Zoe is standing a few feet away, in complete shock.

"Jess? Raven?" she drops her jaw.

Jess pushes me away, not hearing Zoe. The living can't hear the dead. "I've gotta get going. Promise me you'll visit." She gets out a pen and writes on my, or Julia's, arm. "My phone and address. Don't forget about me."

I grab her arm. Julia always carries a tiny purse, only enough space for a couple cards, money, and a small mirror. I point the mirror at Zoe. "Zoe's here. If you want to say something to her, say it. I'll tell you what she wants you to hear."

"Uh... I miss you, Zoe. I'm sorry I left you with so much on your shoulders. I shouldn't have gotten myself banned. I should've..." she continues rambling, but I hear Zoe.

"Interrupt her," she tells me. I do.

"She said to interrupt you," I shrug.

"Tell her it's not her fault. Ghost is just a fudging demon. He shouldn't have banned her." I tell her. After a few minutes of this, Zoe gets back to work.

"Oh! Jess! Where'd you get shot? Are you okay?"

"I got shot in my metal arm. I'm fine. I only collapsed because he used a special type of bullet. Poison or something." She runs off.

When I get Julia back in the car, I leave her body.

"I saw Zoe. I... I saw a girl," she stutters.

I read her mind. She did see Zoe. When I read her mind, I see a girl with long, brown hair and blue highlights. Her skin is about the same shade as mine, dark, but not very dark. Her eyelashes are long enough to look fake, but they're very natural. She looks like she'd be one of those popular people. In my world, Zoe has always been popular.

"How did you see her?" I ask Julia.

"I just saw her. I don't know. Isn't she supposed to stay in the Underworld?"

"Ever since Jess and I got banned, Hybrid and Zoe have had to do our jobs. Hybrid has been chasing after the people that try to escape the Underworld, and Zoe takes people from earth to the Underworld. When I was still an angel, Zoe was the healer in the Overworld. We both got corrupted by Hybrid in just two days." I look out the window as we're driving to see a man in a white suit. He has big, beautiful wings. They remind me of my old ones. He's the last thing I see before a semi pulls out in front of us.

I fly out the windshield, but Julia's in her seatbelt. Shards of the windshield cut Julia, but one bigger chunk of glass stabs her rib. Her head hits the steering wheel, knocking her out. From my spot under the flipped semi, I look up and see the angel cutting the seatbelt on Julia. I force myself to teleport to her side. It hurts so much. My right thigh has a long cut and my left arm has a chunk of metal impaling it.

"Let me help!" I beg the angel. He hands me a shiny knife and I start to cut her out. In a few seconds, she's free. I hear a hissing from the front of our car.

"It's going to explode. We need to get her out of here," the angel pulls Julia.

How is he affecting her?

I decide not to question it. He runs her away from the car. I follow close behind them. The angel sets her on the side of the road and runs to the semi. For a good forty-five seconds, I pray for the angel to come back. He never does. I keep watching, even as the sirens come closer. I finally see him carrying the girl from the semi.

The car explodes.

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