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"No!" I force my body to walk over to the remains of the car where the angel's body lays on the ground. I feel his pulse. It's not beating. "Somebody, please! Help me!" I yell. None of the living hear me, and none of the Forgotten care.

"Ma'am. Ma'am. Let me help," a living grabs my shoulder. I jump away at first, but the shard of glass in my leg shoots a shot of pain up my entire body. "Don't move. I can help." She lays me on my back and puts her hand on my leg. "I'm going to pull it out."

"Okay," I grunt. Without warning, she pulls the glass out all at once. I almost scream, but I stop myself. She uses some kind of liquid on the wound to numb me, then starts cleaning it. When she's finished, she moves to my arm.

"I'm too scared to do anything to it. It went all the way through," she starts to shake.

"It's okay. I'll find help elsewhere." I start to get up, but she pushes me down.

"Do you really think any of these people are going to help?" She points to all the living and Forgotten. She's right.

"I can wait for Hybrid or Zoe," I reassure.

"If you don't get your arm healed soon, you're going to have to amputate," she slightly raises her voice. That's when I see Zoe talking to the girl from the semi.

"Zoe is right there! Please let me go," I plead.


I slowly get up and start walking to Zoe. She sees me.

"Oh my demon! Raven!" she gasps. She forces me to lay back down, then puts something on my mouth. I start to feel tired. At first, I try to fight it, but remember it's a medical thing. All goes black.

"I'm asking if she'll be okay!" I hear a lady's voice, slightly yelling.

"She's going to be fine. I just have to wait until she wakes up," a second voice answers calmly.

"Can I go see her?" the first lady sighs.

"Of course." I hear footsteps coming towards me.

"So, how can you see the dead?" the second voice asks. Now that the voices are closer, I know that that one is Zoe.

"I almost died as a child. When I was first born. Everyone has always believed I'm crazy because I'm always talking to people they can't see. They think I have no friends because of it, but my friends are just invisible," the second voice gives a breathy laugh.

I try to talk, but my throat hurts like the Underworld.

"Raven? Don't talk. You'll only hurt yourself," Zoe touches my right arm. She jumps back. Probably from the burn. "You're ice cold!"

"I thought Forgotten burn the dead," the other voice questions.

"Yeah, but angels..."

I finally open my eyes. It's so bright. I look around. I have no left arm. Zoe is at my right, the lady that healed my leg on the left. They're both wide eyed.

"I thought so. Raven, you're a..." Zoe doesn't finish. She lets a tear fall. No. No. No. No. No. No. If I'm an angel, I'll almost never see Zoe or Hybrid. Everyone I know in the Underworld... I'll never see them again. Not unless they're the recruiter. I only ever see the recruiter, and not very often.

"Hello, Raven," a third voice greets. The angel from before is standing at my feet. He grabs my ankles. "Complete heal." As soon as he says it, my arm reappears and I start to choke.

"Shoot," Zoe starts working with a breathing tube in my throat. In about a minute, I'm fine. "You could've done that before the amputation."

"I was unconcious," he says, no emotion. Zoe facepalms, and he laughs.

"Raven, I came down here to pick you up. To take you to the Overworld. For those few seconds before the crash, I let my guard down. Julia is completely fine, but I want you to choose. My name is Michael, and I want you to be the recruiter for the Overworld."

"And my name is Ghost. I want you to come home." Ghost appears from behind Michael.

He wants me back? Why would he want me?

"Because you're a powerful being, Raven. I sent you here to prove to me you could be worthy of coming back. You died, but you didn't stop. I never stopped worrying about you, Raven."

I doubt that. I read his mind. He's not lying?

"Trust me. Come home," he pleads.

"The decision is yours, Raven," Michael reassures.

"Think about Zoe. About Tiny. About your boyfriend," Ghost continues.

My boyfriend? Is that what he is? I suck at love.

"He's right," I tell Michael. "I have nobody in the Overworld. In the Underworld, I have a family. I want to go home."

"Then I'll take you," Ghost grabs my hand.

"Under one condition," I add.

"What is it?" Ghost asks patiently.

Who do I choose? Do I bring Jess home, or...

"I have permission to visit Julia whenever I would like."

"Deal," Ghost smiles. He takes Zoe and I back to the Underworld. He calls an emergency meeting. Hybrid walks into the room moments later.

"Raven? Oh my demon! Raven!" He runs to me and wraps his arms tightly around my waist. He lets go, pushing me against the wall. He puts my hands above my head. I'm trapped under his grip. "Promise me you will never get yourself banned again. I don't want to have to take care of Tiny."

"I promise," I say, laughing.

"Good." He presses his lips against mine, softly pressing me further into the wall. I try to move to pull him closer, but my hands are still trapped above my head. I feel him smile into the kiss. Next thing I feel is a smack in the hip. What the heck was that?

"Not in my room," Ghost puts his baseball bat over his shoulder. Hybrid rubs his thigh in pain from the strike.

"Strike one," he whispers when Ghost turns away.

"I heard that!"

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