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About a month has passed. I finally unlocked the rest of my ability. Turns out with the ability of mind, I can also give people sicknesses. I gave Jess a brain tumor. She died from it, and now she's home. Ghost still doesn't know about it. Yesterday, Zelon damaged my demon chip. He got banned, and now, he's the lowest he can get. He's an Abandoned.

Abandoned are like the outcasts. No one speaks to you, no one likes you, no one seems to see you. Abandoned can't use any powers either. They can't haunt humans, can't touch them, can't use their mirrors, nothing. You're just... there.

"Raven! Are you ready?!" Jess calls from downstairs.

No. I'm not. I don't want to do this.

I'm sitting on my bed, scared to death. I have to get my chip removed. When a chip is damaged, removing it could result in loss of memory, abilities, senses, even sanity.

I don't want to go. I don't want to go. I don't want to–

"Raven? Raven, can I come in?" Hybrid knocks on my door. I grunt, so he lets himself in. He sits by me. I don't look up. I'm so scared, I'd rather be on earth. "Raven, look at me." He puts a finger under my chin. "Look at me." He forces me to look up. He doesn't have any makeup on. He's more tan than usual and his hair is down. "You can do this."

"No. I don't want to. I'm scared," I look away.

"You're scared of love. Look where you are now. Embracing it," he moves in front of my gaze. "I'll be there. I won't leave your side."

I stand. Now or never. My biggest fear is losing my memory, sight, or hearing. We walk downstairs to find Jess. I teleport the three of us to Ghost's bedroom, but leave Jess right outside with Zoe.

Ghost has the power of mind. He won't let anything bad happen. I'll be fine.

"As soon as I take out your chip, I'm putting another one in. Okay?" Ghost sits me on the end of his bed. I nod. Hybrid grabs my hand. With one hand, Ghost grabs the top of my head. With the other, my chip. In seconds, I lose all of my hearing, sight, taste, everything. I feel a stabbing pain in my temple, and everything gets really bright and loud. I can smell the scent of Ghost's cologne as if it were sprayed on my face. I close my eyes and plug my ears. When I plug my ears, I can hear the pulse from my thumbs. I finally turn all my senses back to normal in a few seconds.

"That wasn't so bad, was it?" Ghost smiles.

I am never doing that again.

"Hopefully, you won't have to," Ghost laughs. Hybrid looks confused. "You did lose your memory for a couple seconds, but I gave it back."

"Thanks," I smirk. My voice hurts.

Hybrid walks me out. My legs feel like jello. Zoe and Jess praise me for being alive. All I want to do is sleep.

"Hi. I'm Mikey. I'm sorry this happened to you," I hear a man's voice. He's darker skinned with a white suit and big white wings. I'm sitting on the ground, crying beside my body. Bullet wound to the head.

"Why? Why me?" I ask Mikey.

"I don't know. What I do know is that you are going to be so much happier in the Overworld. You can get a job, you'll have friends, family, no worries. No bills, no politics. You'll be so happy," Mikey reaches for my hand.

"Are you sure?" I hesitate.

"Positive," he smiles warmly. I grab his hand. It gets really bright, then nothing.

I wake up in tears. Jess is holding my hand.

"Are you okay?" she grins.

"Yeah. Just a dream," I answer.

"A good dream?"


I get up and ready to go see Julia in my usual outfit. Black shirt, dark blue jeans and collar. This time, I wear the earring I stole from Julia. It goes in my earring hole, then loops up to the top. It has crosses dangling from it.

I teleport to earth and find Julia at work. She's perfectly fine. I watch as she tells people about different games and gaming consoles. GameStop has always been her job. She's assistant manager now. When I touch her shoulder, she widens her eyes, letting me know she knows I'm here. It takes a while for her to get on break.

"I had someone do a thing for me," I possess her after she walks to the back.

"What'd they do?" she asks. We continue to communicate.

"They enchanted my jacket for me. Whenever you touch it and think of summoning me, I'll teleport to you. Wanna try it?"


I lay my jacket on a chair, making it visible to the living. She admires it for a few seconds, then touches it. I possess her, then teleport into the jacket. "See? Easy." I leave her body.

"Wow. Thanks!" she smiles, then walks back to the front. End of break.

I go back to the Underworld.

"Incoming call from Ghost," my demon chip chirps. I answer.

"Can you come over here, please? I want you to meet someone," he says, no emotion.

"Of course." I teleport to him after hanging up.

"Raven, this is my daughter, Karma. We finally got to corrupt her this morning," he reveals a girl. What the demon?

She's about my height. Her hair is long and pitch black in a bun. My question is why she's in her full demon outfit. She's different, though. Her outfit is grey. Her wings are grey and there are curved points on the top of them. She wears a grey suit and tie. Her ears are pointed. Her nails are long and, you guessed it, grey. There's one thing that does scare me. Instead of just fangs, all of her teeth are pointed. She's like a shark. The ends of her teeth are dripping red.

What the fudge?

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