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"Nice to meet you," Karma reaches for a handshake. Her hand is dripping blood. That I didn't notice. Did she just kill someone? It's rare that I get scared for myself, but I'm scared.

"Your hand," I choke out.

"Oh. Sorry. I forgot," she smiles apologetically.

How do you just forget you killed someone?

"Raven, Karma is going to work as one of the highest, like you, Hybrid, Jess, and Zoe. I expect you to treat her with the same respect you give me," Ghost demands.

"So none?" I try to break the ice, but it comes out as a croak.

"May I?" Karma glares at me. Her eyes. They're almost normal, but her pupils are grey and white spiraled around each other.

"No. You will not give any of my members karma, understood?" Ghost lectures her.

"Fine," she rolls her eyes.

"Oh. And I should mention one thing," Ghost puts a hand on my shoulder. "Karma has a diet of human hearts. Every time you bring someone from earth, you are to bring the heart of the dead. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, dad," I brush his hand off my shoulder.

"Raven, I'm serious. Karma's demon will overtake her body if she doesn't keep a strict diet. Unless you want her to kill everyone you know and love, follow that order. You may go."

"Can I see Karma out of her suit?" I ask, watching as she gets a heart out of a mini fridge. "Why are there organs in my fridge?" I raise my voice more than I intended to.

"Oh. I didn't see your name on it," Karma takes a bite out of the organ. That's going to give me nightmares.

I growl as she slowly returns to her normal look. She's a pretty girl. She just looks too... formal. She still wears the same clothes, but her wings are gone, making her much less intimidating. Her eyes are a pale blue. They're the kind of eyes that make you feel insecure about yourself. That's basically all that changes except for her teeth and hair. Her teeth are normal and a strand of her hair turns blue. She's beautiful.

"Incoming call from Hybrid," my demon chip starts.

"Gotta go. Bye, Ghost," I teleport back to my apartment. I had Hybrid move in with me because Jess got her own spot. Hybrid sleeps in Jess' old bedroom. That's when I found out he's a minimalist. It's pretty cool. His second power is his makeup. He just touches his face and it does the job for him. I lay next to him on the couch, sprawling my legs out on his lap.

"So, you met the newbie?" he grabs my hand and flips me around. My head is on his lap, my feet on the other side of the couch. He brushes his fingers through my hair.

"Yeah. She scares me. There's just something about her-"

"Don't tick her off. She can make anything bad happen to any person. That's why she's called Karma. The Overworld has one, too. Theirs gives good karma, ours gives bad karma. Ours can even kill people," he lowers his voice as if someone else is here.

"Yeah? So can I. I gave Jess that tumor," I brag.

"I know about that, but you can only give brain sicknesses. Karma can give disabilities. Disabilities! Does that phase you at all?"

"Yes, Hybrid. It does. When I left, she was eating a heart. A human heart. She freaks me out, too."

"That's disgusting."

"Now, every time I bring someone back, I have to steal their heart! They'll be watching me! What do you think they'll think?"

"I'm going on a run," he kisses my cheek then turns to go outside.

I'm running. I don't know from what, but I'm running. I can't stop. I can feel someone's breath on the back of my neck. I look back to see how close they are and trip. I turn over, trying to get away. Nothing's there. There's only emptiness.

"Don't be afraid. Let me in," Hybrid's voice whispers into my ear. I jump up, look around, and nothing. It's empty. Until I feel a tap on my shoulder. My demon tries to take over, but it doesn't feel possible. It's like I don't have a demon.

"Who are you?" I ask without turning around.

"You don't know? You've been running from me for so long. First it was Lewis, then it was Adira. I've hurt you twice, and yet you still let me in." The figure turns me around, forcing me to look at it. It's a black beast, almost identical to Venom. "I am love."

I wake with a small scream. Seconds later, someone knocks on my door.

"Raven? Raven, are you alright? What happened?" Hybrid asks through the shut door.

"Just... Just a dream. I'm fine!" I answer. I sit on the edge of my bed running my fingers through my hair.

"Can I come in?"

"Yeah. I guess so."

He walks in shirtless. He has bottoms on, but I obviously woke him up.

He's been working out.

Oh my demon! Stop staring, you freak!

"Do you want to talk about it?" he asks, walking closer. I look at the ground, trying to keep myself from blushing. His hair isn't in a bun, it hangs at his shoulders. His ability forces me to look at him. I can feel it.

"Sure. It started with me running. My nightmares almost always start like that. I tripped, and a voice started to talk, saying things like "I'm your worst nightmare" and "Let me in." By the end, I found out it was some creature that looked like Venom, but it called itself love. That's when I woke up."

"What part of love are you afraid of? The people or the commitment?" He grabs my hand and massages the back of it with his thumb.

"I..." I have to think about it. What am I so afraid of? I've never been scared of the people. The commitment is something that I long for. I've always wanted someone to hold on to. To care for. To spend my life with. I want someone that'll help me even when they don't feel like it. Someone who'll stand by my side no matter my decisions, even if they know it's the wrong one. Someone who will just sit there with me while I rant and not get annoyed or try to interrupt me to tell me about their day. I want Hybrid. "I'm scared to get hurt again."

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