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Five Years Ago

I watch from my spot in the Middle World as my next target, a nonbinary named Alex, walks out of a store without paying. They didn't steal much, but they still stole. A pair of chain hoop earrings.

"Tsk. Tsk. Tsk," I click my tongue, sending a command through my Midchip.

What should I do to them? Ooh. There is that boy she likes. I'll break her.

I tell my Midchip what to do, and watch as Lukas calls Alex's phone. I listen in on the conversation.

"Hey. Um... I hate to do this to you, but something happened lastnight," Lukas begins. "I found a girl. She-"

"You what?" Alex lets a tear fall. "Don't tell me you cheated."

"I wish I could take it back. I was really drunk and-"

"Lukas Ferguson! You're underage! You're only fourteen! How could you?" Alex sobs.

"Alex, please don't. I'm sorry. Goodbye," Lukas hangs up. Alex continues to sob while walking away. They walk into an alleyway and sink to the ground, crying. After a few minutes, they walk back out and to their parent's house.

"Where have you been?! I told you to be back by four! Did you even get the eggs like I told you?!" their dad yells at them. Their mom died in a car crash when they were three years old. After that, their dad was always drunk. And abusive.

"No. You didn't give me any money for them. Sorry I'm late. I was stressed and needed a breather." Alex's dad starts walking towards them with a bat. Alex backs into a corner. "Dad, stop. You're better than this!" They put their hands up to block the hit, but after a while, they pass out anyways.

Come on, Overworld. Where's your Karma?

I watch over Alex for a while longer. Their hair is pretty. Shoulder length, black, thick. They're beautiful. For years, they've wanted their hair cut and shaved off. But then again, they're terrified of what their dad will think.

In a few hours, Alex wakes up, hardly daring to move. Their dad is asleep on the couch. Alex creeps to their bedroom, sobbing as quietly as possible. I continue to watch them.

They turn around to look at their full length mirror on the back of their door. Now that there's light, their wounds are obvious. Their hair is matted with blood and their shoulder is out of place. They grab a shirt from their closet and bite down on it just before popping their shoulder back into place. Their dad walks in with a cord.

"You woke me up, you son of a gun," he throws them on the ground, then hits their back repeatedly until they can't even move. He leaves them on the ground in a pool of their own blood.

It's my turn, you little fudge.

I give my midchip a single command, and as usual, my dream comes true. The man sits back on the couch, drinking. He calls a few friends. I listen in on the conversation.

"Wanna play some Russian Roulette?" he slurs.

"Why not, right?" his friend agrees. Soon, the garage holds six men. The man and his friends. They load the gun, spin the barrel.

Let the bullet hit Mr. Lee.

They start out slow and scared, until the bullet hits the man. He falls on the floor, dead.

I'm sorry I didn't kill him sooner.

I resume watching Alex. They've already sat up. They call a friend, Zoe, and tell her of the situation. When she finally shows up, I decide to show myself in the mirror. My red tuxedo, my long, dark brown hair with a red stripe in the front, my blood red eyes, everything. Both teens see me. Neither seem to care.

"If there's someone there, help me. Please. Keep them alive. I'll do anything," Zoe begs.

Heal Alex.

"Action failed," my midchip denies my order.


"This character has done nothing to deserve it."

I leave and grab a dry erase marker, then write on the mirror.

"I tried to help, but I can't. Sorry," I write. Zoe scoffs and continues to help Alex. I watch in awe. Alcohol, disinfectant, those chemicals that burn when they come in contact with an open wound, and they don't even flinch. They just sit there, staring at the ground.

"He's dead, isn't he?" Alex croaks.

"Yes," I write.

"Then you've helped more than anyone else could have," they smile.

How did they know it was me?

Present Day

"Karma, darling. Come here, would you?" Dad calls me. All day different demons have been introduced to me. I'm so sick of it. Can't I just rest for a minute?

"Coming, father," I touch my grey suit, causing it to put itself on me. When I down to his office, they stand in front of me. Alex. I have to stop myself from saying their name out loud. I look completely different. They won't recognize me.

Dad introduces us and I can't help but notice how petrified Alex– or Raven– looks. I hate that I'm scaring them. I walk around Dad's desk to grab another heart. This is only my second one today. I'm glad. Usually by this time I've already had four.

"Why are there organs in my fridge?" They're obviously furious. I act clueless. Mainly because I am clueless.

"Oh. I didn't see your name on it," I state before taking a bite out of the bloody heart. I still have blood on my hands and teeth from my last meal. The types of blood mix, slightly altering the flavor. It turns more bitter than metallic. Raven flinches when I bite into it.

I bring my demon parts back in as Raven gives off a barely audible growl. Hehe. I love my job. Being a Karma, you have to be able to read and control minds, be aware of all of your surroundings, things like that. Because I'm the Underworld's Karma, I have my own perks. I am the best fighter. Not one of the best. The very best. My strength and senses are always as best as can be. I love my job.

"Got to go. Bye, Ghost!" Raven leaves. They got out of here as soon as possible.

FUDGE! I really messed that up. They'll never notice my nice side if I can't show it. Maybe if I do something... not mean. What's that word? Meh. I can't remember.

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