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"You can see me?" I ask the nerd.

"Um... yeah? Can't everyone?" He begins to push himself to his knees, only to break into a coughing fit. He eventually sits up. "Why didn't you help me?"

"I can't touch humans," I tell him. He seems confused. I kind of wish I kept that to myself. I could have a normal friend. I read his mind, checking for name and address, then leave.

A few days pass, and I start school. It isn't too hard. I have a class with Aeryn. The nerd. I can actually touch him! I made him "levitate" yesterday. I still can't touch anyone else. To top it off, the meeting in the Underworld was boring, and Jess didn't show up.

I teleport to Aeryn's house after school and flop on the couch. Only a couple hours later, he walks in. His face is bleeding and his arm looks... wrong.

"What are you doing in my house?!" he yells.

"Chilling. What happened to your face?" I stand.

"Leave, or I will shoot," he pulls a pistol from his holster.

"You think I give a fudge?" I teleport to him. "Pull the trigger."

He shoots.

"Don't you understand? I'll never die! I'm already dead. Did you see an Alex get killed on the news? That was me!"

He turns pale and starts to tremble. "So, are you a ghost?"

"Ghosts don't exist. Ghosts are actually called the Forgotten. I'm a demon, or to be more specific, a corrupted angel."

"But the haunted house in-"

"That's called a Forgotten. They either escape the Underworld or are banned. Ghosts don't exist."

"Why are you here?"

"I needed a place to stay. Figured you'd accept me since you're one of the only ones that can see me."

I feel a hard tug on my shoulder and I'm pulled into Julia's body. She's against a wall with a hand to her neck. I make her eyes black and smile at the attacker. He slightly loosens his grip in fear. I grab his wrist and dislocate his thumb. He drops me, or Julia, and I kick his side, making him fall over. I leave Julia's body.

"You freak!" the attacker yells. He takes off.

"Thanks, Raven. I didn't mean to summon you. I've been wearing the jacket for a few days now, and I just thought of you when he attacked, and-" I possess her again, starting our conversation.

"Hey. This is why I gave you the jacket. Whenever you need me, just summon me. It looks good on you, by the way," I compliment her.

"Thanks!" she smiles. "I didn't interrupt anything, did I?"

"No. I was just talking to a guy named Aeryn. I go to college with him, and he can see me. I broke into his house, and now that's where I'm going to live when I'm on earth."

"Oh cool! Well, I'll see you around," she starts to walk away.

"Julia! Why did he attack?" I take over one more time.

"Honestly, I don't know."

I nod, even though I know she can't see me, and teleport back to Aeryn.

"Oh yay. You're back," Aeryn deadpans.

"You seem happy to see me," I sit on the counter in his kitchen. He's sitting at the table doing Edgenuity on the laptop.

"I know, right?" He turns around and grabs an apple through my stomach. "You're cold."

"I'm always cold. I'm dead!" I chuckle. "Just because you can reach through me doesn't mean you should."

"Just because you can sit on my counter doesn't mean it's sanitary, either." He walks back to the table, so I decide to mess with him. I teleport under the table in front of him. When he sits down, it's my time to shine.

"You're so boring!" I jump up through the table and laptop. Aeryn jumps up, startled. He drops his apple and smacks his knee on the bottom of the table.

"OW! Really?!" he yells. I watch him pick up the apple and run it under the water for about a minute. I go back to the Underworld, grab a few dead roses, and go back.

"Sorry," I place the dead roses on the laptop and let go so he can grab them.

"You–" he starts. He sighs. "You remind me of an old friend." He grabs the flowers and walks away with them. I'm left there, confused. I end up sleeping on the couch.

When I wake up, Aeryn is at the table with a bowl of cereal. I stand and walk over to him, finding that the dead flowers are in a vase in the middle of the table. He looks up at me before jumping up, almost spilling the bowl.

"What the hell happened to you?" he chokes out. I just stand there, confused. After a couple seconds, I realize that my wings are fully extended. Terrified, I teleport upstairs and compose myself. Aeryn corners me. "What are you?"

"Sorry, alright? I'm sorry. I thought I could hide my demon side but I can't. I shouldn't have bothered you," I try to teleport back to the Underworld, but Aeryn grabs my arm.

How can he affect me?

"Tell me the truth! What are you?" he yells.

I plan my response carefully. Last time anyone found out what I was, I was killed and a friend was put in a mental hospital. I don't want to destroy him.

"Tell me! Now!"

"I can't tell you that."

He punches my gut, making me fall to the floor in front of him. I feel my fists get ice cold, my eyes burn, my back aches. This is not good.

"Tell me or die!"

"Demon," I cough. "I'm a demon."

"Then say that! I've befriended many demons before. Don't doubt my trust." He leaves to go back downstairs. For the second time in my afterlife, I kneel on the ground, coughing. That kid can hit. Now who else has he seen?

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