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•Twenty Two•

Aeryn is gone, so I decide to talk to Natalie instead.

"I did a thing," I sit on the couch with her.

"What'd you do?" She's reading some old, dusty book.

"I knocked Ghost's mask off."

"What? How?" she practically throws her book down, yelling at me.

"It was in self defense."

"That doesn't matter!"

"Why is it such a big deal anyways?" I ask, demanding answers.

"It started when he was sixteen."

Flashback from Ghost's Perspective

"Henry! Let's go!" I hear Yadira, my sister, yell at me from downstairs. I'm still slightly fighting with my mask. It's pinching my nose.

"I'm coming!" I race down the stairs, eager to see Ella tonight on the dance floor. Tonight is the end of the year dance.

"Frigid finally. Let's go." Yadira gets in and starts the car. I follow.

I focus on ignoring my thoughts. Something has got to be wrong with me. It isn't normal to hear other people's thoughts. Right?

"Henry! Hello? We're here," Yadira waves her hand in front of my face.

"Right. Sorry."

When I get inside, Zachary grabs my mask and rips it off. I immediately cover my right eye. He can't see it. No one can.

"Show your face, freak!" he yells.

"No," I cry. My voice cracks. No. This can't be happening. I can't cry in front of everyone.

"Now!" He grabs my hand off my face and sees what I've been hiding. "Your eye. Wh– What the hell?"

I run. I run from the school, only wanting to escape. I reach the river. The bridge for the train goes above the river. I can already feel the ground vibrating. As soon as I see my reflection in the water, my pure white eyes, I decide now is my time.

I run to the bridge, standing right in the train's path. I hear a voice. No. Not a voice. A thought. "It's not your turn yet." A strong burst of wind knocks me off the bridge just before the train comes. I fall into the water, getting caught in the current. It takes me to a forest.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see a big, black dog. Scratch that. Wolf. I try to run, knowing well it'll catch me anyways. I don't care. It has to work for its meal.

As expected, it knocks me to the ground, biting my shoulder. I scream in pain, but welcome it.

"What did I just say?" Another thought.

It starts raining, hard, and the wolf takes off. I don't bother to get up. Who cares?

Flashback Over

"Wait. Wait. Wait. How did he stay alive?" I ask Natalie.

"Back on earth, there are a very select few that have their powers before they die. Ghost was one of them. So was Yadira. She's an angel. Her power is to control the elements. She always saved his life, even if she felt he didn't deserve it. She felt he would change. He never did.

"Why were his eyes white?"

"They still are. The masks he has have special lenses that change his eye color. He was just born with them."

"Weird. How do you know all this?"

"He told me."

"Can I ask why?"

"I don't know."


I go back to the Underworld. She said masks. Plural. More than one. I want to see his eyes.

I burst into Ghost's office, making him look up at me from his desk. As expected, he has another mask on. I teleport to him and punch his mask. It falls. He closes his eyes as quick as he can. I force them open.

"Get off of me!" Ghost fights me.

After a couple seconds, I see his eyes. Only his right eye is white. The other is black.

"Why is only one white?" I ask calmly.

"Because I'm a demon. Usually both are white, okay? Right now, I'm using a little something I like to call a super."

I jump off of him as soon as possible. He grabs my neck and throws me to a wall. I try to teleport, but apparently he hasn't unlocked that ability. He almost punches me, but stops. He looks sorry. Regretful. He sits back in his desk.

"Leave me, Yadira," he gestures to the door.


"Yes, sir." I bow, then leave.

Hybrid meets me outside Ghost's office.

"What did he call you?" he asks.

"You were eavesdropping?" I shoot back.

"You know me. What'd he call you?"


"Why won't you talk to me anymore? We used to be so close. Now you're never home. Where did you go?"

"I didn't go anywhere! Can't I be alone sometimes?" I leave.

Of all people, why her?

Why can't he like someone else?

Anyone else?


I possess Julia and take her to a rage room. She doesn't even fight me. We just destroy stuff. I've never had a place to let out my anger. Now I do.

I look at an old fashioned TV and think of Natalie. I hit her.

I look at a dusty old mannequin and think of Aeryn. I hit him.

I look at a broken down shopping cart and think of Hybrid. I hit him.

As I destroy different objects, I imagine different people in my life. Until I find a bed frame. It belonged to Dad. I stop for a second. All he did to me, up to the point when he shot himself in Russian Roulette... I destroy the bedframe, kicking its legs backwards and ripping the pieces off. He deserves everything. I let Julia take over.

"Are you okay?" she runs her own shoulder, trying to comfort me.

"I am not okay."

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