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I walk around the Underworld, confused. Why did they lash out at me like that? I just asked where they had been. Did I do something wrong? No. Of course not. They were just having a bad day. Right?

"Hybrid!" Zoe yells at me.

"Oh. Hey, Zoe. What's- Whoa! What happened?" Zoe limps over to me, bleeding from her thigh.

"I saw Jess. She attacked me, but she wasn't herself. Her eyes were black with red irises. She was being possessed by something. She would never–" she falls into my arms.

"What do I do? Um..." I pull out my wings, black like everyone else's, and fly her to the hospital. She fights to stay awake. When I walk inside, she practically jumps out of my arms.

"Allena! Help me out!" she yells as a girl in white scrubs. Allena half-carries half-walks her to a back room.

I'm left standing there. Alone. I sit in a seat in a corner, facing the TV. There's some show about black eyed leaf frogs. They're really cute. Their eyes make them look really derpy, but it's adorable.

"Mr. Crowley?" a doctor calls me. I guess I lost track of time. It's been about thirty minutes.

"How is she?" I jog up to him.

"She's doing fine. Just a few stitches. You can see her, if you'd like."

He leads me to a different room. She's asleep on the bed. Her leg is mostly uncovered, pant leg ripped off. She's so pale. I mean, she's always been that way, but I've never really gotten a good look at her. I never want to stare. There are thin, blue lines barely visible on her neck, almost as if they're growing upward. Her eyelashes have blue tips. It looks like they're frozen. Her nails are blue with small snowflakes on them. Her arms have the same thin blue lines running on the inner part of them. She died her hair blue again not too long ago. All this blue, along with the snowflakes and what looks like ice, gets me thinking.

Does she have a hidden ability?

No. Of course not. That's rare. Right?

I panic when I see her eyes start to flutter open. How long have I been staring?

"Hey, Bri," she smiles.

"How many times have I told you not to call me that?" Bri is her nickname for me. Short for Hibrid.

"Oh, whatever. I'm crippled. Let me have this one."

"Fine. But only this once!"

"Alright. Oh, shoot!" As soon as she lifts her arm to move her hair out of her face, she sees the lines. She closes her eyes for a couple seconds, and they fade along with the frost on her eyelashes and the lines on her neck.

"You do have a hidden ability! What is it?" I sit on the edge of the bed she's on.

"Shut up!" she hisses. She looks around, for witnesses I'm guessing, and begins to whisper. "I'm literally illegal."

"What? How?"

"I'll tell you more later. You can't tell anyone! You'll get me banned!"

"Okay. Okay. Jeez. I'll keep quiet."

"Thank you."

A few days later, I meet Zoe at her place. She pulls me in and locks the door. I sit down, waiting for her to speak.

"So... what are you?" I finally ask. She sits by me.

"I'm a Balor. It translates to "deadly one." When I was in the Overworld, I was... terrible. I trained every day, even though it was forbidden. Michael, the one that saved Raven, never knew about me breaking my Angel Circuit. I took it out and messed with it so I could feel negative emotions. I couldn't do that before."

"Why would you want to feel negative? Some of us would kill to be happy."

"Happy wasn't for me. I wanted to feel human. Of course, I felt human up there, but never sad or angry. When someone moved, I had to be okay with it. If someone got hurt, which was rare, I'd only see the bright side of things. I need negative emotions to be who I am. I started fighting with Raven, even though they were against it. I didn't have to train them or anything, they just didn't want to upset Michael. When you corrupted them, they lost their memories of the people up there. They forgot about the fun times with Mike, and Finn, and Rowan, and me. They don't remember anything from the time they died to the time you corrupted them. Every once in a while, they'll get a memory, but nothing more. I started hiding, stealing, fighting, anything you can think of, up in the Underworld. Obviously, they didn't like that, but I was their only healer. They had no choice but to keep me at the time. Their Karma tried to find a new healer back on Earth so she could bring them home, but you got to me first."

"So, how did you get your ice ability?"

"I got it when I tampered with my Circuit. Something glitched, and I stole my roommate's ability. Finn was furious. He was powerless. Then again, he had a weight lifted from his shoulders. He died as a hippie, killed at eighteen. He was drunk, and played Russian Roulette. Uh... anyways... I'm illegal because the Underworld is all about fire and lava. I'm ice and water. I could destroy this place if I wanted to. I could kill Ghost. I could kill anyone I wanted in seconds. That is, if I wanted to. And I don't. I swear I don't. "

"Then why did you say it twice?"

"Because my brother's killer is out there somewhere! I could get revenge! I could kill everyone that deserves it! I'm a second Karma!"

"You haven't killed anybody yet, so you know you have control." I put my hand on her shoulder. "I trust you."

For the first time since the hospital, she smiles. "Thank you, Hybrid. For everything."

"You know, I think... I think we have a special... bond... you know?" I stutter.

"I think I do."

"Are you sure? I don't want to force you into anything."

She cups my cheek.

"What are you afraid of?" she slightly whispers.

"Nothing." I close the gap between us.

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