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Fudge. Fudge. Fudge. Fudge. Fudge.

I shouldn't have said anything. He usually tells Ghost everything. But then again, I should be able to trust him. Right? Whatever. In the meantime, I have to get back to what I was doing.

I teleport to Damien's world. His ability is unique. Well, his abilities. He has quite a few. His abilities are mind, world, memory catcher, and teleportation. All of which he uses against anyone but himself. He's tall and, not gonna lie, handsome. Perfect jawline, dark hair and eyes, everything about him screams demon. Not the typical Underworld demon, but a demon at heart. Cold. He wears a black suit, like Ghost, but he looks more like a mafia boss.

"Damien! Show yourself!" I yell. "I'm not done with you yet!"

I hear another scream of pain from one of his victims and pray it's not Jess.

It sounds like her, though.

"Damien! I'm waiting!"

No response.



I slowly walk up to his house. Or, mansion. I've been standing outside, waiting to fight him again. His world ability lets him create worlds. Apparently, it's not easy. It's painful. I don't know from experience, but according to Damien, that's where he got his burn marks from. His entire back looks like it was whipped and electrocuted. His castle looks like it's made out of fire. Kidding. It is. It just doesn't burn. His world, his rules.

I open the door to find Jess on the ground, arms and legs tied behind her back, rag in mouth. She's crying; trying to scream. Damien is no one to be found.


Damien pounces on my back and starts picking at my stitches. It hurts, but I don't dare make a sound. That's what he wants. He loves it when people scream or cry. Jess might not know that yet.

"LEAVE HER ALONE!" Jess screams at him, forcing the rag out of her mouth. Only then do I realize how bloody she is. Stabbed in the side, metal arm destroyed.

"What?" Oh no. You don't anger this guy. He'll kill you–or turn you into a Forgotten–in a heartbeat.

"Incoming text from Raven," my demon chip says. I have to heal a new demon. Later. Jess comes first.

Damien starts strutting towards Jess, pulling a knife out of the back of his belt. Jess can't see it, of course. She's blind. She has to feel vibrations of the ground. That and her other senses are improved. She starts trying to crab walk backwards, but it's hard when one arm is useless. Her eyes flicker black.

"Don't," Damien grabs her throat. "I already took it away anyways."

He did what?

I jump forward in pain, calling Raven and Hybrid as I attack Damien. He actually gets caught off guard for once. He teleports away, causing me to fall. I yell when my wound lands on Jess' metal arm. The bad thing is that I'm the only one that knows about this world. After all, Damien is my brother's killer.

After a few minutes of fighting, Damien possesses Jess. She puts me in a chokehold while he hits my stomach with a bat. Raven shows up behind him. They crack Damien's knee. He falls. Hybrid helps Jess. I force myself to walk to Raven, but they pick me up. They teleport us to my hospital. I pass out.

"Happy Corruption Day, Zoe. Please wake up soon. I miss you," I hear Raven. I slowly flutter my eyes open. It hurts so bad. How much blood did I lose? "Oh my demon! Alena! She's awake!"

I look around. I'm in a white bed. Raven and Alena, my intern, run into the room. Alena starts checking me out, Raven in tears. Everything hurts.

"You've been in and out for a week," Alena informs. "Every time you wake up, you start coughing up blood."

Why don't I remember waking up?

"How much do you remember?"

It all comes back to me at once. The fight, Jess, Damien.

My voice hurts. It sounds raspy. "Freeing Jess. Getting rescued. Crippling Damien."

"That's good. No memory loss. Follow the light with your eyes," she puts a small flashlight in front of me, moving it slowly. "Good."

We continue more tests for a while, then she leaves. Hybrid comes in two Grey's Anatomy episodes later.

"Hello, Zoe," he greets. His hair is down.

What is it with his hair?

"Hey, Bri." He playfully rolls his eyes.

"You should've told us about Damien sooner. We could've helped."

"He threatened to have you guys Forgotten. I couldn't risk that."

"I've been running between you and Jess for a week now. She's doing pretty good, but she's... different. More cautious. They've had her walking around for an hour a day, trying to get her strength back. She avoids bumping into people and everything."

"Weird. I mean, she was tortured, so I understand, but she's never dared to show weakness. Weakness is her weakness."

"I know. I'm going to go home. Love you."

"Love you, too." And with that, he leaves.


Hello! I'm sorry for not writing from Raven's perspective, but there's so much going on that Raven doesn't know about. I'm going to write from Jess' perspective next, and then back to Raven! Sorry for a shorter chapter this time. Only 800 something instead of 1,000 something. Anyways, uh... how do you like it so far? Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks! Bye!
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