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•Twenty Nine•

From Michael's Perspective

Zoe shakes her head.

I drop to my knees. They're gone. Raven's gone.

"I'm sorry. I did all I could. They're gone." Zoe sobs.

Hybrid leaves.

Ghost frowns, only a tear.

Jess grabs a gun from her holster.

"Jessica, put it–" Ghost starts. She aims at him.

"Don't mess with me. I just lost a friend. Let me mourn." She leaves, gun at her side.

I start to leave when Zoe catches up to me.

"Follow me," she starts to dry her tears.

She takes me to the dump Hybrid and I were at.

"I have a plan," she smiles.

"How are you smiling? Your best friend just died," I scold.

"No. They didn't. They asked me to have you help me prank them." She smiles a big, goofy smile.

"They're alive?!" I nearly start crying again, but Zoe slaps me.

"Don't say it that loud, you idiot!"

"S– sorry."

"So, here's the plan." She spreads a blueprint on the bed of a truck.

"How did you come up with all of this?" I gasp.

"Let's just say I've done this more than once."

A few days later, I go back to the Underworld. I went home after memorizing the plan. The burn actually hurts this time. My outfit turns black when I go through the main portal. The portals are the only way to get to other worlds if you don't have the right ability. There's one in the Underworld, Overworld, and Midworld. They almost never get used. We've all grown to love our home.

The only thing wrong in mine is Hayden.

Zoe meets me at the portal. She only glares as she shoves me against the wall and cuffs my hands behind my back. That's gonna leave a bruise. She puts a cloth bag over my head.

I forgot to tell her I'm claustrophobic.

I'm actually freaking out a little bit. She pushes my back forward, so I walk. I hear gasps, but it's too late now. I trip quite a few times, but fall once because of how hard she pushes me. I'm dragged to my feet by my neck. After a while of walking, she starts talking. Not to me, but to Jess. She shoves me to the ground on my knees and pulls off the bag.

"Zoe, what the fudge?!" Jess freezes. A tear escapes my eye. I didn't mean for it to happen, but I guess it adds to the effect.

"Follow me or end up like him," Zoe says coldly.

"Jess, no," I plead. In response, Zoe hits the back of my head with a gun.

"Fine. Just don't hurt him."

She gets cuffed, but not blinded.

We do the same to Hybrid.

Now for Ghost.

This time, we stand outside Ghost's office door, all of us blinded except for Zoe. She kicks the door open, gun pointed at his head. Only I know this.

"Zoe what are you–" he starts.

Zoe fires a warning shot a few inches from his head.

"Come with me or they all die," Zoe's voice doesn't lose its confidence.


What the–

"On one condition."


"You don't cuff me."

"Not gonna happen, bud." I hear a fight, but eventually, Ghost starts coughing.

"You alright, old man?" Zoe scoffs.

"I'm fine." He keeps coughing.

"I doubt that." I hear one more sickening thump, then nothing.

"Help me out, Mike." Zoe uncuffs me.

"Finally. Took you a minute."


I have to use all my power to teleport. Very rarely, recruiters can use each others ability. It makes you weak, but it works.

We teleport to the dump.

"On the ground, now!" Raven yells at us. The others are still cuffed and blinded. We take the bags off.

"Raven!" Hybrid cries. "I thought you were–"

"So does Ghost. Help me finish this up."

Ghost's Perspective

I wake up, but don't open my eyes. My head is throbbing. I try to get up, but I'm stuck. I finally open my eyes. I can't see. I get hit with something, right in the gut.

"Morning, Sunshine!" Raven takes a bag off my head.

I try to speak, but there's tape on my mouth. I want to jump up and hug them, but I can't. I want to tell them I love them, but I can't. It hurts.

They let out a cold, dark laugh. "You aren't getting rid of me that easy. Get up." They untie me from the chair. I want to hug them, but I know what they're capable of when they're... what are they feeling? Mad? Determined? No. Evil.

They turn and walk away, and when I don't follow, they teleport back to me.


I stay close behind, but not too close. For all I know, they could be about to kill me. They've always scared me. I'm glad they lost their memory after being corrupted. They'd replace me in a heartbeat. Not that they have one.

"Stop doing that," they growl.

"What'd I do?" I ask, genuinely.

"You're panting."

They take me through a few more hallways before I bump into them. If they didn't stop so suddenly, it wouldn't happen.

"Watch it."

"S– sorry."

They stand in front of a door and gesture to it. Hesitantly, I open it. I'm not surprised when all that's visible is darkness.

The lights switch on, so I cover my eyes.

"SURPRISE!" several voices yell at me. After a few seconds, I open my eyes.

The room has a black banner hung on the wall with the words "Happy Birthday," in all capitals. A cake is on a table with an insane amount of candles. Everyone has noise makers, pointy hats, and wine glasses.

It's my birthday?

Raven rips the tape off my mouth, taking part of my stubble with it.


"Are you going to blow out the candles?" Michael asks.

"I forgot it was my birthday," I rub at my mouth.

"Seriously? How?"

"I lost count at one hundred seventy eight."

"Oh. Blow the candles!" Hybrid claps.

"Fine." I take a deep breath while walking up to the breath and blow. They relight themselves.

"You're so grateful," Zoe laughs.

"You knocked me unconscious and kidnapped me, then got trick candles. I'm thrilled. My head still hurts."

"The trick is you have to breathe hot air on them," Jess informs.

Everyone gets mad. "JESS!"

Author's Note!

I know. I know. Not from Raven's perspective, but they were kind of dead...

I hope you enjoyed, and next chapter, I plan to change things up a bit. Hehehe.

Good luck, stay awesome, and happy reading!
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