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Author's Note!

Don't come at me! It's from Raven's perspective! There's a HUGE twist at the end of this chapter, so hang tight! Enjoy!

I get a stabbing pain in my chest, waking me up. I get up and stumble down the stairs, getting a few pills.

"Ah!" I get burned when I touch them.

Holy shitake mushroom, she's overdosing.

I teleport to earth, not bothering to get dressed, and go to Julia's bedroom. She's not there.

Kitchen. Nothing.


I try to open the door, but it's locked. I try to teleport through it, but I can't. She must've gotten the salt. I kick the door in and, even though it hurts like heck, I push through the salt.

"Julia! What are you doing?" I growl, kneeling down and grabbing her hands.

"I took a bunch of pills," she slurs.

"What kind of pills?"

"You know... Pills." She starts to pass out.

No. No. No. No. No. No.

I run to her bedroom and grab her phone. Thank goodness it's unlocked by facial recognition. Once in, I dial 911.

"911. What's your emergency?"

"My friend. She... she overdosed. I don't know what to do." I start to sob.

"Okay, I'm gonna have to ask you to calm down. What's your location?"

"846 Theodore Lane. Please hurry."

"I have an ambulance on the way. Can you stay on the phone with me?"


"Is your friend breathing?"

"Um..." I put my finger by her nostril and feel for a second. She's alive. "Yeah. Please hurry. I don't know how long she can survive."

"Do you know what she overdosed on?"

I search around for the bottle. In the cabinet, in the tub, right outside the door. I can't find it! Out of the corner of my eye, I see it in the pocket of her hoodie. "Benadryl."

The sleeve of her hoodie is covered in that metallic liquid. I rip the sleeve at the shoulder, and see the horror. I saw the blood and razor in the tub, but this... THIS...

She has "faggot" carved into her arm.

"Ma'am? Hello? Are you still there?" the dispatcher repeats.

"Uh... Yeah."

"Okay. Stay calm for me."

I hear the sirens.


I pick her up and take her downstairs when the thought flows into my mind...

How am I carrying her?

Michael's bracelet! I never gave it back! I put her on the couch in the living room. If they say her body floating...

"Hello? Is someone in there?" an officer searches the house. He's probably looking for me.

I stand in the middle of the street and watch as they take her away.

I start to feel the pain in my chest again. All the adrenaline is finally leaving me.


I watch them pump her stomach. Switch IVs and take tests. Take vitals and replace bandages. I haven't left her side. She's left her body quite a few times, but I burn them every time they try to take her off life support. I won't allow it. She's going to live. She'll be fine. It'll be alright. Everything will be–

"Raven? I know you know Julia, and I wanted to see if you want me here. I'm her cousin, actually. I saw one of the other demons in my mirror, and she said to come here. I hope it's alright. The drive was only a few hours," Aeryn sits in a chair across from me, on the other side of Julia.

I possess him almost effortlessly.

"It's okay. Thanks for being here."

I leave his body.

"What the–" he starts. "Ohhh. Possession. Right."

How did he know?

We sit in silence for a while, and Julia starts to open her eyes.

"Holy demon!" I press the "help" button on her remote, and the nurses run in.

I try not to get in the way, but I need to see her. Alive and well.

"Raven?" Julia reaches for me.

"Julia." I grab her hand. The nurses back away, almost as if they're scared. Aeryn starts talking, breathless.

"Raven, we can see you."

I let go of Julia's hand.

"You're gone."

I hug Julia as tightly as I can without putting her back into a coma.

"Who are you?" a nurse asks. I shake my head, wanting to answer as little as possible.

"Are you death?" another nurse questions me ina British accent. "Is this just the surge of energy before she passes?"


What if it is, though? What if she really is about to die, and this is just some sick joke?

"I'm not leaving you, Raven," Julia smiles.

"Then why did you overdose?"

"It wasn't my choice. There was this man... Zavier? Zach? Zelan?"

Now my anger shows. "That fish. I promise you, he's going to pay for this. I'm going to make him pay for this! I–"

"Raven. Don't. You'll only regret it later. Just stay with me for now. Please? Be a friend?"

Alright. This is how the next chapter is gonna go. You get to choose. They both end differently, so choose wisely! The title of the chapter will be your choice, so either go to the chapter titled "Make Him Pay" or the one titled "Be A Friend." Have fun, don't be Forgotten, and happy reading!
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