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•Be A Friend•

"Then why did you overdose?"

"It wasn't my choice. There was this man... Zavier? Zach? Zelan?"

Now my anger shows. "That fish. I promise you, he's going to pay for this. I'm going to make him pay for this! I–"

"Raven. Don't. You'll only regret it later. Just stay with me for now. Please? Be a friend?"

"Okay. Fine. I'll stay."

"Thank you. I need you right now, and I don't want you being Forgotten."

"You're right. The trackers will deal with him."

"Exactly. Now why don't you go back to my place, introduce your top eyelid to your bottom eyelid, and get some rest?"

"Fine. Thanks for staying, Julia."

"You really thought I'd be gone that quick?"

Aeryn butts in. "I mean, you are always–"

"This is an A and B conversation, so C yourself out, Nerd," I shoot back. I get a chuckle from Julia.

"Go," she whispers. I teleport back to her bedroom and pass out.

I wake up, feeling a cold pain on my neck. I can't move. Slowly, I open my eyes, only to see Zelon on top of me, knife to my throat.

He has light pink hair and dark brown eyes. His skin is still pale, teeth sharp. He sharpens his "vampire fangs" daily.

"Morning, sunshine. Miss me?" He smiles that psychopath smile, the one where he smirks, but has that death glare.

"Get off," I try. No use. He's stronger than me, especially since I'm still mostly asleep.

"Not until I'm finished with my art project. You wouldn't want me to get a failing grade, would you?"

He puts a gloved hand over my mouth and stabs my chest. I scream and kick, trying to contact anyone, but Zelon's second ability is suppressing other abilities. I push the side of my head into the pillow, feeling for my chip, but it's not there.

He stabs me again. I try to think of anything to get him off of me, but he's ruthless. He's the rain, and I'm a fire. Still fighting, but slowly dying.

He stabs me again. He moves his free hand from my mouth to my throat, squeezing until I can't breathe. I feel the knife slice from the middle of my chest to the bottom of my stomach, and he eats my small intestine right in front of me. My hearing is gone.

He stabs me again. I can't breathe, and things are starting to fade. The weather for my kite has switched from windy to tornado watch. I can't see.

I feel a final stab, just before leaving my demon body and having to watch as Zelan finishes him mix between a meal and an art project.

Oh no! Not what you expected, is it? Well, that's it for this story. That is, unless you want to go back and choose "Make Him Pay" instead. If you want, the story can end here, but it's entirely up to you. Stay awesome, and as always, happy reading!
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