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I get thrown onto earth on top of a tall building. There are a thousand things on my mind.

How will I pay for food?

How will I defend myself without powers?

How will I hide my demon chip?

How will I control my super?

Hybrid loves me?

That can't be true, right? I mean, it's possible. If it was true, then he-

"Hey! What are you doing up here?" a man yells. I turn around. "You weren't going to jump, were you?"

Only then is it clear how close I am to the edge.

"No. I was just-"

"Then get off of my roof."

I go down the stairs and out onto the sidewalk.

This is where I was corrupted.

I walk around a bit before deciding to get a job. I have nowhere to stay, nothing to eat, and only one outfit.

"Incoming call from Jess," my demon chip starts. I walk down an alleyway so nobody can see me, then answer it.

"Hey, Raven. Are you okay? You didn't get hurt when you fell?" Jess speaks faster than she usually does. Oh no. She's in mom mode.

"Jess, I'm fine," I answer quietly. I do not need humans thinking I'm crazy. "I'm just trying to figure out how I'm going to get my life together."

"You mean your like your heart is beating and your lungs are breathing kind of life or just as an imposter?"

"I'm actually alive."

"Whoa. Well, don't die. Actually, please do. I need my roommate back."

"I wish it would work that way. You see, I kind of punched Ghost."

"Raven!" she gasps.

"In the face."

"Oh my demon. You didn't damage his chip, did you?"

"No. But, if I die to anything other than a sickness or old age, I stay on earth to mope around and haunt people forever."

"You really ticked him off, didn't you?"

"Yep. Well, I'll talk to you later. I've gotta go find a job."

"Okay. Ooh! Get a food place!"

"I can't cook."

"Fine. Talk to you later, human," she hangs up.

I walk out of the alleyway and go into a place called "5Below." I ask if they're hiring, and soon, I have the application.

Night begins to fall, and my stomach begins to hurt. Ugh. Hunger. I sit on a park bench and put my collar and hoops into my jacket pocket.

"Pocket is a weird word," I say to myself. I begin to day it slowly. After the seventh time, I forget when it means. After the eighth time, someone touches my shoulder. I jump up and enter fight mode. When I see her, I quickly calm down. It's not hard, but if it were anyone else, I would've had to run. I can't risk anyone seeing my demon chip. Not to mention my super.

"Hey," she says. It's the girl from 5Below. She has long blonde hair tied in a bun, exposing her undercut. Her ears have four piercings each, and her eyebrow has a spike on it. Her eyes look light brown, but earlier, they looked green. She's a little bit thicker, but it's all muscle. She's a pretty girl. I shouldn't be scared of her, should I?

"Hi," I smile. It must've looked forced, because she slightly frowns.

"Do you live here?" she asks. Where? On the park bench? Sure.

"I live wherever I feel like living."

"Are you hungry?"

"Kind of."

"Let me get you something to eat," she smiles.

"Okay," I start following her. She leads me to Pizza Hut. This was my favorite place when I was alive.

"Zoe! Can I get another pepperoni?" Zach yells at Zoe. She works here. She gets him a pepperoni pizza and refills his drink.

"My shift is almost over. Then I'll join you. Okay?" she kisses Jacob on the cheek and leaves.

"Jacob got a girlfriend!" Timothy sings.

"No dip, Sherlock," Hybrid, or Jacob, throws a crumpled up napkin at him.

"Don't start," I catch it. "You know what happened last time."

"What happened last time?" Zach asks.

"They started a food fight and had to clean here for a week."

"Don't remind me," Timothy sighs.

"They were on nightshift," I add.

"Okay, I'm done! Now the party can start."

"Is it good?" the lady asks me.

"Yes. Thank you," I put down my drink. Soon, we leave.

"You know, I never got your name," she tells me.

"Oh yeah. I'm Raven. Nonbinary," I grin.

"I'm Sara. Nice to meet you," she starts unlocking her door.

"I'll see you later, then." I start to walk away, but she grabs my hand.

"You aren't going to stay?"

"I uh... sure."

That night, I sleep on her couch. The apartment she lives in is exactly like ours, but with a kitchen behind the couch instead of a game room. The stairs to the second floor are on the right wall, to the left is the main room. Behind that, the kitchen, and upstairs is the bedrooms and bathroom.

The next morning, I wake up and there's two plates of food, along with a note.

One plate for you, one for Tommy.

Tommy? Her roommate? This is weird. Same house, we both have a roommate, but different worlds. Whatever. There's food.

It's so good! Two waffles with three slices of bacon and two sausages. Milk for a drink.

"Who are you?" a voice behind me asks. Oh no. I feel threatened. I try my best to cover my chip with my hair, but my hair's not long.

"Sara invited me. She said I could stay here," I hear my voice crack. I don't turn around.

"Get up and come here," the voice demands. It's a strange feeling. I have to obey.

I put my food on the side table and walk over to him, head down, heart in my throat.

"Look at me," the voice barks.

I look up at him. He has long, light brown hair in a ponytail. His skin is pale, face harsh. His eyes are a piercing blue; I can't look away. He has huge dimples. His eyebrows are neatly trimmed. I've never seen longer eyelashes. His chin and jaw have a little hair, but it wouldn't be visible from across the room.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Raven."

"Mh. I thought I knew you at first. Sorry. You just look so much like someone I used to know." He looks down. "What's in your pocket?"

"Not a weapon, if that's what you're thinking." I grab my collar and hoops, only to be strangled seconds later. He pushes me up against a wall. I feel him lifting me. He takes my collar.

"Where did you get this?" he yells. How does he- Wait a minute. That collar was a one of a kind. My friend got it for me. Timothy?

"Tim... Timo..." my eyesight leaves me. He drops me just before I pass out. I kneel there at his feet, coughing like crazy. My eyes feel like they're going to pop out of their sockets.

"No. That's a lie. I gave that collar to Alex three years ago. Alex is dead. Who are you?!" His left hand latches on my neck again, but not as hard. His right hand is in a fist, waiting for a wrong answer so he can hurt me.

"You gave it to me three years ago and," I put my hands up to block his punch. It doesn't work. "Can I finish please?"

"You're lying. Alex is dead. You said your name was Raven."

"Timothy, I died as Alex, but after I died, I went to the overworld and stayed as Alex. While I was in the overworld, I got a job as the recruiter. I brought the dead to their new home. When I was corrupted, I went to the Underworld and became Raven. I got in big trouble down there, and now I have to try to live again. If I die to a sickness or old age, I can go home but if you kill me now, I become a part of the Forgotten. The forgotten are the ones that get left on earth to haunt people. Please, don't kill me."

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