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"It says here his name is Henry Wayne. Correct?" Timothy reads.

"Yeah. He got killed on his wedding day," I add.

"Ouch. He died in 1848. So, not since the beginning of time, but he's still really old."

"Incoming call from Ghost," my demon chip informs.

"Oh no. Ghost's calling. I'll be back." I go outside and answer the call.

"What do you think you are doing?" Ghost asks, obviously angry. He's technically never said to not search his background, but everyone's always been too scared to do it. I wasn't.

"Just looking stuff up. Why?" I reply sweetly.


"It isn't a rule. You have the book in your desk. Just flip through it. You know what is a rule? No adding new rules. You can't stop me."

"You little demon."

"You corrupted me. You should've kept me in the Underworld."

"Even you know you like being evil," he yawns.

"I know. Sometimes I just don't understand why you chose me. And don't break into your lecture again. I wouldn't have been a Forgotten if you hadn't found me. I would've still been an angel. My halo would still be floating above my head and I'd still have my white dress and big wings. I wouldn't be stressed all the time. More importantly, I would still be dead! Why can't you just take me back? I want to go home!" I yell through tears.

"Calm down. I don't need you using your-"

"That's another thing! I wouldn't have a super to worry about! I wouldn't have had my chip taken out! Maybe when I die this time, I'll be taken back to the Overworld." I hang up and go back inside. Timothy just stares at me.

"Are you okay?" he asks.

"Why?" my voice is demonic again. I run outside and climb to the roof. I expand my black, feathery wings. My arms grow spikes and my tongue feels weird, like it sharpens into two points. My eyes turn fully black and my fingers sharpen again. I grow fangs, then have a thought.

I could get executed for this.

I don't care! Maybe this time, I'll go back to the Overworld. My shoes start to cover my entire body with just the push of a button on my chest. They stop at the base of my neck. It's my bulletproof, fireproof armor. I back up, start to run, and fly higher than the clouds.

Incoming call from Jess.

Incoming call from Hybrid.

Incoming call from Zoe.

Incoming call from Ghost.

I hang up on all of them.

I just fly for hours, eventually starting to fall asleep. I decide to land on a tall building, pulling my demon parts back into my body and resting.

"You need to pull them back!" I yell at Ghost. Wait. This isn't my body. This is Jess. I'm seeing from her eyes.

"I'm not bringing them back! They're making a life for themself up there and that's the end of it!" Ghost yells back.

"But sir, if they stay over there much longer-" Hybrid starts.

"I said, that's the end of it," Ghost cuts him off.

I– or Jess– grab Ghost's throat and squeeze.

"Jessica! Enough!" Zoe grabs her.

I try to pull Jess' hand off of his throat, and eventually, with Hybrid and Zoe's help, we calm her down. I turn Jess around and walk out of Ghost's office.

I wake with a gasp. I have four missed calls from Jess. I call her.

"Hey, Raven. Where are you?" she answers.

"I don't exactly know. Why?"

"Well, I'm on earth, and I need a guide."

"Let me guess. You fought Ghost to bring me back to the Underworld, ended up strangling him, and got banned. Right?"

"You were controlling me earlier! How did you–"

"I'll explain later. What town are you in?"

"Yegester, I think."

"Nice. That's where I was yesterday. Go to 3957 Ivory Lane and you'll meet a guy named Timothy. Tell him you're friends with me and hopefully, he'll be nice to you. If not, just wait outside." I fly back.

A few hours later, I meet Jess in front of the apartment.

"Oh my demon! Raven!" she hugs me. I almost let a tear fall. I've missed her.

"Hey, Jess. He didn't let you in?" I pull away after a few seconds.

"He kicked me out. Your friend isn't very friendly," she pouts.

"He's probably just worried that I was spotted or something." I walk inside with Jess behind me and see him in front of the TV.

"What the heck, Raven? You're on the fricking news!" he stands.

"I'm sorry, alright. How clear is the picture?" I look at the TV and see what I thought was a big hawk at first. "That's me? They didn't even get my good side!"

"Raven, this is serious! What if the picture had been clearer? You could've– Who is she?" he looks at Jess.

"She came in earlier and you kicked her out. This is my friend, Jess."

"Wow. Okay. Sorry for kicking you out earlier."

"It's alright, I guess," she forgives.

"So, are you a–"

"Demon? Yeah. I'm the head tracker. Mainly I just hunt people down when they try to escape."

"How is that supposed to work? They come back to life?"

"Not exactly. They become a Forgotten, meaning they stay dead on earth to haunt people. The haunted houses in Georgia and stuff like that are just examples of failed missions."

"I know it might be a lot to ask considering you just got banned," I start to ask Jess, "but can you make food?"

"Fine." She heads to the kitchen and doesn't even ask before she starts snooping around in the cupboards for ingredients.

Incoming call from Zoe.

I answer the call.

"Hey, Raven. Hybrid's been busy, but he told me to tell you that," I hear her voice start to raise, "you need to calm the frick down!"

"Okay, okay! I'll try. Also, I controlled Jess yesterday!"

"She told us. Well, not Ghost, but we know. Can you help me talk to Tim?"

"Of course. Timmy, I'm going to be like your translator for Zoe, alright? Okay, let's get started."

"Tell him that I miss him and I wish everyday I could see him. I wish I could get banned for a day just to join him, but then I'd leave Hybrid alone." I tell Tim what she said, and he starts talking.

"Tell her I miss her, too. Tell her that I have tried over and over to be with her, but I never could. I love her." I tell her, and she sniffles and hangs up.

"Hey, Timmy. I stole an extra citizen chip if you want it," Jess breaks the silence.

"You did what?" we say in unison, Tim confused.

"A citizen chip lets you call demons. You'd be able to talk to Zoe if we put it in," I explain.

"Let's do it," he smiles.

I turn to Jess. "How do I knock him out long enough to put it in?"

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