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Having a Broken-heart is something you never want to experience. It's a horrible pain that only hurts depending on how much you actually care for that person who broke it.... Me? I loved him so much....we were inseparable, it felt like nothing could ever stop what love we had for each other...... or so I thought.... my name is Elise Phelps and his name is Will Daniels and he used to be my boyfriend....but ever since he cheated on me with...her...Rachel Brooks... the schools popular mean girl... we've been broken did I find out? Well it all started out on the first day of Sophomore Year of High School at EastWood High......

Drama / Romance
Gwenyth Legaspi
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Broken-Hearted

{Elise's Point Of View}

It was 6:00 am, and I was still in bed..asleep. My mom hadn't come in to wake me up yet. She wakes me up at 6:05 am because I always tell her 5 more minutes. So, now when she wakes me, she says that she already did. When my mom came into my room to wake me up, she was super surprised to find out the I was already up, dressed and ready for school.

“Elise?'re up, dressed, and ready for school?" Mom said.

"Yea...." I said.

"Are you sick or something?" Mom said with a concerned attitude.

"No, mom...I'm not sick! I'm just excited!" I chirped.

"Oh, really? You..excited for school? Well, this is a first," Mom said.

"No mom, not school! It's my second anniversary with Will!" I said happily.

"Oh! That makes more sense." Mom said.

"Yea! I can't believe I've been his girlfriend for two years! Can you?" I said.

"I can...but if he hurts you, I swear to g..." mom said.

"Mom! He's not going to hurt me; he loves me and vice versa." I said.

"Okay sweetie, if you trust him, I trust him," mom said.

"Thank you! I love you, bye!" I said.

"No problem that's what moms are for! I love you!" Mom said.

Little did I know that something unexpected was to come from today...

I walked into school and saw someone standing in front of my locker, not Will..because this someone is a girl, and Will is a boy. Of course! It's my Best Friend in the entire world...Layla Flynn.

“Hey, Layla! How was your summer?" I said.

"Oh, hey, Elise! It was great, and yours?" Layla said.

"Summer was fantastic!" I said with glee.

"So...." Layla said.

"So....what?" I say.

"Oh, Elise! Come on! Don't play that game! You know I hate that!" Layla says.

"I'm serious! what?" I say with confusion.

"What did you get Will for your second year of being boyfriend and girlfriend?" Layla said.

"Oh...Well, I got him this!" I said happily.

"OMG! He is going to LOVE that! I wish I had a boyfriend to spend all my money on," Layla said.

"Layla, you have a boyfriend," I said.

", I'm right behind you, and we've been dating for 5 years." ??? Said.

"Oh, right! I have my babe!" Layla said.

*She turns around and French kisses him*

Oops! I forgot to mention Layla's Boyfriend! The one, the only! Jude Montgomery. He is the third hottest guy in school and the Captain of the Soccer team. Layla is the Captain of the Cheer team. How cliche, right?

"Hey!...Hello! I'm right here!" I said.

"Oh, right! Sorry about that, Elise." Layla said while blushing.

"Aww..babe don't be sorry she has a dude of her own you just showing me off more," Jude said while smirking.

*Layla's face is pink now*

"Jude!" Layla said.

*Jude leans over to her ear and whispers*

"Your hot when you blush," Jude whispers.

"Layla, are you okay? Your face is glowing red!" I said, surprised.

"Yea! I'm fine...Jude is....not getting anymore kisses until next week!" Layla exclaims.

"What?! No, no, no, I was just playing with you! Come on, love!" Jude says.

"Layla, that's a little unfair, don't you think?" I said.

"Yea..listen to your best friend, she's a way..." Jude says.

"Yea! I'm smart in a way! Wait...hey! Never mind a week sounds perfectly fine." I say while smirking.

*Jude pouts*

"Aww...Jude, I could not kiss you!" Layla says.

*they are kissing again*

"EWW! PDA! PDA!" I yell.

"Hey! what did I already tell you, Elise? It's not like you don't kiss your boyfriend! Besides, it's not our fault that you and Will haven't done it yet." Jude says.

"First, I guess you're right, I see your point, and second You two did it?" I said, surprised.

"Hehe yep, we did it all summer," Jude said.

*Layla blushes*

*Jude leans over and whispers*

"You just turned me on," Jude whispers.

"I'm glad you are all caught up with me....after school?" Layla whispers.

"Sure, can't wait, bye!" Jude says.

"Okay I see you later!" Layla says.

*Jude leaves*

"Okay so back to the topic of you and Will," Layla said.

"What about Elise and me?" Will walks over.

"Hey, babe!" I say then I kissed him.

"Wow! Was that my present?" He asked.

"That was part 1 of 2," I said.

"Well, I'm glad you said so because I have your present right here!" He says.

"Really?!" I said.

"Yep, just close your eyes," Will said.

"Okay" I said.

*he puts something on my neck*

"Happy Second-anniversary, babe!" Will said.

" I love you locket? You know I love these!" I said.

"Did you buy me a present?" Will said.

"Oh, right! Of course, I did! Close your eyes," I said.

*I get it out of my locker*

"Oh my god! You're the best girlfriend ever!" Will exclaimed.

If you are wondering what I got him, it was this new one of a kind football cleats. I mean, after all, he is the Captain of the Football team!

" sweet of you to say!" I said.

*Ring Ring Ring Ring*

"Well, we better go to class, bye, Will!" I said, kissing him goodbye.

"I'll see you soon, babe!" Will says.

{Rachel's Point of view}

"Ugh! I hate seeing them together! It's not fair! Will Daniels should be with me!" Rachel says.

"I know Rachel, you two would totally make a great and better couple than them," Aubree said.

"Yeah...we should totally break them up and what better way than to do it on there "Special Day," right? I mean, if you get Will to have sex with you in the supply closet, then we will get one of the teachers to send her to the supply closet to get some supplies and but instead of getting supplies, she will get the surprise of her life. Before you ask about how we will get the teacher to tell her, I'll say that we have a surprise for her but tell her that she just needs to get some supplies." Gina said.

"OMG! Gina, that's a brilliant plan! Well, what are we waiting for, let's do it!" Rachel said.

"Yeah!" Gina and Aubree said.

Those three are Rachel Brooks, Aubree Hayden, and Gina Harrison. The schools popular mean girls.

"Hey, Will, would you be a dear and help me get something from the supply closet?" Rachel said.

"Huh? Oh yeah, sure, Rachel!" Will said.

*they get to the supply closet, and Rachel closes the door*

"Um, Rachel, why did you close the door?" Will asked.

"Will, will, will, I know what you want...I know what you need...I know that she hasn't even thought about giving it to you...but I will..." Rachel says, seducing him.

"What do you mean?" Will exclaims.

"You want and need sex will," Rachel says.

"How do you know that?" Will said.

"Well, first off ever guy wants was just A matter of time before you wanted it too." Rachel said.

"What about Elise? I can't do this to her!" Will said.

"Elise doesn't have to know," Rachel said.

"'s our second anniversary..." Will says.

"Will...come on! most high school relationships don't even last forever!" Rachel smirks.

"I..NO!...I can't do this to her! not like this, at least!" Will yells.

"Will... you are not making this any easier for, just let me take care of you, and after this, we can pretend like this never happened," Rachel says.

"..." Will thinks hard.

"I promise I won't tell anyone...I just don't want to see you hurt down there anymore.." Rachel says seductively.

"Okay fine..but you will never tell Elise about this! Ever! I love her!" Will exclaims.

"!" Rachel says.

{Elise's Point of View}

I am in a science class just working on my lab, and the teacher called on me.

"Ms. Phelps go with Ms. Harrison here to get some supplies from the supply room, please?" Mr. Bennett said.

"Okay" I said.

*as we walk down the hallway*

"Hey, Elise congrats on your second anniversary with Will!" Gina said.

"Uhh...Thanks!" I said.

*as we get to the closet I hear funny noises*

"Uh, uh, uh..." Rachel moans.

"Was that Rachel and ?" I questioned.

"Oh, Rachel!" Will says.

"Was that who I think it is?" I said, concerned.

*I open the door*

"Elise! It's not what you think!" Will says while pulling his pants up.

"Not what I think?... Will...your cheating on me?...*sniffle*" I started to tear up.

"Oh come on Elise, get over yourself; you should have known that this would've happened since you never even thought of having sex with him, and wow, is he amazing!" Rachel says.

"Elise I..." Will says, while touching my shoulder.

"No! You don't get to touch me! You cheated on me! With the one and only Rachel Brooks. I hope you're happy...." I run away, crying.

"Well, let's finish..." Rachel says.

"No! I'm done with you!" Will yells at Rachel.


"I thought he loved me....this is the worst day of my life!" I said.

*Layla runs towards me*

"OMG! I heard what happened, come here!" Layla hugs me.

"I don't get it Layla...he never talked about sex before..." I said while sobbing.

"I don't understand how he could've thought that it was okay..." Layla said.

"He told me that it wasn't what I thought it was...but how could he say that? What else would THAT be?...*sniffle*...Why would he wanna break a perfectly good heart?" I said.

"I don't know Elli...I don't know," Layla said.

"Hold on i’m gonna call your mom to pick us up I'll be right back," Layla said.

~A Perfectly Good Heart By Taylor Swift~

"Hey, come on your moms here," Layla said.

"Mom! *sobbing*" I cry.

"Oh my poor baby girl, come on; you can tell me everything when we get back home." Mom said, concerned.

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