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Being the new kid of the school, Jonas wanted to know where he would belong. He notices specific clubs dedicated to different geeky genres and was very much interested to join all of them, only to be told that he can't. Jonas then discovers all these clubs are in conflict with one another. In the spur of the moment, he decides he wants to unite all the clubs. But it won't be easy as he uncovers many challenges along the way to unite them. Do you think he can do it?

Drama / Other
Wani Kuma
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Hello and welcome to Geek Out!

This story is not written in your typical novel style story. This is written as a stage script. I did not want to change the format of the story so that readers can see the rawness of a script especially for stage plays. I wanted to share this story here so more people can read it. When it was staged, many people seemed to have enjoyed it. So I am hoping the readers in this site would as well. You are free to imagine however you want while reading this story.

Now meet the characters:

Jonas – An Average Joe who is above average. The new kid on the block trying to figure out what kind of geek he is.

Yuki – A member of the Otakus. A Japanese girl who is secretly dating Bruce. Usually described as adorable.

Bruce – A member of the ComicBookies. A boy of big built secretly dating Yuki.

Lucas – A member of the Sci-fiers. Brother of Jackson. Named after George Lucas.

Jackson – A member of the Fantasy-ans. Brother of Lucas. Named after Peter Jackson.

Akira – Yuki’s older brother. Leader of the Otakus.

Freddie – Bruce’s bestfriend. Only one who knows about Yuki and Bruce’s relationship

Steve – Leader of the ComicBookies

Brad – Bully Leader

Matt – Brad’s goon

George – Brad’s goon

Hana – Yuki’s friend, a fujoshi

Mari – Yuki’s friend, a fujoshi

Marty – Sci-fier, Lucas’ best friend and right-hand woman

Cas – Fantasyan, Jackson’s best friend and right-hand man

Devin – Cartoon fan, slightly awkward

Ken – Akira’s loyal right-hand man. Has a slight crush on Yuki.

Kurt – Lucas and Jackson’s dad

Gabrielle - Lucas and Jackson’s mom

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