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The strongest corporation of the country is the Ling Corporation, there is no big business empire than the Ling family business, they hold seventy percent shares in all the big companies, their influence and their bearings are feared by everyone. Their wealth increase in millions by every minute and second. The owner of Ling Corporation have a daughter who is sole heir of this great business empire called Miss Ling, she is a final year student in the number one business School. While she was drunk driving, she killed a woman. She is carefree, domineering and bold. Fan Yue Jing is the male protagonist, who got law degree from the best law school, he intended to sue the girl who killed his mother and she is not even guilty of it. Join Yue Jing on this tough journey to know whether he will be able to bring justice for his mother or the wealth of the girl would help her prove innocent in the court of law. Your author here.

Drama / Thriller
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Six Months Later:


Initially, it was win, lose but then it turned out lose, lose like the balloonfest[1].

It was her graduation prom and since she was also one of the richest heir studying in this elite class business school, she has lots of privileged arranged for her in this prom though she was not that first ranker but she was considered one from the geniuses of Business Department.

The school has arranged a semi invitation for the other students of it’s various departments like the Law Department, Commerce Department and so on.

Fan Yue Jing was also invited, he was wearing black suit that her mother had gifted him on his convocation.

She bought this expensive black suit to show her happiness and satisfaction for his achievement but alas, she could not see him wearing him this suit and entering in the house with victorious smile and degree in his hand.

He was Law graduate and working on first and most important case of his life and he needed to win it at any cost but he was not fighting against someone ordinary, he was running a case against the country’s biggest business tycoon and his daughter.

Because of the difference between the schedule of departments, the Law Department has it’s convocation six months ago for it’s graduates

Many students were sitting across the tables and enjoying the music while few were standing in small groups and chatting.

“She would definitely show up, why not, she is not guilty after all,” a girl who was wearing off shoulder prom defended her friend who was not reached yet in this prom.

“You always take sides, didn’t you read today’s paper?” the other girl of the same department creased her brows.

Her father was also running a multinational company and it was her habit to read newspaper daily, she was much realistic than the first girl.

“So what, I don’t trust these newspapers, they only blab post to outshine their false news and create artificial thrill in the public,” she waved her hand to not listen anymore against her friend.

The girl stopped her argument because there was commotion at the entrance of the prom hall.

“Awe, how dare you stop my path? Do you know the consequences?” a girl who was wearing the exquisite prom smirked at the student who blocked her path, her oval face was getting green with the anger, the expensive limited design gems necklace was the only jewelry hugging onto her neck.

Before the student could answer her, she broke in a simper again, “Did you ever see a nervy bone[2] broken?”

This threat brought a slight change in the attitude of the male student who stopped her at the entrance.

He looked around and brought his face closer to her, “You are only weaving dilutions around you like a flying fish[3]” he finished his words and showed his snow white teeth to further annoy her.

She slapped this student in the class previous month, he was sole heir of the biggest corporation, slightly inferior in the assets if compared to her business empire.

He was making fun of her in the class about the ongoing case.

“Since, your business is nearing collapse, I can consider giving it some support if you hug my thigh once,” he shouted at her back and she had to come and slap on his vulture face, his upper lip was quite hurt and bleeding with her slap back then.

She could not let this bug make fun of her this easy.

He let her go but he has a little funky plan for her on this evening, he was sure that her father might not be able to settle the matter with court and their company would suffer the downfall in it’s shares overall.

If this happened, their corporation would appear on the map becoming most powerful company with a strong influence in the market.

Her mood was off when she reached her table, she wanted to kick his ass but she didn’t want to make a fuss on this prom.

“You are looking gorgeous miss Ling,” her name was Qiu Jinhai Ling, where Ling represent her clan and Jinhai was her surname, only her fast friends call her Qiu while her father call her Jinhai because he would transfer all his name, earnings, assets, and business to her before his death, only her mother call her Ling or those who were only passerby in her life.

She was known for her ego in the entire mega city, there were rumors that she has zero tolerance for those who annoy her.

The recent developments about the case were causing huge impact not only on her living but her notorious moods, few talked on her back that she was near collapse before the case has it’s final verdict.

She was suspected murderer and on bail for the time being, her foreign traveling was restricted too because of this case.

She was fearless, she knew her father would buy all the witnesses of that murder and if it was necessary he could buy the jury and judges too.

She would be free in the end.

“Aya, Qiu when did you buy this limited edition necklace design, I am feeling jealous,” her fast friend welcomed her on the table complaining and chirping chattering at the same time.

“If you like it this much, I can gift it to you,” she reached her hand on her neck to unlock it’s fragile chain.

“Awe, I didn’t meant it, how can I take this expensive gift from you?” inside she was unwilling to let it go and outside she was trying hard to look natural.

Qiu handed the limited edition necklace to her fast friend and smiled, “My necklace is not more expensive than my precious friend,” with all her bad qualities, miss Ling has this good quality of big heart for her friends.

Her friend took the necklace eagerly and hastily adorn on her own neck.

It was time for some more music and dance and after that all the students would be free from their business school, and many of them might rarely meet anyone taking time from their ready to go busy lives.

Her friend has to go washroom and refresh her make up.

Just when she was ready to leave, the male student who blocked the path of miss Ling clutched her wrist and twisted it.

Her screaming was also shadowed by the music and his effort.

“If you want me to leave you without harm, bring your Ling here,” he pierced his eyes in her and threatened.

“If you leave me, I can bring her here,” she was not with powerful background and overflowing wealth, she was ordinary if compared to these rich kids, she didn’t want to become a subject of mocking and controversy.

“Oh, this easy? You are horrible friend to begin with, how you are going to bring her here?” he knitted his brows, he was thinking that if she was playing tricks to get free from his grip then he should really think of a way to compel her.

“Let me free and see how I bring her here,” she was almost begging now.

He let her go in the end.

She composed herself and reached the table and sat quietly.

She suddenly extended her arm to grab the glass of juice and accidentally it spoiled the prom gown of miss Ling.

She stood up and apologetically looked at her friend, Qiu looked the gloomy and remorseful expressions pasted on her face.

“It’s okay, I should go and fix it,” initially, Qiu wanted to scold her but after looking at her misery, she waved it away for once.

She stood up the refresh in the washroom and clean the wet dress but before she could enter and fix her dress, someone blackened her vision.

He cleanly done the first part of his funky plan.

He threw her on the floor of the restroom and closed the door, his two friends were guarding the entrance of the room.

Fan Yu Jing was having headache after he debated with his friend on the issue of the present case, no one was willing to listen his point, he regretted that he should not have accepted this invitation from the school.

He loosened up his necktie and walked with large strides toward the restroom.

She stood up from the ground and shouted at the male student of her class, “You are courting death, you don’t know what could happen with your company and corporation if I complained your behavior to my father,” she pointed her finger at him.

“That is the matter of tomorrow, let me teach you a lesson tonight,” he pushed her on the sofa.

He was eagerly waiting this moment from previous month to revenge for his insult.

She tried hard to push away his body that was leaning on her but he was bent on to insult her today.

She yelled her lungs out to get rid from his grip and her screaming reached from the door and the three men who were arguing on the door listened it.

Fan Yu Jing heard the screaming and immediately understood why these both graduates were blocking his path, he was not sure who was the girl but he kicked one student between his legs and thrusted his elbow in the stomach of the other graduate.


He entered the restroom and saw the male student, he rushed and grabbed him from his neck and without giving him a chance to resist, sent a punch on his face then second and third.

These three punches were enough to bruise his face all over and he ran for his life holding his untied pants.

Fan Yu Jing didn’t look at the girl but he could tell that her dress was torn from shoulders.

He kept his back facing her and took off his coat and threw at her and left the restroom in hurry, he has to prepare for the hearing of his case in the court on some new points that struck his head during debate.

He didn’t see the girl whom he saved but the girl saw him, she murdered his mother when she was drunk driving six months ago.

She tightly wrapped his given coat around and left school building in her Mercedes-Benz, today someone proved that her ego cannot cover her bare body.

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