Words of Insanity: A Disturbed Mind

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****On hold****DAvid's Journal was found upon cleaning the house to open to the public. though it wasn't hidden all that well Deanna decided that it was a good idea to release it to the public in hopes they could learn from it. This is the beginning of the Watson story told by David himself.

Drama / Horror
Kat Thomas
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Words of Introduction…

Almost two years ago my life was completely changed and uprooted by a series of events that began the unraveling of the fabric of my family. It started so simply and then everything changed in the blink of an eye.

My parents had created two different pictures of how our family was to the outside world. One was the picturesque family that everyone saw. The grand house, fancy cars, and the children who would be pillars of society. The actual picture was something much different and disturbing. In the house that everyone wanted to live in were two people who were living major lies.

My mother groomed all of her children, except me, to believe in a curse that was leveled upon the family generations ago, most likely in colonial times during the witch trials. The curse was basic and two fold. A child must be born out of two lines to make one and then the child must be tortured and them killed to keep the rest of the family going. I was that child. I am from two of the same lines in my mother’s lines. Her first born son, David is my biological father. She is my mother as well. However with the case of my birth something happened. I was born one in a set of triplets. Identical triplets for that matter. This left a few problems for my parents.

My father was also different with his own beliefs. No one knows where or when exactly he began the practicing of a form of Satanism though it seems after the fact he had been practicing for years before I was born. I call him my father even knowing the truth about my birth because in a very weird way he seemed to be the only one in my family who tried to protect me from my mother. I do understand that he is my grandfather in actuality.

My siblings it seemed were groomed to believe in the curse and all had their hands in trying to make it work for us. They all knew what was going on from the events of my birth to the times they saw her poisoning me, to even having a little fun while mentally trying to abuse me, They all had their part in it. For their actions when the situation came to a head and the truth was finally known about the family they have been placed away in an insane asylum. They did more than just try to bring harm to me in numerous ways they also groomed their kids to follow in their footsteps.

My brothers all had sexual relationships with our mother and our sisters. They were grooming their daughters for the same thing. My sisters were the same with their sons and all planned on having one child with them that would be like me, a product of first degree incest. They all needed to be placed where they are now. The children are all doing well and receiving the therapy they need.

After learning all of this I had a very hard time understanding why my family was so different. My husband, Max, has been a major help in me finding the answers and supporting my decisions to dig deeper into the why’s and how’s this could even happen in this day and age. The answer that I found was not easy for me to accept. The fact was no one wanted to see it. The signs had been there from the beginning of this but no one really wanted to look to closely. Either because of my father’s status in the area or my mother’s way of making people think something other than the truth that was clear in front of them. People who had close contact with us had no idea what was going on inside the walls of the house. This was easy to hide the abuse. The bruises would fade and people were hidden away in plain sight.

The insanity was allowed to grow, thrive, and become prominent in the household until most of the people who lived in the house were a shell of the person they should have been. When my parents took in my youngest brother Henry whom they adopted at birth I thought it was slightly odd but I loved the idea of them helping the child. He was born to a cousin of mine who had some problems. Little did I know those problems were made worse by my parents, all three of them.

They were though and I wish it stopped there. But it doesn’t. The fact is my family left over a hundred people behind as victims. My parents were not alone as David also began to understand he was different and he found new ways to push the boundaries. No one really knows how many young girls he had in our parents basement. We can only estimate that much like my fathers killing of the young an innocent to so called protect me. The answers will never be answered as they took that all to the grave with them.

Henry is where the family’s story begins to fall apart but it started long before that. While I was having the house cleaned and fitted with safety devises so I could open it up to the public so they could see how easy some of this could be to happen, with the hidden rooms in which we found children locked away, pregnant women also stashed away, and more secrets we will never be able to answer, we found a diary of sorts on how the story of how I came to be. This is David’s story written by him.

Even in death he still haunts almost everything I do. I thought it best on how to have his story told though so this could never happen again to anyone else. Here is how it all began. The story of the Watson’s from the first born Watson.

Though I hope you enjoy reading this at the same time I hope that you are afraid as well. This is the beginning to a very disturbed mind.

Deanna Watson-Anderson

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