Black Love

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Xaiya fields is trying to get through life with her newborn kayden. When she unexpectedly meets someone who is with an eye for money only. Read more to find out...

Drama / Action
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Cry baby

"You're test came back. It says positive Ms.Fields. You are pregnant." The doctor says with a smile.

"How? HOW COULD MY BABY GIRL BECOME A MOTHER HUH SHE'S BARELY 18!? Xaiya please baby tell me who did this to you hmm?" My mother said her voice cracking while brushing my hair soothingly with her fingers.

All I could do is cry. I didn't want to tell her the truth. To many things would be revealed, I just couldn't.

"Baby girl don't cry. Tell me who did this?" She said again. How sho- no how could I tell her she'll believe him anyways.

"Xaiya Fields tell me who got you pregnant right now." She said with a stern voice.

I opened my mouth then closed it. Pretty much making myself look like a fish. Sooner or later she would have to hear the truth. I chose now to tell her.

"M-momma please don't b-be m-mad."

"Of course baby tell mommy who it was and she'll deal with them." She said giving me a concerned look while caressing my cheek.

"I-it was Darcell." I said with a low voice looking down

"I knew I couldn't trust that fucking Ass licker of a nephew." She said clenching her fist.

9 months later

"One more push Xaiya you got this." The doctor said beginning to count

with the last of my energy I gave one last push. This day was always going to be my favorite.

Hearing the cry's of my newborn baby never made me feel so much emotion before.

3months later

"Hello I'm here to get a check up done for my son." I said to the chubby lady sitting behind the desk.

She looks up with a confused face and asks

"Okay first how old are you kid?" She says with her digging into my soul.

"I'm 18 ma'am." I say with confidence

"I need an ID to clarify that." She says holding her hand out

I sit the car seat down and pull the baby bag over my shoulder. Digging in the pockets for my wallet. Once I find it I pull it out and give her my ID.

"Okay Ms.Xaiya Fields how old is the munchkin?" She says handing my ID back.

"He's 3 months old and his name is Kayden Cross." I tell the woman before bending down to put kayden's pacifier in his mouth. Since he started to get fussy.

"Ok miss fields the next available doctor we have will be free in 30 minutes." She says looking towards her computer again.

"Okay thank you." I say and give her a small smile before picking up the car seat and finding a chair to sit in.

After 15 minutes pass kayden became fussy again. I decided to text my momma and asked her to come inside.

When she came and sat down I took kayden out of his car seat and handed him to my mother while looking for his bottle.

"Miss Fields? Xaiya Fields?" A tall white lady called.

"Damnit I was just about to feed him." I mumble before putting the bag on my shoulder and taking kayden out of my mothers arms.

I walk with the nurse towards the back. She informs me that the doctor is on his way and that I should wait a little.

I sighed frustratedly because this has already taken 30 minutes off of my schedule.

Just as I was about to dig back inside of the baby bag to grab the bottle a man stops in front of me and bends down.

"Excuse me miss, are you Ms.Fields?" He asks gently while looking at kayden who is looking at one of the nurses.

"Yes I am. You must be doctor.." I squint my eyes and look at his ID

"Conners" I say looking back up.

"Uhh yes actually. If you would follow me.." He said trailing off while straightening back up to his normal height.

I stand up and try to pull the baby bag over my shoulder but the doctor grabs it from me.

"I can carry the bag sir." I say reaching for the bag.

"No your hands are already full let me." He says taking the bag back from me

"Okay then" I mumble then huff pulling kayden up a little.

Once we reach the room he places the bag in a chair and asks me to sit down on the bed.

"You came here for a checkup right?" He says sitting down in a rolling chair scooting closer to us.


"Anything seem abnormal lately?"

He says pulling out a clipboard and pen

I just stare at him. Like nigga excuse me I didn't even finish my sentence.

He looks up at me then realizes he had cut me off.

"Oh I'm so sorry."

"It's fine and no my son has been healthy so far."

He writes something down on the clipboard then sits it down.

Kayden begins to cry so I look around for the baby bag.

"It's over in that chair." The doctor says pointing to a chair by the door.

"If you don't mind could you hold him?" He gives me a nod before grabbing kayden out of my arms.

I walk over to the bag and open it looking for the baby bottle,water,and powder. Maybe I was moving to slow because kayden began to cry really hard.

"Mommy's coming kayden." I say sitting back on the bed making the bottle.

Gesturing to the doctor so he could give kayden back to me.

Once the bottle is in his mouth, he immediately gets quiet.

"Sorry I was trying to feed him but I kept getting interrupted so I couldn't." I say holding the bottle while looking down at him.

"It's okay, now that he is occupied I can check his heart,ears, and eyes." He says while pulling out his stethoscope.

"If you don't mind I'd like it if you sit for me. It will be more comfortable for the both of you." He says looking me in the eye.

"Yeah sure." After I sit down he checks kayden. Apparently kayden is healthy which is perfect for the both of us.

"Okay we are done so you may leave." The doctor says turning around to take his gloves off.

"Thank you doctor..." shit what was his name again?

"Conners. It's conners." He says Turing around laughing a bit.

"Right...thank you doctor conners." I say grabbing the baby bag and walking back to the front.

When I see my mom I call her over to put kayden in his car seat while I put away his bottle so I can grab his pacifier and bib.

As soon as kayden gets buckled up he begins to cry again. My mom try's to quiet him down by rocking the seat a little. That only made it worse so I put his pacifier in his mouth.

Picking up his car seat and baby bag I walk over to the check in desk to sign out. Oh my goodness can y'all guess what happened next?

You're right kayden began to cry..𝑎𝑔𝑎𝑖𝑛 plus he spit his pacifier out.

Of course he got all of the women's attention with his loud cry's.

"Aww he is so cute." One lady says to another.

"May I say hello?" Some random lady says walking up to me.

"Go ahead." I say taking kayden out of his car seat holding him.

While the lady is making an attempt to talk to kayden I finish signing out. To my surprise she actually calmed him down. Huh

"Okay mommy's done baby. Say bye bye." I take his small hand and

Wave bye to the lady and put him back in his seat.

The car ride was pretty calm kayden slept the whole way. Thank god cause I was not ready for his crying.

When my momma pulled up into the driveway I saw a black Chrysler 300 parked on the side of the road.

Groaning internally I open the door and grab my son from his car seat. Along with grabbing his baby bag.

"Xaiya. Xaiya." I ignore the male calling my name and keep walking towards the house.

"Xaiya I know you hear me callin you. Lil girl answer me!" He yells making kayden squirm in his sleep. I turn around slowly.

"You have no business here so leave." I say with a stern voice that's not to loud.

"I wanna see my son mane." Darcell says coming closer.

"You didn't want to see Jim when he was born so what makes you want to see him now?" I question backing up a bit.

"I just wanna see him..please." I scoff

Please? Is he serious? When I said please to him did he stop? Hell no.

"Ugh Darcell why? I want an honest answer." I say lifting an eyebrow

"I wanna be there for him and I want him to know that I'm not perfect." He says pouting

"You know what I'll give you a chance. If you mess up you won't see him ever again you hear me." I tell him before unlocking the door and walking inside.

He turns around and goes to his car. I just roll my eyes and close the door.

I gently lay kayden on the couch and look in his baby bag for a new diaper.

While im changing him I hear somebody come inside indicating that it might be Darcell.

"Man I wanna see my nephew." Oh my goodness no that boy didn't. This man really brought his friends with him.

"Xaiya where you at?" Darcell yells

"In the living room." I yell back putting a onesie on kayden.

"Is that my son!" Darcell runs over and try's to grab kayden but I push him away.

"Nuh uh go wash your hands. All of you." I say to all three men looking at me sideways

"Mane that's some bullshit." Lecrae says

"What I need to do that fo?" Yonnie says still looking at me sideways

Darcell just sucks his teeth and goes in the kitchen to wash his hands with the others following behind him.

When they come back kayden is fully awake. He looks at me crazy when I hand him to his father.

I just bust out laughing while he is still looking at me.

"Wow...I'm speechless. He is so handsome." Darcell says looking at kayden.

"Mane here you go gettin all soft." Yonnie says shaking his head while lecrae starts laughing.

After the boys have left I get kay ready for bed. Once I successfully get him to sleep on the 3rd try there's a knock at the door.

I look at the clock on my phone and it says 10:49pm. What is somebody doing here this late?

I go downstairs and answer the door. My goodness I did not expect to see this.

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