Guido O'Connor Loose Ends - Book Four

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Guido and Friends are quickly dealing with life's ups and downs

Drama / Mystery
Gary Silk
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Chapter One

At the moving and storage offices Sam is having a meeting.


“Yes Vito. What is it?”

“Eddie Falco and Anthony De Blasio have been discharged from the hospital.”

“Is that so? I need to pay them a visit then. How long ago did Bruno pay them a visit?”

“It is just about two weeks ago.”

“I said Bruno should give them a week in the hospital each.”

“They were afraid to leave Sam. So they faked injuries.”

“So that would be a month ago Linda tried to take over my business.”

“Yeah Boss that is right.”

“But now my son owns their businesses.”

“Not to doubt you Sam but you gave her all our gambling business in exchange.”

“It may not seem like a fair deal but we have three legitimate businesses from Linda. I also have information from a very reliable source that this state will legalize gambling in a few years.”

“So that was a very smart deal after all.”

“Yes it was Vito. Linda is very short sighted. She only wants cash businesses which are mostly illegal like the gambling.”

“Where does that leave us then Sam?”

“No need to worry. Everyone will be taken care of by Paul.”

“How is that going to happen?”

“Paul is going to start transforming our legitimate businesses to make higher profits Jake.”

“How is that going to happen?”

“What I intend to do is expand this business by ending the moving aspect of it.”

“Hello Paul I did not hear you come in.”

“Good morning dad.”

“This is confusing me Paul. Increasing profits by eliminating part of the business.”

“Yes, we are going into the self-storage business Giovanni.”

“What is the self-storage business?”

“Carlo we are going to start something completely new. We take a warehouse like this and create two hundred or more lockers. We charge fifty dollars a month rent or more depending on the size. Just think there are plenty of empty warehouses in the city and plenty of apartment renters with no storage space.”

“We come up with a recognizable brand name and we got it made.”

“Exactly Vito we take this concept national. I have an architect to come up with the plans to convert the warehouses and someone to develop the look we need.”

“Any other business ventures Paul?”

“Oh yes dad. Lou we are to expand the car wash business. It will be a high end detail shop with a high price. Targeted for well to do neighborhoods. Just need a catchy name for it.”

“How about we use the ‘Velvet Touch’ as a name?”

“Not bad Lou but keep submitting them everyone. At some point we will vote on the best name from those submitted.”

“I have a question Paul.”

“What would that be Danny?”

“What did we get from the Montello’s in exchange for the parlors?”

“We have three legitimate business but they do need work. There is a construction company, A real estate and mortgage company and a small supermarket chain.”

“How are we going to leverage those businesses?”

“The construction company needs to offer more services and go national with it. The real estate business we expand and make it a regional brand. The supermarket chain we expand and make that a regional brand too.”

“How about the name Midas Touch?”

“I like that name Carlos.”

“Thank you Lou.”

“Now gentlemen there are other businesses we can leverage.”

“What would that be Paul?”

“I thought he would be here for the meeting. How about Vinny D’s restaurant? Best steak you ever ate.”

“This is true.”

“Yes the best.”

“We give it a catchy name and start a chain of steak houses. Vinny’s expertise is the key.”

“Where is this all going Paul?”

“This is the start of a large publicly traded corporation that is my goal.”

“Where does that leave us?”

“You all can retire Vito.”

“Ha ha. Very funny Paul gangsters only retire to a grave.”

“Hear me out. When I take the company public in an offering all of you will be given shares of the company. How that will be accomplished will be worked out by someone I have in mind.”

“Excuse me Paul but this will take years to accomplish.”

“Yes you are correct Giovanni I estimate three to five year. None of you are at the retirement age anyway. We have plenty of time to put this in play.”

“What are you going to name this new business?”

“I was thinking of naming it Empirical Enterprises.”

“Alright that was very informative Paul. Going forward Paul will include an update every week in this meeting. I now call our weekly meeting to an end. Everyone back to work.”

“I thought mom would have been here?”

“She will be soon.”

“Where is she?”

“Your mother had something to take care of.”

“Oh, you are not telling.”

“Is it unfinished business?”

“You could say that.”

“Is it about Johnny Prima?”


“A little late I would think.”

“Better late than never I always say. Well Antonella replaced the money he stole from our profits. It did take some time to figure out how much he actually stole. She is going to pay a visit with Bruno and hold him accountable.”

“You want him dead?”

“I told Antonella it was her call. Leave it at that.”

“I wonder what my mother is going to do.”

“Stop concerning yourself with old business Paul.”

“Alright I will see you later.”

Back at Barlow Street Guy is discussing with Helen what to do.

“I do not know what I should do Helen.”

“You have a week before you are officially unemployed.”

“I should just call him.”

“What did he say when he called?”

“He said he needed an engineer and an architect. He said I could do both jobs.”

“Is that all he said?”

“No, he said he needs an industrial designer. He also wants to speak with you about a job.”

“I am a graphic artist.”

“You could do the design work with no problem.”

“Did he say for what he needs both of us?”

“He would explain it when we meet.”

“Ok when does he want us to meet with him?”

“I meet this morning and after work for you. Do we think we should?”

“He said it would be new business not a gangster business.”

“Can we believe that Helen?”

“I think so Sam realizes things must change. The old style business needs to evolve.”

“Alright here is the address. He is doing business as Empirical Enterprises. Ed needs to be included too.”

“I need to get to work. See you later.”

“I heard my name mentioned.”

“After work go to this address for Empirical Enterprises. Paul wants to talk to you. Helen is going there too. So wait for her once you get there.”

Antonella has a meeting with Johnny Prima’s wife.

“Antonella please come in. Why are you here?”

“It is about your husband.”

“Well he is not here. It has been three days since I saw him last. What did he do now?”

“It is pretty serious. He embezzled money from the union.”

“If you are looking for the money here you are mistaken. He barely gives me enough money to run the house and feed the kids.”

“Do you have any idea what he does with the money?”

“Oh, I sure do. He has his whores, drugs and gambling need I say more?”

“So there is no chance of him paying back what he stole.”

“Oh, my god I thought this day would never arrive. Just a minute a need to get something I will be right back.”


“Here take a look at this.”

“Why it is a life insurance policy.”

“Yeah, Johnny knows nothing about this. The benefit amount would be beneficial to both of us.”

“What are you suggesting Sarah?”

“What does it say right there?”

“It reads upon accidental death.”

“You know what you need to do Antonella.”

“We never had this conversation.”

Jane and Roy are discussing the housing situation.

“Would you mind living together in a two-bedroom apartment in an eight apartment building Roy?”

“That would depend on which floor the apartment is located on?”

“Say a four story building.”

“Floors two through four are fine with me. Why are you asking me this?”

“I found a building that is vacant. It has eight two-bedroom apartments. We all could live together and own the building. This would be cheaper than each of us buying houses.”

“You and I need to look at this building. Who would we get for the eighth apartment?”

“What about Guy’s Brother Tommy?”

“Dianna and Tommy could be interested but if not we just rent it. This could be a very good investment for all of us. If any of us move out to a bigger place. The apartment can always be rented.”

“We can go after work today.”

“That is alright with me. Where is this building located?”

“It is located not too far from my aunts in a somewhat good neighborhood.”

“Then why is it for sale that is the key here. There is something wrong with it. If we can determine what it is we are in a better negotiating position.”


“We need to get to work.”

Liz wants to be Tim’s campaign manager but Tim declines her offer.

“Tim I want to be your campaign manager.”

“I have a campaign manager as provided by Dave Bishop.”

“So he is your campaign manager as well as Dave’s manager.”

“I guess so Liz.”

“That is not going to work Tim. Do you realize that?”

“I think it will. I need the most attention versus Dave.”

“I still think you need your own campaign manager.”

“Alright I will speak with Dave and our campaign manager Doug Slater. I will mention you as a part-time assistant manager to my campaign.”

“Alright better than nothing I guess. Why has this started up all of a sudden?”

“Sam made his campaign contributions which immediately caused Doug to come onboard.”

“How much would I get paid?”

“I will leave that up to Dave and Doug.”

“You are so easy Tim even with me.”

“What do you mean Liz?”

“You did not even argue that I wanted to be your campaign manager.”

“I didn’t think it unreasonable as an assistant campaign manager. You really have no experience doing this. Based on your performance in this election you may lead the next.”

“Oh, you were just one step ahead of me.”


“I need to get to work.”

“Wait for me I will drop you off.”

“How are you going to drop me off? You do not own a car.”

“Yes this is true. I have been provided with a car and driver by the campaign committee. This will be available to me during the campaign.”

“Do I get a car as assistant campaign manager?”

“No need for you to have a car you will be riding with me.”

“We have not set the wedding date.”

“Why are you changing the subject?”

“There is nothing else to discuss with you. Campaign strategy I will take up with Doug.”

“Oh, excuse me.”

“Since we have some extra time now could we you know take a shower together?”

“Of course we can my horny soon to be wife. Will you be this horny when we are married?”

“We need to set a date.”

“Pick a date after the election.”

“Alright I will now get in the shower.”

Dianna explains to Thomas the situation.

“Tom my maternity leave is ending soon. I will be back at work a short time when this baby is due.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“I do not want to go back to work. I want to be with Andrew and then the new baby.“”

“I have no problem with that Dianna. I would suggest you take a leave of absence rather than resigning.”

“Why? I have no intentions of going back.”

“You never know what the future holds.”

“You are correct in that respect. I will put in for a leave of absence instead of resigning.”

“I was thinking of us going in with my brother and Helen buying my parents’ house.”

“I will go back to work then Tom.”

“No, No we can manage on my salary alone. We have to set our sights a little lower that is all.”

“Something will come our way. For now this apartment is very comfortable. The babies are sleeping in our room until they are two or three years old.”

“That is like birth control Dianna.

“We can do it in the kitchen. Do not worry Tom.”

“I need to get to work. I will see you later.”

Back at Barlow Street Ed and Rose are getting ready for work.

“Guess what today is?”

“I give up what is today?”

“Today makes it one year. Why are you not excited. We can have sex together again.”

“Not now Rose I have a lot on my mind. Paul Lido wants to meet with me.”

“I cannot believe you. You do not desire me.”

“I do Rose but not now. What do we have maybe a half hour before we need to get to work. We have all night to ourselves.”

“We can callout from our jobs.”

“That should be an option for tomorrow. Has this year of abstinence been a waste of time?”

“No I can wait for tonight, no problem.”

“Are you going to slip back to being a slut Rose?”

“No Ed.”

“Come here and let me kiss you.”

“Wow can you wait until tonight?”

“Yes I can and so can you.”

“Alright I need to get ready for work.”

“I need to speak with Guy. Go ahead and use the bathroom.”


“Yeah Ed what is it?”

“Where is Guy Helen?”

“He is on his way to meet Paul Lido.”

“Oh, I thought I would have a chance to speak with him.”

“He left here early Ed.”

“I wonder why?”

“Hold on Ed I am coming to the bedroom door. Here let me open it.”

“That is better Helen. I wonder why he left early.”

“I have no idea. You and I have to meet with Paul today after work.”

“Maybe we can get some time with Guy before we meet with Paul.”

“I would think so but why?”

“I am not sure just a little something bugging me cannot put my finger on it.”

“Maybe it will come to you later today. Today is Rose’s one year anniversary.”

“Yes it is.”

“Like what you see?”

“Put your robe back on Helen.”

“Not until I see what Rose’s reaction is.”

“Back so soon.”

“You both pass the test, congratulations.”

John and Mary decided to try the commute from the condo.

“Find a parking space and we will take the subway to our jobs.”

“We are a little early John.”

“We can sit in the car after we find a spot.”

“There are plenty of spots on this street.”

“Good I will take this spot and wait fifteen minutes before we set out to work.”

“I spoke to Dianna yesterday.”

“What did she have to say?”

“She does not want to return to work when her maternity leave ends.”

“Well I can understand with the second one due soon. She would have to discuss that with Tom.”

“She did bring it up with Thomas. She wants to quit her job.”

“She should take a leave of absence rather than resigning.”

“I advised her of that too. There go our plans for the boys to buy the house.”

“It could still happen if Guido and Tom can carry the mortgage without their wives contributing.”

“We should start for the bus stop then get the subway to our jobs.”

“I think that is the bus stop with all those people standing there.”

“I hope it is not crowed like that every day.”

“I will simply ask someone on the line.”

“We can get on the end of the line and ask someone there.

“You can lead the way Mary.”

“We are finally at the end of the line.”

“Excuse Me.”

“yes can I help you?”

“Yes, is this line always this long?”

“Yes it is but the bus pulls into the stop empty. The real issue is at the subway station. The platform gets so crowded you may not get on the first one.”

“So there are major delays then?”

“Not really they run a lot of trains in the morning. The bitch is in the winter waiting to finally board a train.”

“Thank you.”

“First time I have seen both of you on the line.”

“We are thinking of buying a condo here. Oh, my name is John and this is my wife Mary.”

“Pleased to meet both of you my name is Hubert. You will love living here. We are all set here is the bus.”

“So what do you think we should do John?”

“I first want to see how the rest of this commute turns out based on that have a talk with Guido and Tom.”

“I agree.”

“We are coming up on the station. This bus is going to take forever for everyone to get off.”

“It is moving fast John let us go.”

“This platform is really crowed. A train is coming into the station. It seems everyone is going to fit. What a surprise.”

“At this rate we should be at work fifteen minutes early.”

“Relax and enjoy the ride. We need to talk with Tom and Guido.”

“They should be coming to dinner on Sunday.”

“Call them and make sure.”

“I will now be quiet.”

Laura and Karl are riding the train to work.

“So how big is this promotion Laura?”

“A get a twenty-five percent increase in pay and a better bonus plan.”

“That is great congratulations.”

“Thank you. I have been thinking and we are doing very well financially.”

“Go on.”

“I think we should get our own apartment.”

“If we stay with my parents we can bank both our salaries. This would give us a down payment for a house.”

“Do you really want a house Karl? A house is very high maintenance with the gardening and inside issues like plumbing and electrical.”

“Alright then let us buy a condo then.”

“That is what I was thinking of.”

“A two bedroom would be smart to buy. It would be easier to rent when the need arises.”

“Why not sell it.”

“When the time comes to buy a house the rent from the condo can pay the expense on the house.”

“So we are in complete agreement then.”

“Yes we are.”

“Wake me up for my stop.”

Joe and Mira are discussing marriage plans.

“When is the best day to have the wedding at city hall?”

“Just pick a day and tell everyone that is the day.”

“I first have to check what day I can take off from teaching.”

“Do that first and let me know. So I can put in for that same day.”

“Of course I will tell you.”

“I need to give the job at least a month’s notice.”

“I think that would be the rule for me too.”

“So who is the maid of honor?”

“I was thinking of my friend Zoey.”

“What is her husband’s name?”

“Sigmund but he likes to be called Ziggy.”

“I will remember that.”

“Why not choose him as the best man?”

“I want Joey as the best man.”

“It would be nice to have a couple we know be best man and the maid of honor.”

“Well then choose Francine as maid of honor.”

“I do not know her that well.”

“How well do you know Zoey?”

“I see her and her husband at the college every day.”

“Familiarity does not mean you really know someone. Do they have any children?”

“I am not sure if they do.”

“How many kids do Joey and Francine have?”

“One named Joan and another is on the way

“Who do you know better?”

“You made your point. Francine it is.”

“You know what would be nice?”

“What would be nice?”

“What would be nice is our friends who are intending to marry also marry at city hall with us.”

“We could drop a few hints the next time we see them.”

“We can leave some clues but enough of this off to work we go.”

Paul is getting ready to leave for work.

“What are you doing home?”

“I met with my father and the boys. Joyce things are coming together for our first business.”

“Self-Storage I must admit could definitely work. Neighborhoods with primarily apartment buildings like in the city are a prime market. Secondary market would be neighborhoods with housing having minimal storage. Like the brownstones up near the ridge or any housing with no attics.”

“I just love the way you think. You need to come to the office soon.”

“I will when I find someone to watch the kids and I stop throwing up.”

“This pregnancy is tougher than the first two Joyce?”

“They just will not let up.”

“Who are they Joyce?”

“I did not say they.”

“Yes you did. You are having twins. I better stay home with you. I can feed the kids for you.

“Please do me and you a favor and go meet Guy, Helen and Ed. I will be fine.”

“Are you sure?

“Yes go to the office.”

“I will try and get home early.

Joey and Francine are having breakfast.

“Are you alright Francine?”

“Yes ma.”

“What is wrong?”

“She has a little morning sickness. Why are you so late for breakfast?”

“I will just have coffee ma.”

“I think you should stay home today Francine.”

“I am fine Joey.”

“I think we need to take a car into the city.”

“We do not own a car Joey.”

“Yes this is true but Tim has one at his disposal. I will call him.”

“It really is not necessary.”

“Take the car Francine no harm in that.”

“There will be no car tomorrow Joan.”

“Easy young lady maybe tomorrow you stay home.”

“It is all set Tim will be here in fifteen minutes.”

“Now sit down and eat your breakfast.”

“How does Tim have a chauffeured car?”

“It is part of his election campaign for city council dad.”

“I see.”

“Well it is a good day anytime you get a ride into the city.”

“Are you feeling better Francine?”

“Yes it has passed I am all set to go Joey.”

“I am almost finished with my breakfast. There is the horn time does fly.”

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