I love you both, but do you both love me?.

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Hi, my name is Danielle I moved to a new school I started to fall in love with two guys who were my really close guy friends and I don't know what to do or who I should tell. The question is do they both love me? Will I have to choose or will I have both?. Guess you'll have to find out.

Drama / Romance
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First Day of 10th Grade

Danielle's POV

I woke up to my alarm ringing and my Mom screaming, I couldn't quite understand what she was saying.
I looked at the time and It was 7:45, school starts at 8:15 and it takes about 15 min to get there. I hurried up and got in the shower.
I quickly put black jeans on and a white shirt that was tucked in my pants." Hurry up Danielle you don't want to be late and your breakfast is getting cold " my Mom said." Coming Mom " I said running down the stairs.
We got into the car and drove to school. Luckily I wasn't late, but I would be if my Mom wouldn't stop smothering me. " Good bye honey, call me if you need me or if something happened " she said. " I will Mom" I said rolling my eyes. " I love you so much I cant believe your in tenth grade already, Take care " she said lightly crying. " Mom don't cry I will be fine I love you too" I said getting out of the car.
I was kind of nervous coming to a new school. I hope I will make some friends. I looked up and seen a sign saying " Welcome to Riverhawk High School". I walked in and there was a lot of kids, some of them were staring at me and some others were saying " Hey check it out, its the new girl I heard she moved here from Texas" they whispered clearly not quite enough because I could hear them.
I walked up to a girl and said " Hey do you know where the principals office is ? I need to get my schedule." I said.
She looked at me and said " Does it look like I'm a teacher ? Oh and I didn't ask why you needed to go there" she said. I looked at her and I heard someone behind me say " Leave her alone Amy". She said "why should I its fun picking on the new kids".
He looked at her with a death stare and said "NOW!" raising his voice. She looked at me and said "Whatever, you not worth my time" walking off. I turned around and said " Thanks, you didn't have to do that". He said " No problem and I wanted to". I gave him a smile and said "Do you happen to know where the principals office is at ?" "Yeah follow me" He said. We got there and I said "Thx again" and He said "No problem".
I was about to push the door open and he said "Wait! I didn't catch your name". I turned my head and said " Its Danielle and yours". " I'm Brian" He said then smiled and waved walking off. I got to my classes pretty good and they weren't that bad. It was now lunch and I got my food and was walking to an empty table and then Brian said " Hey Danielle, come sit with us " I turned and at him and said " You sure I don't want to intrude". " Nonsense Come on over" He said.
I smiled at him and said "Okay". When I sat down there was 4 boys and 1 girl. I sat by the girl who was sitting next to a boy and Brian was sitting across from me. Brian looked at me and said " Well these are my friend's. The one next to me is Cory and the one at the end of the table is Troy and across from Troy is Kevin and this is Kevin's girlfriend Sam.
Brian is white with black hair and grey eyes. Cory is white with medium dark brown hair which you can barley see because its mostly dyed a like greyish blonde and he has blue eyes. Troy is also white with caramel hair and hazel eyes and Kevin has strawberry blonde hair with blonde hair and green eyes. Sam has blonde/caramel hair color and brown eyes.
I was waiting for the bell to ring because then we would have to go home. Today was and pretty good day. The bell finally rang which felt like hours waiting for it. I walked out of school and saw Cory, Brian and Troy they waved and then I walked over and we talked for a little than Brian said " Hey, I know we just met and all but me and the guys wanted to know if we can swap numbers so maybe we could talk and hang out some time". I agreed and said " Okay fine by me". I heard a honk and I turned around and it was my mother I said bye to the guys and went home. Mom asked me how my day was and I said good. Other than hat we didn't talk much. When we got home I went strait to my room and fell on my bed I was kind of exhausted today for some reason. So I fell asleep until I heard my Mom say " Honey its time for dinner " shaking me softly. I got up and ate dinner played on my phone for awhile then went back to bed.

Hey, Guys I know this may seem short but I'm still working on it and I will try to post as soon as I can. Love you guys. I mite not get to post 1 chapter a day but I will try plus I have school and other things going on so I will try.
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