Dirilis : Ertugrul - A Series Rewrite

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Resurrection:Ertugrul is a drama starring Engin Altan(Ertugrul) and Esra Bilgic(Halime).This story is just a rewrite of the series,to see what chnges it would make.

Drama / Action
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Summarization and Introduction


This book is basically a rewrite of the whole “Resurrection:Ertugrul” series. Don’t take me wrong,I love this masterpiece just as it is,except for a few minor changes in this series.This book will be long ,and will have many added characters and storylines.

Points to be noted:

·English is not my mother tounge,so expect some grammatical errors.

·I have many things I might or might not add in this,so forgive me if any incident is overlooked.

·I may have to change scenes or dialouges.

·This series starts from 28 Bolum

·None of the characters belong to me,they are all owned by Mehmet Bozdang.

·This may contain description of injury which might be offending to sensitive readers.

For the people who are not familiar with the show,Here is a profile of the two main characters, Ertugrul and Halime

Ertugrul Bey

Age: 27 years(in Season 2)

Parents: Suleyman Shah (late),Hayme Hatun

Wife: Halime Sultan

Tribe: Kayi

Appearance: Brown-Goldenish hair,brown eyes,short beard,tanned brown skin

Traits: Brave,strong,calm headed,dauntless,attentive,responsible,smart,caring,protective,outspoken & thoughtful

Halime Sultan

Age: 22 years

Parents: Sehzade Numan,Sehzadi Aylen

Husband: Ertugrul Bey

Tribe: Kinik/Kayi

Appearance: Long Black hair,gazelle eyes,white skin,red lips

Traits: Graceful,loving,caring,brave,strong,quiet,understanding,protective,doting,feeling,calm & responsible

I hope this cleared your confusion if you had any.I can’t wait to write more about this series and the characters.

Till next time,take care!

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