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Chapter 31


"What do you mean Luc's gone?" I asked. My heart sank when Indra spoke again.

He said that he heard there were gunshots from Luc's house. Mr. Narson was confirmed as wounded. As for the others, we don't know. I've never been more scared in my life. It's possible my best friend was shot. It's possible my best friend was killed. It was hard to think.

At this point, he's just gone. We called and called. No answer. After a week or two, we didn't know what to think. Dead or alive, who knows. They was never anything about a funeral for any of them. All of them just disappeared.

"Maybe they just couldn't afford a funeral?" I speculated. "Hospital bills are extensive."

"Don't be morbid." Indra scolded me. "Just think positive."

I frowned, a little peeved. "He positively seemed to drop off the face of the earth."

More weeks passed. I aggressively searched the Internet for more information on the Narson family. Nothing about Luc. Nothing about any of them. I slammed my laptop lid and thrashed my notes in a rage. I crumpled them up and threw them in the trash bin.

"Evie." Indra called lowly.

"The Internet is useless!" I exclaimed.

"If he was alive don't you think he would have contacted us by now?!" I questioned.

Indra looked at me stiffly. "I think you're torn between thinking he's alive and thinking he's dead."

"Whichever it is! I want some kind of documentation!" I screamed at him.

"I'm surprised at you. You're sitting back and watching like nothing is happening." I chastised him.

"You loved him too. If not more." I stated.

Indra scowled, then hid his face in embarrassment.

Indra was hiding something. Him and Luc. Before Luc disappeared, they had been acting strange. Luc with his sneaking out, Indra with his silence. I keep thinking he knows more than he's letting on. He wouldn't tell me no matter how much I asked. All he would say was "sorry. It's not my place." Which annoyed me.

We carried on with life. We had to. Walking the halls wasn't the same. Having a constantly empty seat in the classroom was a lot different than just an ordinary sick day. Something big was missing. It hurts.

Getting to know someone, growing close. Now he's just gone.

At first time went painfully by. Eventually it became easier, but I never stopped looking for a sign of Luc. On the outside, Indra seemed to have a "let the cards fall where they may" demeanor. But deep down, he wants to see Luc again too.

When I got tired of seeing Indra wear the same scarf every single day, I took up knitting. It got out of hand, and I knitted at least twenty scarves. Many colors, many designs. Yeah! No more black!

One day Indra didn't show up to school. Initially I thought he was sick, so I let it go. He was gone for the week. He didn't answer my calls either.

So like a crazy, scorned woman, I stormed over to his place after school.

The door was open so I just burst in. The cat named "Camilla" meowed at me. The rest either ignored me or stared for a second. There was this one cat, Delilah, she always sat at the head of Indra's couch sniffing it or rubbing her head against the one spot. It was like she was in mourning.


I looked over to the kitchen. I walked over to the counter as I saw Indra slowly stand up from the floor on the other side of the counter. He was all hunched over. I snapped.

"You can't leave me too." I started. "You aren't leaving me!" I slammed my hands on the counter.

"Does our friendship mean so little to you guys?!" I questioned.

"What?" Indra mumbled.

"I've called and called." I cried. "I thought you were in trouble."

"You disappeared. Just like him."

"No, I'm fine now." Indra said as he looked up at me.

There was blood on the corner of his lip. I glanced over the counter at the floor and saw blood smeared.

"Are you...?" I stammered. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Indra responded. He's not bleeding... My eyes trailed.

His hand clenched something tightly. It looked like a blood bag, one from hospitals. It was deflated and there was left behind blood compressed. Wait, did he drink that?

My eyes darted to him, the floor, and the bag. He really did!

I jerked back screaming and pointing, "Shaytan!"

"No!" Indra responded.

I backed up, only to trip over one of the cats. My tailbone burned.

"Aibtaead eaniy ya shaytan!" I exclaimed. Here I was! A blubbering idiot on the floor hanging by a string in front of a demon. Said demon who I thought was my friend.

"I'm not a demon!" Indra said loudly.

Murder. Ugh, I always knew this would be how I'd go.

I got off the floor. Yeah right! He understood me.

I kept backing up, feeling for the door as I did. Only problem was, I was in the middle of the room.

Wait, blood? He drank it! Haha! Oh shit...

I stopped and put my hands on my hips.

"Wait a minute, khafaash?" I questioned.

"I don't know the English word for that." I stated.

"Vampire." Indra translated.

"Oh." I said.

Indra rushed around the counter and came towards me. Uh, how to stop a vampire?

I panicked and my hand flew up as my eyes closed, "Jamad!"

I heard Indra grunt in confusion.

"Huh?" I opened my eyes. He was just standing there still with his legs still in the walking position.

"Are you kidding me?!" Indra screeched.

"What?" I questioned.

"You bound me!" He snapped. I really made him stop just like that? Incredible.

I giggled triumphantly. "You ain't gettin' in my neck!"

"I wasn't trying to!" I crossed my arms when he said that.

"I just need you to listen!" He said. Might as well. He's stuck right? He can't hurt me.

"Fine. Before I change my mind." I stated.

"Um...well...don't you already know?" Indra asked. What?

"Know what?" I asked.

"What I am!" He responded.

"Uh..." I drawled. I looked him up and down. The scarf.

I pointed at it. "Is that to hide bite marks?"

"No. I don't have bite marks." He answered.

"Oh." It became silent.

"I won't hurt you. Or kill you."

I stared at him skeptically.

"You've been over here a few times. Don't you think I would've done that by now?" Indra asked.

"I don't know! All I do know is I'm too young, too cute, and too protective over my body! I don't want it violated or killed!"

Indra rolled his eyes. "Don't roll your eyes! You've been caught! And I'm stuck right in the middle of it!"

I picked up one of his cats and clenched my teeth as I stared at him like a mad woman.

"I'll scratch your eyes out!"

"I won't hurt you." Indra repeated. I put the cat down and stroked him as I apologized for grabbing him.

"Evie!" Indra shouted. I shot up and looked at him. "Yes?"

"This is very uncomfortable." He stated.

"Release me?" He asked politely.

I scoffed.

"Come on. You can trust me." He said.

"That what every psycho killer says!" I snapped as I waved my arms.

"But I'm not a psycho killer." Indra deadpanned. I didn't move.

"Have I ever told you a lie?" He asked. No.

I pointed at him. "Tell me what you and Luc were up to."

"You've got to be kidding me."

"Were you guys know...doing it?" I asked.


"Then what were you guys doing?"

Indra shook his head slightly. "Look, I just let him stay here. He refused to stay indefinitely."

"Even though he needed to." He whispered to himself.

"What was that?" I questioned.


Indra blinked. "Release me?" He asked politely again.

"I don't know how." I stated. I mean, it was just an off the cuff command. I panicked.

"You scared me." I told him.

"I know, and I'm sorry."

"Mm. Go." I pointed at Indra. Nothing.

"Move." Nothing.

"Be free!"

I went hog wild. "Klaatu birada nikto!" Nothing.

"Evie..." Indra called.

"Number five alive!" Nope.

"Bitch! Let my mans go!"

"Evie!" I stopped.

"Mother tongue."

I thought for a second. "Tahrir."

Indra started moving. Whew. He stretched his muscles and rubbed his wrists.

"Ha! I have vocal powers!" I cheered.

I looked at Indra. He had disappeared.

"God, I miss being able to do that." His voice said.

I turned. He was ducking down behind the couch.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Showing you can trust me by making you feel safe." He answered..

"This means a lot to you, doesn't it?" I asked.

He nodded like a sad guilty child.

I chuckled. I went over to the couch and sat on my knees face to face with him.

"You're still Indra." I stated.

"Just slightly advanced." He responded. I smirked.

"Garlic?" I asked.

"Aside from giving me bad breath, does nothing." He catches on quick.


"Used to be made of silver."


"Can I come over there?" He asked.

"It's your house." I retorted.

"You're the scared human." He said sarcastically.

I gasped playfully as he stepped over the back of the couch and sat down. He leaned back.

I rested my head on my elbow. "Why do you wear that scarf?"

"Don't want to talk about it." He said simply.

"Look at us. A dumb little girl and a big vampire boy." I said.

"You're dealing with this a lot better than I assumed."

"We're just a couple of crazy kids." I stated. Indra smiled and closed his eyes.

Of course, time moved onwards. Indra gave me no reason to not trust him. It's as he said; he's Indra, just advanced.

After all my questions for him, I only had one left, albeit I didn't ask. Did Luc know?

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