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Chapter 4

A couple days later and Evie still hasn't spoken to me.

Right now she's standing at the front of the class giving a small presentation. Mrs. C gives us very small assignments/projects. The only thing we have to do for said project is research a figure who researched Math and write a paragraph about how they contributed to it.

Evie was speaking, but she was tripping over her words and shaking a lot. Whenever someone is presenting anything, I look away to relieve some of the pressure on them, but it's futile if there are still 21 people looking.

As Evie finished and sat down I heard people behind me laughing and mocking her accent. They always did it, but today was more than what they usually do. It really pissed me off.

I walked the hallway heading to Creative Writing.

In my journal I wrote about Evie and the argument, well "near-curse out" seems more appropriate. An argument means I responded. I often feel that I want to set things straight with her; let her know what’s really going on with me/my “family”, and prove her wrong.

I started to wonder if I should tell her about my home life. That could be bad though, if it doesn't go well.

I ask you to trust me. I don't want to be in that situation. But was else do I have? Who's to say the next foster home isn’t worse? Will the next foster people even be kind to me? Would they even care? Do I have the courage to just leave? How would I survive it?

"Luc! Breathe!" I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned my head.

A girl named "Johanna" was beside me. I felt the sweat on my face, and a cold yet hot tingling in my body. Apparently, I had an anxiety attack and stopped breathing. I need to stop thinking like that.

"Luc, do you need to go to the nurse's office?" Ms. D asked.

I shook my head. "No. No."

"Okay, well, go get some water at least." I didn't realize it at first, but all eyes were on me. Perfect.

I stood up and left the room. I leaned over the fountain and let the cool water run over and enter my lips.

I stopped drinking and turned to face the threshold of my classroom. What if they're all laughing at me in there?

The only thing I could hear was a loud pressure in my ears.

I dragged my foot forward and reentered the classroom with my head hung.

By the time second block ended the next day, Evie came running to me. Tears and fear clinging to her face.

"Luc! Luc!" She screamed.

"What?" I responded when she stopped in front of me.

"It's picture day!" She exclaimed.

I had forgotten. "So what?" I asked.

"I forgot my hijab at home!" She sobbed.

"You wear a hijab?" I questioned.

"Luc!" Evie screeched.

"Right, sorry." I said.

"If I get my picture taken without it my parents will be angry!"

"What do I do?" She whimpered

I put my finger on my chin.

I remembered seeing a girl in my first block wearing a black scarf around her neck.

"Meet me by the bathroom in five minutes!" I said before running away.

I knew where the girl's second block class is, on the third floor. I ran up the stairs violently. I ran through the hallway. People lingering parted like the Red Sea. Guess me running and partially looking like the Winter Soldier on his way to kill Steve scared them into moving.

I found the girl about to enter her classroom.

"Hey!" I called.

That didn't get her attention. I tapped her on the shoulder and she turned around.

"I need your scarf." I said.

"What?" She questioned.

"Please! It's a life or death situation." I said.

She sighed in annoyance and took the scarf off and gave it to me.

"Thank you. I’ll get it back to you!" I ran away.

"Evie!" I called when I neared the bathroom.

She ran over to me. I stopped when we met in the middle.

"Here." I handed her the scarf.

"Thank you." She ran into the bathroom. She came out two minutes later. She still looked upset.

"What?" I questioned.

"It's not long enough. It still shows my hair." She sighed.

I leaned to the side and looked at her hair.

"Hmm...." I pondered.

"Turn around." I ordered. She turned around.

I took off my watch and grabbed Evie's very thick, dark hair. I tied the watch tightly around her hair. I turned her around and quickly took a picture of her.

I showed it to her. Her eyes widened.

"Whoa...." She breathed.

"There. Now you have nothing to worry about." I said.

Evie smiled and gave me a huge hug. "Thank you!"

While Evie looked like an Egyptian goddess in her picture, I pretty much looked like a deflated whoopee cushion in mine. Oh well!

We sat in third block; the scarf and the watch had been returned. It was hard not to nod off, so I was half-asleep on my desk. I sat up after a while and turned my head to the left.

Eyes met mine and my jaw dropped. I quickly looked to Evie.

"What?" She whispered.

The naked guy from the river is sitting in my class!

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