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Chapter 42

October 22, 2018 - Third Person

"We gave him antipsychotics and benzos to help him sleep." The doctor in the psych hospital working Luc's case spoke.

Jeanette sat beside Luc's bed watching him sleep. Luc was restrained to the bed. Brian stood by the doctor.

"The sleep deprivation ultimately led to the break down, but it wasn't the primary cause. Once he's rested we'll address the PTSD."

"We'll be working in phases: getting him well rested, getting him the therapy he needs, getting him medicated, and getting his weight back up."

"He'll be on suicide watch and will have an orderly with him 24/7." The doctor finished explaining.

Brian nodded. "Got it. Thanks."

"I'll let you say your goodbyes." The doctor said as he left.

Brian moved to Luc's bed and sat down in a chair.

Jeanette gently stroked his cheek and leaned over his face.

His eyelid fluttered and his eye move frantically.

"I hope it's not another nightmare." She exhaled.

"They can get those under control too." Brian tilted his head and looked at the ceiling.

October 24, 2018 - Third Person

"Good afternoon, Luc. I'm Dr. Porter. I'll be working on your case."

He sat against the wall with a clipboard in his hands. Luc sat up against the wall. He stared at the restraints and his surroundings.

"You slept for fifty-one hours. It seems you are well rested. That's good. You're scheduled to have a therapy session tomorrow with Dr. Hunt. Do you understand?" Dr. Porter asked.

Luc nodded slowly. His face was stuck in a frown.

"Dr. Hunt is good with trauma patients. He can help you cope with your trauma and maybe one day be at peace with it."

"I'll be the one prescribing your medications, so we'll be seeing each other frequently." Dr. Porter stated.

Luc just stared blankly.

October 25, 2018 - Third Person

Dr. Hunt opened the door to his office. He was a tall man with short red hair and a deep voice.

"You can sit on the couch or the chair there. Either is fine." He walked in with Luc behind him.

There was a pencil on the floor. Luc saw it and picked it up behind Dr. Hunt's back and held on to it.

Luc sat in the corner of the couch. Dr. Hunt sat in the chair and crossed his leg over the other.

"Well Luc, get comfortable. We'll be seeing each other almost everyday until you're cleared to be discharged." Dr. Hunt spoke.

"We'll be discussing your trauma; your past and recently." He waved his hand. "I know you can't speak, so I have a notepad and pencil for you."

He took out the notepad and handed it to Luc. He looked around the area and pulled a pencil off his desk and handed it to Luc.

"First we'll get to know each other, because I hate that patients tell their everything but know nothing of their therapist."

"So, I'll say something first, then you. How does that sound?" Dr. Hunt said. Luc slowly hunched his shoulders in response.

"Ok, I'm a trauma surgeon turned psychologist, which is why I'm still called "doctor." He said.

"Your turn."

Luc wrote on the notepad and showed Dr. Hunt.

"I'd rather get to the point of these sessions."

"We will. All in good time. But let me ask you this; would you rather be telling your story to a complete stranger or a doctor you can trust?"

Luc threw his hands up.

"Where do you want to start? Your foster father? The court case? Your eye?" Dr. Hunt asked.

Luc tensed up and furrowed his brow. He clenched the pencil he was hiding.

Dr. Hunt stood up and went to his desk, looking for Luc's chart.

"Let's tackle the hardest parts first."

"The first time your foster father assaulted you," he began to turn around, "let's start with that."

Luc got up, pencil in his hand, running to Dr. Hunt, meaning to attack.

Hunt grabbed his wrist and kicked his leg out from under him and dropped him on the floor. Hunt disarmed Luc and put the pencil on his desk. He leaned close to Luc's contorted and frustrated face.

"I was a surgeon in the military. I don't think you want to get in a fight with me." He told him. He let go of Luc's wrist. Luc grunted a little in anger as his arm dropped on his stomach.

Hunt stepped over him and went over to his chair.

"Come on, we have a lot to get done." He said.

A month later and Luc was prescribed medicine, but he never took it. It took another month of trying.

December 2, 2018 - Third Person

"Come on Luc, you need to take the medicine." A blonde nurse named Paloma stated as she held a glass of water with the crushed up pills in it out to him. She tried to reason with him, "come on, they'll make you feel better."

Luc took the glass in his hand and threw it to the stone wall, making it shatter.

Paloma sighed in defeat and went to pick up the pieces. The orderly in the room stood up.

"Don't do that again. You don't start behaving I'll have you put in solitude." He snapped.

Luc smirked, testing the orderly.

December 4, 2018 - Third Person

Luc sat against the padded walls, his hands chained to his waist. He sweated heavily and trembled. His eyelids were dark and his eye was red.

He was chained only because he was trying to hurt himself.

He found solitary a lot better than being pestered by orderlies and nurses and doctors.

December 11, 2018 - Third Person

"What happened?!" Brian questioned as he and Jeanette ran to Dr. Hunt's office along with orderlies and nurses.

Luc lied on the floor struggling with Dr. Hunt and bleeding from the neck.

"He's trying to kill himself!" Hunt said as he had his hand pressed on Luc's throat.

"What did he do?" Brian asked as he took over for Hunt. "What did you do?" He asked Hunt.

"We were just talking about his past." He said.

"He pulled out his stitches." Hunt said.

"Get me a gurney!" Brian ordered.

A nurse and an orderly soon rushed in with a gurney. They picked up Luc and placed him on it.

"How did you let him do that?" Jeanette questioned as the others left with Luc.

"I didn't let him. He was just a bit too quick for me." Hunt said.

Jeanette rolled her eyes and ran out. Hunt soon followed.

December 19, 2018 - Third Person

Luc sat in his room in the psych ward, restrained to the bed and heavy bandages wrapped around his neck.

He still refused to take medication and talk to Dr. Hunt.

The nurse Paloma stood by his bed.

"If you don't start taking your medicine they'll force it into you with a tube." She said. "That won't feel good."

"We need to know how this medication will affect you. We'll have to try several to get the right one." She finished.

She had a plastic cup of crushed up pills this time.

"Please will you try it?" She asked while smiling.

Luc thought her beautiful, but artificial. She had perfect skin, perfect teeth, perfect eyes, and she was kind.

He let her put the cup to his lips and let the liquid pass through.

"You did it! I'm so proud of you!" She smiled once all the contents of the cup were gone.

December 25, 2018 - Third Person

Luc cooperated and took the medicine each day. He was successfully calmed down.

Paloma entered his room with the cup, "Merry Christmas Luc!"

She dropped the cup and shrieked.

Luc was on the floor unconscious. His orderly beside him trying to wake him up.

"I need help in here!" Paloma yelled into the hallway. She ran to Luc and dropped to her knees beside him and propped him up on his lap. She checked his pulse, barely anything and barely breathing.

"What happened?" Dr. Porter questioned as he came in.

"He just collapsed." The orderly said.

"How long has he been down?" Dr. Porter asked as he began to listen for a heartbeat.

"A minute." The orderly said.

Dr. Porter began CPR and the orderly ran for a gurney.

"His pulse is coming back." Paloma said.

The orderly came back with the gurney and Paloma and Dr. Porter picked him up and put him on it.

The three rushed him upstairs to the Pediatrics floor.

They had to restart his heart.

When they did, he jumped up and clung to Paloma. She held him gently.

"The medication made his blood pressure drop drastically, we expected a little drop, but nothing like this." Dr. Porter explained to the Bensons.

"The doctors are trying to carefully get the medication out of his system now, but it'll take some time. I am so sorry for this." He said.

December 30, 2018 - Third Person

The drugs were completely out of Luc's system now. Paloma was trying to get him to take his new medicine. He refused to do so.

"Come on love, you need to take this so we know what effect it'll have." Paloma sat on her knees resting her head on Luc's bed.

"I know you're scared, but this one does not lower your blood pressure. I checked it myself." She assured him.

Luc looked away from her.

"Please?" Paloma begged.

Sadly, Luc ignored her.

January 3, 2019 - Third Person

It came to the point where they needed to use a tube on Luc.

He squirmed uncomfortably. Paloma held his hand and took the tube out once the medicine had been administered.

"You can get through this." Paloma said.

"Come on. Let's get you to Dr. Hunt." She helped him out of the bed and they walked to Dr. Hunt's office together.

"Good morning, Luc. How have you been feeling?" Dr. Hunt asked when Paloma dropped him off. She have to wait outside for the session to finish.

Luc hung his head.

"I know the tube feels humiliating and scary, but for now it's necessary." Dr. Hunt said.

They got to "talking."

"Yes Luc. You survived. You're here getting help. This is real." Dr. Hunt assured him.

Luc soon asked about the medication.

"Yes. The medication will help with the nightmares, you won't hurt your brother again or wake up afraid." Hunt said.

"They're gone. They can't hurt you anymore."

"You're surviving and thriving."

January 7, 2019 - Third Person

"Hey, you're smiling." Dr. Hunt stated. "See something you like?"

It had snowed and some patients were allowed to go outside and enjoy it. Paloma, two orderlies, Dr. Hunt, and a nurse were there to chaperone.

Hunt and Luc sat on a bench together. Luc had to wear a scarf around his neck. He had on a dark hat, a thick coat, and gloves.

Luc got up a ran across the street. Hunt ran after him.

Luc stooped down and began to pet a stray cat.

"Luc, don't run off like that." Hunt scolded.

The cat gave in to Luc's pets and let him pick him up.

Luc turned and showed the cat to Hunt. It was black, fluffy, and small. Interestingly, he was missing his right eye too.

"So you like cats." Hunt stated. Luc nodded and snuggled the cat.

"Let's go back to the hospital yard." Hunt put his hand on Luc's shoulder and led him back to the bench.

They sat down and Luc continued to pet the cat.

Kids played together, building snowmen, making snow angels, having snowball fights.

"You should play with the other kids. There's some your age out here too." Dr. Hunt encouraged.

Luc shook his head. He was too enamored with the cat.

Hunt chuckled. "Okay."

The cat purred and rubbed against Luc.

"Luc, he's dirty. Don't let him too close. Especially to your neck." Hunt said.

Paloma walked over to the three.

"Aw a cat. He's so cute." She cooed.

Luc nodded in agreement. Paloma pet the cat.

"Alright, back inside everybody!" An orderly shouted.

Luc put the cat down. He rubbed against his legs.


Luc walked into the hospital with his coat zipped up.

When he got to his room he quickly removed the cat from his coat and took it, his hat, and scarf off.

There was a knock on the door.

"Luc, we need the clothes back." Paloma's voice called.

Luc opened the door and used his foot to keep the cat in place. He handed the clothes to Paloma.

"Thank you." She closed the door and left.

Luc jumped up and down, silently cheering. He sat on his bed and the cat followed him, jumping up on the bed.

Luc pulled out food he stole from the cafeteria from his pocket. He fed the cat turkey slices.

He had a small water bottle. He opened it and poured water in the cap and let the cat drink from it. Luc grinned as the cat drank.

He refilled the cap and the cat drank again.

The door opened.

"It's time to take your medicine." Paloma said as she walked in. She had a tube and a cup. "You can choose between the tube or the cup." Luc froze.

Paloma saw the cat and paled.

Luc grinned sheepishly. Paloma closed the door.

"What did you do?" She questioned lowly.

Luc hugged the cat.

"No." Paloma went over to the two. "You can't bring a cat in here."

"I'm sorry, I know you like him." She said.

"Luc, your ward is coming." She then said.

Paloma put down the tube and cup and picked up the cat.

"Let me deal with this." She said. Luc reached for the cat. "I've got this." Paloma assured him.

The door opened and the orderly walked in. Paloma turned around.

"What are you doing, Jennings?" He asked.

"Well, I found out he likes cats and I saw this guy outside so I came to-"

"Save it! I know it was him." The orderly snapped.

Paloma lowered her head.

"It's a stray Paloma. Throw it out." He ordered.

Paloma didn't move.

"Fine. I'll do it." He grabbed the cat by the throat and took him. The cat squeaked in pain and began to scratch at the orderly.

Luc lunged and punched the orderly.

"Luc no!" Paloma shrieked.

He punched him until he dropped the cat. The orderly was bleeding from his nostrils.

Two male orderlies ran in. They saw the orderly and Luc's bleeding fists. They grabbed his arms and took him.

"No stop! It's just a misunderstanding!" Paloma pleaded with them as she ran behind them with the cat in her arms.

The two men ignored her and threw Luc into solitude.

Paloma and the orderlies had to report to Dr. Porter.

"He brought a cat into the facility?!" Porter roared.

"Why didn't you check him?!" He asked Paloma.

"I watched him put the cat down." Unfortunately, she couldn't lie her way out of this. "He left him."

"Please can we take him out of solitude?" Paloma pleaded.

"He attacked an orderly with no hesitation. I'm not going to have anyone attacking my people without repercussions!" Dr. Porter snapped.

"He's not getting out until Dr. Hunt can assess him."

January 8, 2019 - Third Person

Paloma begged and begged until Dr. Hunt got to Luc.

Luc was furious, unable to calm down.

"Doctor, something's wrong. He's so angry." Paloma stated.

Hunt nodded slowly.

In Luc's room, Paloma sat with him.

"Luc, the cat is fine. I took him home with me." Luc's face lit up.

"Yep. Gave him a bath, fed him, took him to the vet." She said. "I see he's important to you, so I'll hold on to him until you get out of here. If your parents agree, of course."

Paloma handed him a sharpie and held out her hand, "what do you want to name him?"

Luc wrote on the palm of her hand.


Paloma stood up, "okay. Burke will be in my care until you're discharged." She smiled.

Luc smiled.

January 10, 2019 - Third Person

"You're angry. Why?" Dr. Hunt asked Luc.

Luc had been distant and stuck frowning. He wrote on his notepad.

"He should have died."

"Who should have died?" Hunt asked.

Luc began to write again. The more he wrote, the more he was reminded and the more he hated himself.

"My foster father." His note started.

"When he was shot, I put pressure on his wound and sat there until the police arrived. They praised me for "saving my father's life."

Dr. Hunt looked stiff for a second.

"You're angry at yourself because you saved his life." Hunt started. He nodded, "understandable."

"Don't think of it as "he gets to live now," he's in jail. He's being punished for his crimes. That's what he deserves, dying is the easy way out. The only thing you did was ensure that he went to jail. If anything you should be proud of yourself, not angry." Hunt said.

Luc had a moment of clarity as he took Dr. Hunt's words to heart.

February 14, 2019 - Luc

Valentine's day. Ugh. I was in the activity room with the other patients. Some had sweethearts and shared treats with them. I sat curled up on the couch alone and bored.

"I have something for you," an English voice sang.

I turned around. Paloma stood behind me with a picture in her hand.

"Look," she smiled and handed me the picture, "he's so playful." It was a picture of Burke playing with a feather toy.

"I figured you'd be alone today, so I came to hang out for a bit." She walked around the couch and sat down beside me.

"You doing okay?" She asked. I nodded. "That's good." Paloma said.

"How have you sessions with Dr. Hunt been going? Are you comfortable with him?" She asked. I gave her two thumbs up.

I like Hunt, he hasn't given me reason to fear him, and we talk. Kind of.

I looked at the patients with their lil hunnies. Kind of hated how I didn't have anyone to spend Valentine's day with.

Imagining the perfect Valentine's day date; me and Indra. Ice skating. That is all. I chuckled inwardly.

I'll make a card just for the hell of it.

Once I'd had enough of the lovey-dovey atmosphere I left and went back to my room.

Paloma helped me tape the picture of Burke on the wall above my bed.

At this point they had me on new medication. I was feeling fine. Mostly.

"Don't you want your parents to come visit? They haven't seen you in a couple months." Paloma stated.

I shook my head.

"Why?" She asked.

Of course I couldn't answer her.

"Right. Nevermind." She said. "I'll just leave you alone." She left.

April 13, 2019 - Third Person

Paloma walked into Luc's room with more pictures of Burke. Pictures of him playing, eating, and just being cute.

They taped the pictures to the wall.

"How are the medications treating you?" Paloma asked him.

He hunched his shoulders.

"You don't know?" Paloma questioned.

"They're effecting you in some way!" She chuckled. Luc hunched his shoulders again.

"Well okay." Paloma sighed.

May 14, 2019 - Luc

"Everything has been going very well since last month." Dr. Hunt started. "I just have one last question for you,"

"Do you still want to die?"

I looked at him and gave him the most honest answer I've ever given to anyone.


Dr. Hunt smiled, then nodded.

I walked out of the hospital with my pictures and prescription pills and got in the car with Jeanette.

"It's good to see you." She said with a smile.

I nodded. I'm sure we'd have a more joyous reunion later, but for right now, I have somewhere to be.

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