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Chapter 45

I sat down nervously at the table in between Indra and Jason. For my meal I chose a steak and a hot dog, along with green beans and broccoli.

I was always sipping on my water so no one would try and speak to me. Of course that failed.

"So Luc, where'd you go?" Mark asked. "Moving from place to place for six months, that's pretty interesting."

"Yeah...well, first I travelled throughout the country. Went to New Orleans, New York City, Virginia." I said.

"What'd you do in New Orleans?" Jonah asked.

"Studied the voodoo-ness of the place. Ghost walks, stuff like that." I answered.

"Then I left the country." I don't even have a passport. "I went to a whole bunch of places."

"Alone? Or were you with someone?" Martha asked.

"I was with my boyfriend."

Indra leaned into me, "that's me." He leaned back.

"Aw." Margo pouted. I smiled cockily at her.

"So where did you guys go?" Trace asked. They were all curious but Margo.

"Um..." I started.

"Romania." Indra said. "It's very tiny."

I guess he'd know. I nodded in agreement.

"What's it like there?" Trace asked.

"Eh. Home is home." Indra said. His eyes widened for a second. Guess that was a slip.

"You're from Romania, Indra?" Brian asked. Indra nodded stiffly.

"Ha! Cool." Trace said.

As dinner progressed there was more conversation.

"So, what happened to Alexandria's eye?" Margo asked me condescendingly.

"A dog bit her." I answered.

"Guess we know not to leave her in your care." Margo said.

"Excuse me?" I said.

"Five minutes with you and she needs to go to the hospital."

"That was just a freak accident. Has nothing to do with my capability to take care of her."

"If you were taking care of her it wouldn't have happened."

I rolled my eye and scoffed.

Indra came to my rescue, "what happened that day is over. Leave it in the past."

"Fine." Margo said.

She looked at me skeptically.

"Were you really travelling?" I guess she saw through my bs.

"What? You jealous?" I asked.

"No. Just kinda sounds unbelievable if you ask me." She said.

"Then I guess it's a good thing I didn't ask."

"Wouldn't someone who's travelled be a tad more excited about it?" She asked.

"I'm not that passionate." I said.

The adults and everyone else looked at us.

"What's up with you two? Why are you going back and forth?" Martha asked.

Indra looked at me curiously, cause I didn't tell him about my little argument with Margo.

"Not a damn thang." I said.

"Luc. Language." Brian said. I scowled and glanced at Jason. He is very quiet. Too quiet for Jason.

Alexandria picked off his plate when she finished her food. Jason just pushed his plate over to her.

"Well cut it out. Let's be civil." Mark said.

"Civil? Ha! Anarchy forever!" I thought.

The next conversation Indra led.

"So you guys are around our age, why don't we see you at school?" He asked.

"Homeschooled." Jonah answered.

"Though next year we're being enrolled in school. Our parents believe we need real social interaction before we go off into the real world." He said. Indra nodded slowly. Great. I have to deal with her at school now too.

After dinner the adults were chatting it up. Alexandria, of course, was tired. She laid across my lap sleeping as us teens sat in the living room talking lightly.

I used her sleepiness as an excuse to leave.

"You wanna come with me to put Alexandria in her room?" I asked Indra quietly.

"Sure." He whispered. He looked tired too.

I hoisted Alexandria up in my arms and carried her out. Indra followed close behind us.

I gently put her in her bed and placed her toy dog beside her and the covers over her shoulders.

When I looked at Indra he looked a bit sad. Maybe even jealous.

"What is it?" I asked quietly as we walked out. I closed the door.

"Nothing." He said.

We went into my room. I climbed into my bed and Indra laid down beside me. He pulled the covers up to his chest.

"Tired?" I said.

"A little."

"We didn't get to tell my family."

"We can wait until the others leave." Indra closed his eyes.

"Kay." I laid down and admired his profile. He had a nice and strong bone structure.

I grinned and leaned closer and kissed his jaw. He chuckled lowly. I put my foreheaded against his shoulder.

We took a thirty minute nap. Indra woke up when he heard goodbyes downstairs and woke me up.

We went to the staircase and leaned out to peek downstairs.

"Where'd the others go?" Brian asked.

"I saw Luc go upstairs with Alexandria. I don't know about Jason and Indra." Jeanette answered.

"I'll go check on her." Brian said.

He started up the stairs. Indra and I backed up.

"Oh, hey you two." Brian said when he saw us.

"Hi." I said.

"You look like you're plotting something." He said.

We shifted.

"Well we-" I turned to Indra. Do we tell him now or wait?

"Think we should." Indra said.

I nodded.

I looked at Brian.

"Indra and I are dating." I said.

Brian stared for a second or two.

"Brian?" I called.

I looked at Indra, "I broke him."

Brian blinked and started talking. "Keep your hands to yourselves you two."

He then walked away and went into Alexandria's room.

"Okay..." I said.

I walked into my room slowly.

"Not what you were expecting?" Indra asked as he closed the door. I turned to him.

"Not at all." I said.

I thought he'd say something other than that, don't know what though. Guess he's just tired.

I sat on my bed. Indra sat down beside me.

"Do you think he'll support you? Us?" He asked.

"They know I'm gay. They haven't done anything that proves they'd be against us." I said. I smiled at him. "And they like you, so I'm sure it'll be okay."

Indra smiled. I smiled more; his smile is contagious. "Mans got me blushin! Goddamn him." I thought.

"What's Burke been up to?" I asked to distract myself.

"He's still very playful. I think he has a crush on Callie." He said. "She's a black cat too."

"Aw." I cooed.

I leaned into Indra.

"Thanks for letting me drag you to this dinner." I said.

"No problem." He said.

I kept staring at him. I was worrying about the school year being over and him leaving me. I don't think I'll even move up to the next grade. Sure I was exempted for the graded work, but the attendence is a whole different issue.

"What's wrong, Luc Benson?" Indra asked, doing his head tilt and grin thing.

"Just a bit worried." I answered.



Indra nodded.

"You'll do fine. You can do anything." He said. I smiled and pat his chest before sitting up.

"Do you want to stay the night?" I asked. "I ask cause you look tired and I don't want you driving tired."

"Aw, you worried about me?" He asked. I nodded. "Sure. If your parents don't mind."

I got up and went to the door. "I'll go ask."

I asked. They said he could stay as long as all we did was sleep.

Man, if you're gonna have sex with someone do it in the day. Night should be for sleep.

"Alright we're good." I said as I went into the room. Indra nodded.

I climbed into the bed and laid down happily beside him. He laid down with his arm folded under his head and looked at me. His eyes were practically glowing.

"I reckon you wanna kiss?" I teased.

"That doesn't sound too bad." Indra replied.

I leaned forward to kiss him, but he leaned back.

"Hey." I groaned.

"Dr. Benson said to keep our hands to ourselves."

"Lips aren't hands." I said.

"Oh alright. Have at it Luc Benson." He said. I giggled. I like it when he brings out my full name.

I gave him a little peck on the lips.

He gasped playfully, "you call that a kiss?"

"Yes I do." I quipped.

"Naw." Indra leaned forward and kissed me. He always manages to take my breath away.

What's more, I felt wanted. Needed. Like he couldn't get enough of me.

I gave in and disobeyed Brian's directive and grabbed on to Indra's shirt.

His hands cupped my face and pulled me closer. He kissed me with a passion that made us both crazy.

I was into it. I was really enjoying this. Until I felt the pressure of his fingers on the right side of my face.

I jerked back, "no."

"What?" Indra breathed.

"You can't touch that part of my face." I told him bluntly. I knocked his hand away.


"I mean it." I rolled over and pressed my sleeve to the right side of my face and closed my eye.

Ugh. I want to be kissing him again, but I totally ruined the mood. Of course.

A few hours of sleeping I woke up. I felt Indra's warm body against mine and his arm on top of mine.

"Hey, Indra," I called.

"Hm?" He answered from the back of his throat groggily.

"You'd never hurt me, right?"

"I'll never hurt you. I promise."

With relief I closed my eye and went back to sleep.

In the morning I rolled over, intending to sleep in. I ended up laying on top of something hard.

"What the hell?" I mumbled as I opened my eye.

"Good morning, Luc." Indra said with a smile.

I threw myself off of him.

"Sorry!" I cried.

Indra sat up and wrapped his arms around his knees.

"It's fine." He said simply.

Someone knocked on the door as the went by, "Luc breakfast." Brian.

Hm, brekkie with Indra.

I got out of bed. Indra followed my lead.

We went downstairs and saw Jeanette cooking pancakes and eggs. She was dressed. Guess she and Brian are heading to work.

"Sit down and eat you two." Jeanette called when she saw us.

"Okay." I said and went to the table.

"Pan! Pan! Pancake!" Alexandria cheered.

Indra chuckled as he sat down beside us, "she's so cute."

Jeanette put plates down in front of us. Alexandria immediately dug in.

"Thank you, Dr. Benson." Indra said politely.

"You're welcome." Jeanette said. "And you can call me Jeanette." She walked back into the kitchen.

"Thanks for feeding me and my boyfriend." I smiled to Jeanette and Brian as they left.

They waved goodbye and got in the car.

Indra stepped off the porch.

"Gotta go feed the cats." He said while waving his fingers.

"Oh right." I started. "See you later."

He turned and left. I stepped back into the house.

"Luc, play with me!" Alexandria said when I got to the living room.

"Get Jason to. I'm not feeling up to playing right now." I answered.

"Jason never came." She told me.

He's been hella scarce and hella weird lately.

I went upstairs to his room and knocked on his door.

"Jason?" I called.

No answer. I knocked again.

"You know you missed breakfast right?" I said.

"You've been acting really weird lately. Come out here and talk to me." I said.

"Go away, Luc." His voice said, muffled. I sighed and walked away.

The next day at school we were singing.

"Yeah!" Indra said.

"Look-a there!" I responded.

"Get em once." He said.

"Ooh, look-a there! Ah, ah, ah, young blood!"

"Young blood." We sang. "I can't get you out of my mind!"

Ms. Stal decided that our final exam would be us singing, so she pushed it to this week; exam week.

"Nice chemistry you two." Ms. Stal said. "It's nice to see you singing again, Luc."

I laughed sheepishly.

We got off the stage. I went out to the bathroom, cause let's be honest, it was getting a bit boring in there. Evie already went, after that I tuned everything else out.

I washed my hands, splashed my face, sang Heroes in my head, then leaned against the sink staring into the drain.

"I don't wanna go back there bruh." I said to myself.

A hand touched my left shoulder and I felt kisses on my neck. I looked up at the mirror.

"Hey," I groaned to Indra. He pressed his body against mine. "Not here."

He ignored me and reached under my arm, unbuttoning the top of my shirt and pulling the shoulder down.

He began to kiss the skin of my shoulder. I shuddered and grunted, trying to push him away.

He kept kissing me, and there I had my first moan of pleasure. Just wishin it wasn't in a school bathroom.

"Indra." I panted.

"What if he sees my back? The words." I thought.

"Stop it!" I yelled and pulled his hand away.

Indra backed up and I turned around.

"What is with you? Since when are you so forceful with me?!" I questioned.

Indra didn't say anything. Just walked out. I sighed and buttoned my shirt.

The next day after we finished our exam I sat on the back counter with Indra. He wasn't saying much.

"Indra? Are you okay?" I asked as I looked at him with a worried look.

He nodded.

"Yes." He answered. He turned and looked at me. "Can I kiss you?" I put my hand down on top of his.

"You can always kiss me. Just not like yesterday. Not here, at least." I answered. I don't know what that was.

I don't mind being kissed by him. Hell, I wanna be swept off my feet. I just prefer to keep my kisses private. Those kisses at least.

Indra leaned over and put his lips on mine. I happily kissed him back.

A few seconds later we were interrupted by a voice.

"Is this allowed?" I snapped my head. Jason. He was pointing at us.

"Don't hate cause you single." I said as Indra laughed. I put my hand on his cheek.

"Guys, just tone it down a bit." The teacher said to us.

I pouted and slung my arms around Indra's neck, resting my head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders.

"When did you guys start dating?" Jason asked when he came over to us.

"So now you're talking to me." I said.

"I was always talking to you." He replied.


"Well, you would've know we were dating if you had bothered to come to breakfast Saturday morning."


"Well!" He sat down beside me. "How do you think you guys did on the exam?"

Math. Eh.

"Pretty good." Indra said.

"Okay, I guess." I said.

I probably failed. I felt Indra rest his cheek on top of my head. He's always so warm. I could take a nap right here and now.

When the bell rang we all got up and left.

"Good luck on your test tomorrow you two." Indra said as we began to go our separate ways.

"Good luck to you too." I said.

Half days are awesome. Just two more tests and we're outta here.

"I don't know what I'm doing." I thought as I stared at the chromebook's test screen.

I'm on question 32 and now I'm starting to doubt all my other answers.

I give up.

"Okay, that went better than I thought." I said to Jason as we left the classroom.

He just yawned in response.

"One more test!" I said to him. "One more day!" I said.

"One day more, another day another destiny-" I began to sing.

"Luc, hush." Jason ordered.

"Don't deny me of my musical talent!" I fussed. I can still kind of sing like I used to. I'll get back there one day. Maybe. Hopefully.

Saving grace of Summer Break; I can see and hang out with Indra whenever I want!

When we got home Jeanette hit us with the most crazy thing ever.

"We're going to Montanna for the summer. Going to spend time with the family."

"Shiiet." I let slip out.

"Yes!" Jason cheered.

"We're leaving Monday morning." She said.


"By plane. Sorry Luc." She finished.


"I'm going home with Indra on Thursday. I want to hang out with my boyfriend before I get taken."

"Fine." Jeanette said. "Thank you for telling me."

On Thursday after the test I overheard Indra and Evie talking.

"Why are you putting yourself through this again? You should just go." She said.

"I don't want to. It's my decision. Let it be." Indra responded.

Evie sighed. "Fine."

"What decision?" I thought.

I climbed into the passenger seat of Indra's car after he dropped Evie off at home.

"Alright Papi! Let's go!" I said. I put on the seatbelt.

"Okay dragă. Where to?" He asked. I told him about going to Montanna for the summer. I told him that we should hang out as much as possible. He could do nothing but agree.

"I wanna see the cats. Indra, Indra, I wanna see the cats! I wanna see the cats!" I was way too excited.

Indra laughed. "Okay."

When we got to his condo I found Burke and picked him up.

"Is he bigger?" At first he just fit in my hands. Now I have to use my arms to hold him. "He's bigger." I confirmed for myself.

My left side was being stabbed. Delilah was climbing me. She hung onto my arm and meowed at me.

"Hi Delilah." I said. "That hurt." I told her.

Indra reached over and pulled her off of me.

"You okay?" He asked.

"I am perfect." I sat down against the wall. Burke purred and rubbed his head on my hand as I pet him.

Indra sat down beside me silently.

"Why Montanna?" He then asked.

"Jeanette's family is there. We don't see them that often with school and everybody working. Now that we're on break we can go see them." I said.

Indra nodded.

I looked at him, "I promise to text you. Or video chat. Whichever."

"You'd better, cause I want to hear all about Montanna." He said. I chuckled.

We spent most of the afternoon playing cards, talking, and watching the cats do their thing.

"Okay," I stood up after putting my phone away. "Jeanette wants me home."

Indra began to stand, Callie the cat jumped off his lap as he did.

"Let's go." He grabbed his keys from the coffee table and we left.

"You smile a lot more." Indra pointed out when we got to my house.

"Yeah, so what?" I said.

"It's a good thing." He said.

"Yeah..." I drawled.

"Alright, I'm going. Bye." I kissed him on the cheek and got out of the car.

When I was lounging in my room Jason came in and flopped down on my bed beside me.

"I need love advice." He said. "How did you finally work it out with Indra?"

"We talked about what we wanted to be to each other." I answered. "Why?"

"I met a girl at my therapist's office." He said.

"You need to ask Jeanette about girls, cause I'm obviously not the best person."

"But, love is the same, just with different genders." He countered.


"Tell me about her."

"She's smart as hell. Her smile lights up a room. She funny. She's meticulous." He said.

"Ah..." I squeaked. "Just go for it."

"Thanks dude. I think I might." Jason said.

He hopped off the bed and headed to the door.

"Wait," I called when I recalled something. "Therapist?"

Jason looked back at me, slowly and stiffly, "you aren't the only one who needed extra help."

He opened the door and walked out.

"Help?" I thought. Jason needed help?

I woke up around my normal time the next morning. I groaned groggily.

Today Indra and I have planned to go out on the town. Walk around the downtown area, see the sights, eat. I'm so excited!

I got out of bed and went downstairs. Brian was getting ready to leave for work.

"Morning!" I said.

He looked up at me quickly.

"Good morning, Luc." He said.

"Hey, can I go to work with you?" I asked eagerly.

"No." He answered quickly. "And don't sneak out either."

"I won't." I sighed.

"Jeanette will be leaving for work later in the day. So look after Alexandria with Jason." He said.

"But I'm going to be with Indra for most of the day." I protested.

"Oh right. Sorry. Ignore that." He said.

I nodded and went to the pantry. I grabbed two pieces of bread and ate them. Brian stared at me with a disapproving look.

"What?" I asked.

"You should eat more than that. Fix eggs, toast, and take your pills." He said.

"Fine." I gave in.

Brian nodded. "Bye."

He grabbed his things and left.

I acquiesced and fixed eggs and toast. I don't know how to cook, so the eggs were tasteless and the toast was soggy. At least I can say I ate breakfast.

I heard a pitter-patter. I looked down and saw a grinning Alexandria looking up at me. She still wore a gauze pad over her eye and carried her toy dog at her side.

"What're you doing?" I asked while smiling. She's just so adorable.

"I smelled eggs." She said.

I chuckled and picked her up and set her down on the countertop.

"I'm a terrible cook. I don't think you'll like my eggs." I told her kindly. "You should wait for Mommy."

"Eggs eggs." She said.

"Do twelve month olds even have a sense of taste?" I thought.

"Okay. I'll fix you some eggs." I sighed.

"Can I have pancakes too?" She asked all cutesy.

"Sure." I said.

I surely don't know how to fix pancakes. I called Indra, hoping he knew.

"Morning dragă," he answered.

"Hey, how you make pancakes?"

He told me. I didn't understand any of it. There was flour everywhere and Alexandria was getting fussy.

"I'll be right over." He said after I dropped another egg.

Thank god.

"You. Savior. Help." I said when I let him into the house.

Indra chuckled when he saw the kitchen.

"I tried to follow what you said, but I can't figure it out! I don't know how to get a fraction of flour!" I complained to him.

"Re-lax." He put a hand on my shoulder and wiped flour from my cheek. "I'll help. This is my specialty."

He went over to the sink and washed his hands and then went to my ingredient section. He rolled up his sleeves and grabbed two eggs.

"Hey, Inda." Alexandria called. "What does drayga mean?"

"His name is Indra." I corrected her as I looked at him with anticipation -- I didn't know what it meant either.

"It just means "love." It's my nickname for Luc." He explained. My face heated up. He calls me love.

I put the collar of my shirt in my mouth and bit at it.

"Do you want me to stop?" He asked me.

I pulled the shirt from my mouth.

"No." I said quickly. I like being someone's love.

Indra began to stir up the eggs while I cleaned up the area.

Forty five minutes later there was a plate of eight to ten crepe looking pancakes stacked on top of each other. They were golden brown.

"Woah." I breathed as Indra set the plate down.

He handed a pancake to Alexandria.

The second after she bit into it, she squealed with delight.

"It's so sweet!" Se grinned and kicked her feet happily. Well, she's situated.

Indra held a pancake out to me with a smile. That damn childish smile again. He gets his way every time with that.

"Let me guess, you want me to try it?" I asked. He nodded.

I took it from his hands and bit into it. Alexandria was right, it is sweet. Damn he's good.

"Where'd you get this from?" I asked.

"Home." He said.

"Home as in Romania?" I asked.

"Yes. Clătite." He said with a nod.

I almost squealed, "god you're so cute when you speak Romanian."

Indra snorted, "norocos pentru tine sunt fluent."

"Okay." I said. I just accepted whatever he said and kept on rolling.

We brought Alexandria and the plate over to the table, then sat down to eat. A better breakfast than what I cooked.

"Thank you for coming to my rescue." I said to Indra.


He didn't eat much, just nibbled.

"Did you already eat?" I asked.

"No. I'm not all that hungry." Indra answered.


Alexandria ate several pancakes. I think she's addicted.

"Stop eating before you get sick." I told her.

"But it's yummy!" She responded.

"It won't be yummy when you throw up." I muttered under my breath.

I looked at her again. She had egg and pancake crumbs all over her cheeks and hands.

I sighed and clapped my hands together. "Okay little girl. Let's take a break and get you cleaned up."

I stood up. "But I wanna stay here." Alexandria whined.

"We can come back to it later. Let's get you cleaned up first."

"Promise?" She asked.

"Yes." I said as I picked her up out of the high chair.

I picked her up and held her on my side as we went over to the sink. I wet a paper towel and began to brush the crumbs off her face. She bit at the towel a little and giggled to herself.

"Come on, open your hand." I said.

She opened her right hand and I cleaned it out, repeating the same process with the left hand.

"Alright. You're good to go. Go nuts." I said as I put her down. She immediately took off running.

"Pills." A voice in my head reminded me.

I took them out of the glass cabinet and popped a pill into my mouth and swallowed.

I put the bottle back into the cabinet and went back to the table. Indra turned to me.

"Do you want kids?"

"Fuck no." He jumped at my response.

He looked down to the side awkwardly and stared at the floor.

Alexandria reached for another pancake.

"Wait." I caught her hand. "Save some for Mommy and Jason."

"But I want another pancake!" She whined.

"You're going to throw up." I said.

Indra jumped in, "hey Alexandria, why don't you show me your favorite toy?"

"Ooh!" Alexandria hopped out of her seat, ran around the table, grabbed Indra's hand and dragged him into the living room to her little area.

I picked up the plate and put it on the counter. After that I joined Indra and Alexandria in the living room.

She was showing him her toys and talking non-stop. I sat down beside Indra. I stared at the side of his face.

"Why did he ask me that? Is he trying to tell me something or was he just curious?" I thought.

When Alexandria was done talking she curled up beside me and put her head on my lap. She wore herself out with all that talking.

"Why did you ask me that?" I whispered to Indra.

He tensed up a little. "Just a simple question."

"But it's not a simple question."

"I was just curious. That's all." He said. I leaned away from him.

"Alright well, you're already here. You might as well stick around." I changed the subject.

Someone was coming down the stairs.

"What's that smell?" Jeanette's voice questioned.

"Indra made pancakes." I answered.

"Indra?" She questioned.

She came into the living room and saw us. I waved.

"Don't you guys think it's a bit early?" She asked. I groaned and rolled my head back.

"He almost destroyed the kitchen. I came to help." Indra stated simply.

Jeanette turned and looked into the kitchen. It was clean now, but if she saw the mess I made she'd have a cow.

I sat up.

"Alexandria has been fed." I told her. "Just warning you, she may get a bit hyper."

"Great." Jeanette groaned. She came over to pick up Alexandria.

"You should go back to sleep. I've got her." I said. Indra nodded in agreement.

"Alright." Jeanette sighed and went back upstairs. God knows she needs the sleep.

I looked at Alexandria. I frowned in jealousy.

"What is it?" Indra asked.

"It's so early. I want to go back to sleep." I complained.

"So put her in her room then get in your bed." He said. Always the voice of reason.

I got up and picked Alexandria up.

"Come with me." I said.

Indra got up and we took Alexandria upstairs to her room. I collapsed onto my bed when we got into my room. For some reason Indra stayed by the wall. He looked like a scolded puppy.

"What's wrong with you?" I asked. "Come sit with me."

He didn't move.

"Do you think I'm mad at you because you asked me if I wanted kids?" I asked.

"Yes." He answered. I facepalmed. Seriously?

"I don't care that you asked." I said.

"Well, you just had a strong response to it..." He said.

"That's just me being me." I said. "Now come on." I said.

He took off his shoes and climbed into the bed. I slid down under the covers and went to sleep.

"Luc." Indra's voice sang. I stirred. "Luc."

I woke up and popped my head out from under the covers.

"What?" I asked, cranky.

"It's time to go." He said. Ooh yay! Downtown with Indra.

"Ah okay." I got out of the bed and headed for the door. "Let's go." I smiled.

"In your pajamas?" Indra called. I stopped, looked down at my clothes, and turned around chuckling nervously.

I ran over to Indra with my hands out. "Why don't you wait downstairs?" I grabbed his hands and pulled him out of the bed, taking him to the door. "I'll be down soon." I smiled and nudged him out into the hallway. When he began to walk away I closed the door.

"Okay, go time." I went over to the closet and opened it.

"Okay, I'm going downtown with Indra. What to wear, what to wear..." I thought.

"Red top, ripped jeggings, combat boots." I said when the idea popped into my head.

I threw on the clothes and ran downstairs.

Indra sat on the couch fiddling with his thumbs.

"You ready?"

He nodded and stood up.

The car ride was nice, I looked out the window at the tall buildings as we passed them.

We parked on the street and started walking on the sidewalks.

"I'm an alligator!" I shouted randomly. It was probably nerves that made me shout. I'm kind of scared of the downtown area, 1) because I never go, 2) There are so many people and it's big as hell. But being here with Indra helped take some of the fear away. He had this "don't fuck with us" sign on that big gorgeous forehead of his.

"Okay." Indra laughed nervously.

"You seem nervous." He pointed out.

"You caught on to that?" He nodded. I playfully nudged his arm with my elbow. "I'll be fine. I've got you here don't I?" He nodded again.

We arrived at a sidewalk with shops and restaurants decorating it.

I gasped, stopped and stooped down, looking through a window.

"Look, Indra!" I was excited over this. He stopped and joined me where I stooped. "It's a tiny little cake!" I beamed.

It was pale yellow for most of the top, and white at the bottom. It had a crisp brown crust with powdered sugar on the top, and sat on a small white doily.

"It's so cute." I said.

"A cake is cute?" Indra questioned. I could see the 'Does Not Compute' on his face. "Do you...want it?" He asked.

"What?" I stood up and he followed my lead. "I could never eat such a cute and lovely thing!"

Indra tilted his head, "so you don't want it?" I touched my forehead and shook my head.

I touched his arms and turned him around, "let's just keep going."

We walked on. I looked down at Indra's hand. It was open and warm looking.

"Can I grab it?" I thought.

I looked up at the side of his face. "Why does he have to be so tall?" I thought.

"Hey," I called. "You know how you wanted to hold my hand?" I asked.

"Yes." He looked down at me.

"Do you want to try that again?" I asked.

"Yes." He answered again. I smiled and held my hand out. He wrapped his hand around mine and something inside me squealed. I was right, it was warm! We kept on walking.

Indra saw a bookstore and stopped.

"Ooh." He cooed at the open door. I kept walking, pulling him along, "nope. We will never come out of there."


We stopped to take a rest at a small clearing. It had vibrant green grass, flowers surrounding a small brick wall you could sit on. We sat down on the wall, Indra sat on my right side. I poked gently at a red flower petal.

I pulled out my phone. There was a good view of the tall buildings from here, it all just fit together perfectly. I took a few pictures.

Indra's smiling face dove in front of my camera right as I took another picture.

"Le gasp!" I said dramatically. "You ruined my picture! Heathen!"

Indra laughed and sat back. "Well fine." I turned to the side and took a picture of him laughing.

He picked a red flower and a white flower from the bush and grinned mischievously. I snapped another picture of him.

He reached over and stuck the flowers in my hair behind my ear. Then he snickered, "you look adorable."

I squeezed my hand against my cheek and mouth. I should file a police report -- it should be illegal for how much he's making me blush.

Indra pressed his cheek against the side of my head. I took the opportunity to take a selfie with him. He had a perfect smile. He wasn't looking at the camera, but down past me. Even so, I thought it was a perfect picture.

Our first picture together as a couple!

We started walking again, we were out there for hours and finally stopped to get something to eat. We decided on pizza; we split a large cheese pizza.

Well, it was cheese-y, I'll give it that. The whole thing kind of just tasted like tomato paste on top of dough. At least you can never go wrong with a soda.

"Whelp." I clapped my hands together after we finished eating. "I'm sleepy."

Indra looked at me and laughed lightly.

"I take it you're ready to go home?" He asked.

"Yes, please." I grinned.

After an argument turned compromise, we paid for the meal and left the restaurant.

I'm wondering now if all this counts as a date.

We held hands as we walked back to the car. I bumped into a pole and apologized to it. I'm a total idiot.

When we got to my house we got out and sat on the hood of Indra's car, enjoying the summer breeze.

"If there were no consequences in the world, what would you do?" I asked Indra.

He looked at me, puzzled and contemplative.

"Nothing too bad." He answered lowly. I chuckled a little.

The lights on the front of the house flashed once.

"Ah, guess I should head in." It was pretty late now.

I hopped off the hood and turned to face Indra.

"Thanks for today. I'll see you around." I backed away as he nodded.

I hurried inside, smiling happily, and went upstairs. Jason intercepted me before I could get to my room.

"I talked to her." He said.

I tilted my head, "her?"

"The girl I told you about." He clarified. That did happen didn't it?

"Oh, right." I muttered.

I leaned against the wall and got comfortable. "So what happened? What did she say?"

Jason's expression dropped. "She laughed in my face."

"Pfft." I laughed. "Oh uh- I mean- you poor bastard."

I pat his shoulder and began to walk around him, "don't worry. There are plenty of fish in the sea."

"Wow," Jason groaned. "You gave me that cliché?"

I turned around. "That's all I got for you. I told you, I'm not the best person to talk to about this."

He turned to face me. "You know I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this," I started.

"Why do you go to a therapist?" I asked flippantly. I held my hand out, "I mean, I don't see a reason why you'd need to."

Jason frowned, then scowled.

"You don't see a reason?!" He snapped completely. I leaned away. "Look in the mirror asshole!"

"What did I do?" I scoffed. Really. Why is he so pissed off?

"You choked me in your sleep!" He pointed aggressively. Jeanette and Brian came to the second to last stair and watched us.

"Don't you remember who found you when you went crazy and ripped out your own throat?!" He questioned.

"What do you think that did to me? To us? Seeing you bleeding like that and wrapped up half dead in the hospital bed?!" He gestured to Jeanette and Brian. I looked at them shift uncomfortably. I took a step back.

Jason kept on going, gesturing angrily.

"You've attacked me more than once, you tried to kill me, you attacked my dad, and not once did you apologize!" I pressed my lips together. Oh...?

"And still! Everybody coddles you! Like you did nothing wrong. Oh yeah, you tried to stab Jason, here's a tissue for your tears!"

"If you had told somebody what was happening I wouldn't have gone crazy! You should've spoken up!" I argued.

"How was I supposed to know that would happen?" Jason asked. I shook my head slowly.

"So yeah. That's why I go to therapy. That's why I need the extra help." He hissed.

I fidgeted with my hands.

"I don't understand... I tried to kill you?" I asked.

Jason leaned towards me, furious. "What did you just say?"

"I don't- I don't know about any of that...I don't remember."

Jason leaned back and punched me. I started screaming; he hit my eye.

I doubled over as I pressed the palm of my hand over my eye, groaning in pain.

I got scared when I realized I couldn't open it. "Oh no. I'm blind." I thought.

"Oh crap," I heard Jason say.

"Jason. That's enough. Stop fighting." Jeanette ordered.

"Luc, let me see." I heard Brian's voice.

I stood up.

"Did I...hit your good eye?" Jason asked.

Brian grabbed my wrist and pulled my hands away.

"Yes." Brian opened my eye. "And it's not my good eye, it's my only fucking eye!"

I exhaled with relief that I could see. It was cloudy for a second, but blinking cleared it up. Jason had his fist over his lips.

"I don't remember what happened." I did feel some kind of remorse when I became sane, but I didn't know why it was there. "Is that why it was?" I thought.

Jason tilted his head back and scoffed.

"I know you were raped, but that doesn't give you the right to act out without any consequences. Get the fuck over it." He said. I looked at him quickly, my cheeks stinging with embarrassment. He slapped his hand over his mouth. His face was full of shock and regret. Jeanette put her hands to her face.

"You know about that?" I whimpered. I twitched in fear and shook with anger.

"Um..." Jason squeaked.

I nodded. Great. I backed away and closed myself in my room.

"Luc." Jeanette knocked on the door. I locked it. I stepped away from it and backed into my window. I sat down on the ledge and covered my face. There see? You can't trust them with anything. I rubbed my eye, causing it to burn.

I went over to my bag and packed some clothes for the weekend. I'm not dealing with this right now. At all.

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