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Chapter 51

At school I tried to act normal. Evie was suspicious; like she didn't trust Indra. I kind of think she thinks he did something to me -- which he didn't.

I need to talk to him though. I want to make sure I mean something to him.

Indra walked into me and Evie's first block. Evie was leaning over and digging through her bag. Indra walked over to our desks.

"Hi Luc." Indra greeted me. I love how he speaks to me, like I'm the only thing that matters to him. Don't give in to him just yet, Luc.

"Hi, Indra." I said sheepishly.

He began to walk around our desks, "Evie." He said with a serious and sarcastic tone when she raised her head.

"Indra." She replied with the same amount of sarcasm and seriousness.

Why are they so mad at each other?

Indra sat at the desk behind me. I tensed up and scooted up to my chest against the desk.

"I just need to talk to him and get through this day." I thought.

When we got to second block, theatre arts, I went over to Indra.

"Indra. I want to talk to you." I tried to speak firmly, but my voice shook.

He looked at me with a stern gaze.

Knowing he'd follow me, I went behind the wing of the stage and out the door leading to the art hallway.

I turned to Indra.

"What is it, darling?" He asked.


"Don't distract me." I demanded.

He laced his fingers together and kindly asked, "what did you want to talk about?"

"Indra." I started to lower my voice. "You are an actual vampire."

"You've been around for a long time."

"Please be honest with me Indra..." I said.

"Am I just something for you to bide your time with? Do I mean anything to you?"

Indra leaned back slightly, his face showing shock.

What will he say?

"I...adore you. I always have Luc."

"I don't need to bide my time with anything. I'm with you because I want to be." Well melt my heart.

Indra took a step closer and put his hands on my shoulders. "I'll never lie to you; you have my word on that."

"But I really really do adore you." He said slowly.

"" I thought. I just stared ahead not blinking.

I can't get my brain in order! It's all just key smash in here.

"Luc?" Indra called. He gave me a very small shake.

"I'm going to kiss you now. See if it'll wake you up." He kissed my forehead. I blinked. Then he kissed my nose.

I jumped, "yup! Yeah! I'm present! Here, hi!" Oh hell.

Indra chuckled and pat my cheek, "you'll be okay."

I bit my lip as I blushed.

"Would that again?"

Indra smiled. "Aw. You're so cute."

He leaned in and kissed me on the lips. Once he pulled away from me I wrapped my arms around him and rested my head on his shoulder.

"You really mean it?" I asked.

"Yes." Indra put his arms around me. We stayed like that for a couple more seconds then let go of each other.

"Come on. Back to class." Indra said.

He held up his hand for me to take. I sighed quietly, gave in, let down my guard and took his hand.

We snuck back into the auditorium together and sat together. Yeah, we just straight up abandoned Evie.

Theatre arts comprised of students from the past year's class -- so the class wasn't completely full of strangers. The strangers were from another class. Some just merged with our clas.

I rested my head on Indra's shoulder.

"I'm not singing this time." I stated for no reason. Well, Ms. Stal was giving the singing assignment and explaining why we do it, but I don't care to sing for them. Ever again.

"I might." Indra said. "Just for fun."

I chuckled and closed my eye.

"Did you not get much sleep last night?" Indra asked.

"Schleep schmeep." I responded. I don't know what I got last night. I feel like I slept but didn't really get much sleep.

"I'll take that as a no."

"I'm kind of...tired of this." I said before I could stop myself.

"Tired of what?"

"The round and round. School. The same schedule over and over. I just want to move on already." I said. I want to leave Charlotte. Get far away from it.

"Sorry Luc. You have to be patient." Indra said.

I moaned in disappointment.

"You can do it Luc." Indra started. "How about after we graduate we escape to Romania?"

I opened my eye, perking up.

"The chance to see where Indra grew up? Hell yes!" I thought.

"Yes!" I said.

Indra laughed and hugged me tightly.

"How'd I know you'd say that?"

"We can plan it later." He said.

I know nothing about Romania. How big is it? How many cities are there? What does it look like? Is the food good?

I looked up at Indra, smiling a little. He had his arm around me and stared at the class as they worked. I felt safe. I closed my eye again.

"Hey?" I called.

"Hm?" Indra responded.

"Can we hang out after school?

"Yes." He said.

After second block I called Mom. I made Indra go ahead so he wouldn't hear anything.

"Can I go home with Indra after school?" I asked.

"What?! Don't you think you're getting too comfortable with him?" Mom questioned.

"What does that mean?" I asked.

"Luc, he left you after you were put into the hospital." She said.

"I know. We dealt with that." I said.

Mom sighed, "I want you to come home first and talk to me; then you can go see him. Okay?"

"Okay." I wonder what it is she wants to talk about.

When I got home I thought Mom would be waiting by the door ready to talk to me, but no. She was at the counter filling out some papers.

"I'll be with you in a minute, Luc." Mom called.

I grunted in response and went upstairs to my room.

"How long will it take? I don't want to keep Indra waiting." I thought.

Mom walked in. She had a stoic face.

"Am I in trouble?" I thought.

She sat down beside me on the edge of the bed.

"Luc." She started, then inhaled deeply.

"Someday, when you're ready and he's ready, you are going to have some really incredible, mind-blowing sex."

"And I hope you do!" She said.

My face cringed and I snapped my neck to the side.

"Excuse me?!" My cheek turned red.

"It's okay if you guys have sex. We won't tell you how to live your life, just make sure you have condoms."

"And I know you won't have a problem with this; but make sure he consents and that you can consent."

My eye rolled into my nose. Jesus Christ.

"Mom..." I groaned.

She waved her hand. "I know this is a little embarrassing, but I want to make sure you know what you're doing."

I rolled my head to the side and shook off the weirdness. "Trust me, I know all about sex and stuff." Whoops.

"What do you mean?" Mom asked.

"Nothing." I crossed my arms, "is there anything else?"

Mom looked at me.

"Just that you can change your mind at any time."

I gave her a thumbs up. My phone dinged. A text from Indra.

"Indra's here. Can I go?"

Mom nodded. "Make safe choices."

I walked out the house stiffly.

"Just act normal. It's just Indra." I thought.

Indra leaned on the hood of his car.

"Hi." I said meekly.

Indra stood up, "you okay?"

"Yes, I just-"

I heard my window slide open.

"And you can still say "no!" Mom's voice shouted.

I turned. She had her head and shoulders out the window. She grinned.

This woman... If I wasn't embarrassed before I am now.

"Shut up!" I called.

I hurried over to Indra. "Hi J- Dr. Benson." Indra said.

"Indra." She said with a small amount of scorn.

I pushed his arm, "get in the car."

After climbing into the car I sat there with an embarrassed pout on my face.

Indra got in and started the car.

"Did something happen?" He asked curiously.

"Just drive!" I shrieked at him.

Indra threw his hands up in surprise and backed out of the driveway.

As we drove down the road I stared at Indra. I was staring into his soul.

"Does he expect sex from me? Now? At this current moment in time?" I thought.

"What if he does? What if he does and I can't give it to him? The thought of it makes me sick. Should I tell him?"

"I'm afraid of how he might react."

"Luc?" He called slowly. I jumped. "You're really staring at me."

"Nothing!" I quickly sat back and looked away. I wasn't being subtle with my staring.

"What is it?" Indra glanced at me.

"I said it was nothing." I crossed my arms stubbornly.

When we got to Indra's condo I caught my second wind.

"I'll conquer this beast!" I yelled and jumped on Indra's shoulders.

I am claiming my dominance!

Indra yelped. He reached up and grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me down into his lap.

"Aw." I groaned.

"So you wanna wrestle?" Indra raised an eyebrow. He was ready to get into it.

"Nah. The last time I wrestled I got thrown out of a window." I smiled as I sat up and got off Indra's lap.

"What?" He said quietly. Not reliving that.

I turned to Indra.

"Oh Mr. Man!" I called. "What now?"

Indra stood up. He smiled at me.

I kind of want to make out with him, but at the same time I want to do something else.

"It's up to you, Luc. Whatever you want." He said making that cute face of his.

My tummy's kinda hungry.

"Ya got food?" I asked. Does he even eat normal food? I mean, he's a vampire.

Indra snickered. He pointed to his bedroom, "let me get my jacket. We can go out."

He went into his room.

"I didn't bring any money." I thought. I rushed to the door of his room, leaning on the wall and peeking in.

Indra picked up his jacket from the bed. You know, in all this time, I've never seen Indra's arms. He always wears a jacket or long sleeves. Like he is now.

"Hey, you know I'm not all that hungry. We don't have to go anywhere." I said.

"What?" Indra turned to me.

"Yeah, haha... I just asked because I wanted to know if you eat. Like, need to like we do." I explained. Thank god it's not an entire lie. Hate lying to him.

Indra looked ponderous for a moment, and quite frankly a bit confused. "Well... It's not like I'd I don't exactly need food."

"But I can still taste isn't really important to me."

I pointed, "so is the fridge for show?"

Indra threw his head back briefly before walking out of the room. He beckoned me with his finger.

I followed him into the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator. Oh wow.

Blood bags. Oh wow.

"Those look like they're from the hospital." I thought. "Wait. They are from the hospital aren't they?"

I slowly looked up at Indra. He stared blankly ahead and pushed the refrigerator door shut.

Those were a lot of blood bags. This can't be good. What about the people at the hospital?

"You steal from the hospital?"

Indra wouldn't look at me.

"I don't harm humans."

" do." I said slowly. "They need that blood."

"I do too."

"It's a bad situation any way you look at it, Luc." He said lowly. "You saw what happened to me."

I took a step back, trying to remove myself from the heavy atmosphere.

"I'll take them back if it really bothers you." Indra said.

"You don't need them?" I asked by accident.

Indra turned to me quickly, "of course I need them! I can't go too long without them!"

I jerked back.

"Keep them. I don't want you to go through that again." I said quickly.

Indra looked at me with sad eyes and a soft face. "I'm sorry Luc. This is the way it has to be."

He reached up to my face slowly. He put his hand on my cheek. Warm.

"This is the only way. So I don't harm humans."

He then took my hand and pulled me into the living room.

"I'm sorry." I said. "I didn't mean to put pressure on you."

"No," Indra wrapped his arm around me and hugged me tightly, resting his head on mine. "It just shows me more of who you are."

How so?

We sat on the couch once again, shoulder to shoulder holding hands.

I turned my head to Indra. "How are you so warm?"

"I don't want to talk about anything vampire." He said bluntly.


He leaned the side of his head into mine.

"So what do you do for fun?" I asked.

"Play with the cats." They aren't here now.

I smiled. I'm getting kind of sleepy.

I turned my head back to Indra and kissed him on the lips.

"What was that for?" He asked once I pulled away.

"Don't you know?" I asked.

Indra smiled.

I made a big mistake and put myself in a bad position.

I let Indra lay on top of me as we made out. I mean, I wasn't entirely complaining.

He kissed me slowly, but was also kind of aggressive. I'm not sure if I want to get him riled up.

I put my hands on his face and ran my fingers through his hair. I felt his hand rub my chest. Then what Mom said to me went through my head. The paranoia set in and I jumped, pushing his face away.

"Ow." He said.

"Good idea! We should stop." I said. I sat up quickly.

Indra tilted his head at me. I pat the top of his head.

"Don't worry. You aren't missing anything."

He smiled a little.

"Will you have sex with me?" He asked.

"What?!" I questioned.

"I asked if you'd go on a date with me."

Oh crap; I'm imagining things. I sighed and touched my forehead.

"Are you okay?" Indra asked. He touched my shoulder.

I moved my hand. "Yeah."

"Hello? He just asked if you'd go on a date with him!" Self said.

My eye widened. Oh crap.

"We can't go on a date." I said.

Indra made a small noise. He was a little brought down.

"Well, you see, my parents are already a bit reluctant to let me see you." I started.

"They're a bit angry at you for leaving me. I'm not sure if they'll let me go." I finished.

Indra bit his lip nervously.

"But I have a solution; we should go to dinner with them." I said holding up my index finger.

"How does that help?" Indra asked.

"You can show them that you're here to stay- wait you are staying right?"

Indra nodded.

"So yeah. You can show them you're staying here. And we can show them that we still love each other and that we're good for each other."

Indra stared for a moment.

"I understand." He said.

I nodded happily. I'm a genius.

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