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Chapter 57

"No. I did something much, much worse." Indra said.

I leaned back slightly to think. Once I had all my ideas I leaned into him again.

"What do you mean? Were you a soldier? Did you betray the Party?" I asked.

"No. Nothing like that." Indra shook his head. He turned to me and smiled, "why don't you come home with me? I'll tell you everything."

I paused in surprise. "Really?"

Indra nodded, "really; the whole story."

Really really? He's actually going to tell me and not brush me off?

I leaned back into my seat.

So if he wasn't a soldier or someone in Hitler's clique the only thing left would be insubordination.

"Oh crap." I whispered. He hid Jewish people.

I took out my phone and held it under the desk as I texted my Mom. I told her I was going home with Indra, but she won't see it until much later today.

"Is this gonna be a scary story?" I asked Indra, paranoid. Like, is he gonna be getting graphic on me?

"Well..." Indra looked off to the side.

I assumed since we're here at his condo now he'd start the story immediately.

" was a pretty scary time, Luc..." Indra rubbed his arm and had a demure expression.

"Right." I drawled lowly. I guess that was a bit insensitive.

Indra put his bag down and sat on the sofa.

"Come. Sit down." He said.

I sat down on the opposite sofa and sat in anticipation.

Indra didn't seem hesitant or guarded about this topic. I wonder what makes this one different.

"Back then I was just a kid to everyone. The only kid who owned a house on the block." Indra started.

"You know the whole thing with the basement checks, right?" He asked. I nodded.

"Well, mine was deemed safe. We could use it to hide in if a bomb raid came."

Indra clutched his arm and sighed quietly. "Romania wasn't an ally to America."

"Eventually we all became targets. The town we were in." Indra began to rub his arm slowly. "Some people fled. I stayed. I intended to fight off the Party members that came to my door, but that wouldn't have worked."

Indra put his hands together and leaned forward a little, "then the day came when someone needed my help."

"It was two little girls. They were neighbors. They and their parents had fled on the previous day and they were just outside the towns border."

Indra turned his head to the side and monotonously said, "their parents were crushed by a burning building."

My lip twitched. I don't mean to sound insensitive, but this is only the beginning of the story and it's already gone terrible. Oh, what was I expecting?

"So they came back, and I took them in. Hid them, fed them... I could ward off the soldiers and Party with my powers, but there was nothing I could do to stop the bombings." He shook his head a little.

"Someone who stayed noticed that the girls never came out of my house, so he came over and questioned me. He wasn't going to report me, he just wanted protection for his family."

"What I didn't know at the time was, he saw me use my powers."

"I earned the nickname "The Boy" and somehow what I was doing spread." Indra put his finger to the side of his head.

"More people came looking for protection..." Indra trailed off.

Indra sighed again and his leg bounced.


"Soon it got really cramped: there were people in every room and not enough food or beds." He started speaking again. "I couldn't stop myself from helping people."

"And to make things worse, the town was getting more dangerous. Bombings and shootings were getting more frequent. We would have been found eventually."

"It was always dark," Indra grumbled, "it was dark and a lot of things around us were destroyed."

"The silence was deafening. People got sick. It was so annoying."

That's right. He didn't have to worry about dying or getting sick. He could've gotten out if he wanted. Why didn't he? Why does he always help people?

"But, we had to move. We had to get out."

"We'd heard of some places that would be safe for us to go. Problem was, they were in different parts of the country."

"I thought it was a bad idea, a lost cause. But I also wanted the adults to feel like they were doing something to help. They didn't really have much but that idea and a sliver of hope."

"The closest place was a five day walk. Well seven, there were problems. Casualties."

Indra looked to the side and spoke in that monotonous voice again. "Killing someone is hard. But watching someone choke to death on their own blood is harder."

I grabbed my knees. I don't know how I feel right now. Disturbed? But Indra looks nauseated, like he's about to throw up. Maybe speaking with that monotonous tone for some things is helping him keep going.

"Do you remember the two sisters I mentioned?" Indra asked. I nodded once again. "The youngest got hit in the face with debris from a mortar strike."

"A lot of the people I hid were taken out by bombs."

Indra sat back, tilted his head back and exhaled.

"Do you know... Rather than carrying to term, some mothers would abort their child with whatever they could...or drown them."

I lowered my head. Honestly, I was getting scared.

I looked at Indra. He touched his neck. I saw a shine on the side of his face.

"One mother in particular..." He started again, he sounded so sad. "She was so distraught. Her husband died from sickness, and her other child was barely clinging to life. She couldn't bring herself to give her newborn mercy."

I jumped and shuddered, trembling at his next words. "She asked me to."

I curled up and hugged myself, "okay, that's- that's enough for today..."

Listen to me; whimpering and sniveling. I feel like I shouldn't be.

"Don't worry, Luc." Indra sat up and looked at me. "It's a gut-wrenching story. It's okay to cry."

"I'm not crying." I said stubbornly. Although I might, with this depressing atmosphere.

"Come over here." Indra said. I got up, walked around the coffee table, and sat down close to him.

He put his arms around me and we leaned into each other.

"I feel like I should be the one hugging you." I muttered.

"Don't worry. This helps me too." Indra said.

"Let me take you home. We can finish the story another day." He said.

Once I got home I stiffly walked through the front door. I stared at the floor. It's like nothing had any meaning and I was scared out of my mind.

"Hi, Luc." Mom's voice said. I didn't say anything, just closed the door and dragged my feet forward.

"What's wrong?"

I stayed silent, deep in thought. I couldn't even hear my Mom calling my name.

"Indra went through all of that." I thought. "He lived through a dark time. He has a dark and twisted past. How does he deal with that?"

My shoulders were grabbed, "Luc!"

I looked up. "What is the matter with you?" Mom questioned.

My eyes teared up and I sniffled. I looked away from her and she hugged me.

"What happened?" She asked concerned.

I just sobbed onto her chest.

"Do you not want to talk about it right now?" She asked. I shook my head.

I slid out of her grasp and walked around her, "I need to take my pills."

I wiped my face.

Once I took my pills I went up to my room and sat on the middle of my bed. I started to tremble and could get it to stop no matter what I told myself. I couldn't stop being scared. I know something about Indra and now I can't un-know it.

I typed out a message to him. "Can you come over?" Maybe he can help me calm down and come to terms with what I know.

I held my thumb over the "Send" button.

"Do I even have the right to be so freaked out?" I thought.

I pushed the button. "No! Take it back!"

I put the palms of my hands to my eyes and groaned lowly.

"Oh god." I started crying again. More than anything I was scared for Indra. How would telling me all that effect him?

He never responded to my text so I guess he didn't see it. Thank god. He's the one who probably is freaking out; he doesn't need someone who wasn't there freaking out on him.

I heard Mom downstairs talking, then then someone running up the stairs. Probably Alexandria coming to ask me to play with her. Can I even play with her? I'm a mess right now.

The door burst opened and I jumped. Indra panted heavily and came in. He closed the door and climbed onto the bed with me.

"What are you doing here?" I asked softly.

"Because you're scared." He answered. We sat shoulder to shoulder and he held my hand. "Come here." He said.

I leaned over and put my head on his chest. He held me tightly. "But what about you?" I asked. "Don't worry about me; I'm perfectly fine."

"It's okay that you're scared. You don't have to feel bad about it." He said. Is he reading my mind?

"We don't have to finish the story if you don't want to." Indra said.

I touched my chin. Maybe...

I tilted my head back and looked at Indra. He looked down at me with a small smile. "Do you want me to stay a while?" He asked.

"Yes." I smiled when he kissed my forehead.

The next day at school I observed Indra all throughout first block. He was all twitchy, he kept looking over his shoulder every 30 seconds or so.

I had no theories as to why he was acting like that. Evie was no help.

This went on for a while. At lunch I decided to talk to him.

He was walking in the corridor heading towards the staircases. I was heading towards him -- I didn't want to accidentally sneak up on him.

Indra walked looking behind him.

"Indra." I called when he was close enough. He gasped and jumped as he turned his head to me.

"Sorry. You seem really jumpy today. I was trying not to sneak up on you." I said.

"Is everything alright?" I asked. Indra looked over his shoulder again quickly then back to me. "Yeah...yeah."

I crossed my arms and craned my neck, "you sure?"

Indra nodded. "Did you need something?" You're not going to tell me anything, are you?

I moved on to my next topic. "Okay so my birthday passed the other day and my parents are all like "18! Milestone, yay!" So we're doing something on the weekend." I said.

"Okay I'll be there." Indra said quickly and walked past me.

I cringed and turned with my arms up. "I didn't even give you details."

Towards the end of the day I found Indra before classes let out. He was more "stable" than before.


Luc found me again and started talking.

"Alexandria's all batshit about Halloween and it's less than a week away. They're gonna make me take her trick-or-treating!" Luc then sobbed dramatically. He started talking again but to me his voice just faded away.

I brought my hand to my head and shook it slightly.

"Indra? Indra?" She called softly.

I looked up at her.

"Esti bine?" Are you okay?

"Vreau sa merg acasa." I want to go home.

"Nu poți." You can't.

I frowned and my eyes swole with tears.

"Imi pare rau. Părinții tăi deja-" I'm sorry. Your parents already-

"Nu! Nu e echitabil! Nu e echitabil! Vreau să retur mă întorc acasă!" No! It's not fair! It's not fair! I want to go back home!

Luc's voice became loud in my ears, "Indra? Indra?"

I looked up at him. "Hm?"

Luc leaned closer and looked at me intensely. He then raised his fist and knocked on my forehead twice.

"Ow." I rubbed my forehead.

"Earth to Indra!" He said.

"What's going on with you? Really! You've been spacey all day!" Luc questioned.

"Oh, uh...nothing." I answered.

Luc frowned.

"I'm sorry. What were you saying?" I asked him politely.

Luc huffed and settled down. "Will you go with me to take Alexandria trick-or-treating?"

I cocked my head to the side, "trick-or-treating?" I said slowly. I don't know what that is... This worries me even more; I don't know much about human things...won't that push Luc away from me?

"Indra..." Luc called with a soft expression. "On Halloween people dress up and kids go door to door asking for candy." People dress up in what? Some kind of uniform?

"Although, I'd rather go to a party, but Jason isn't around to party with me, so I agreed to take Alexandria." He explained.

"Oh." I said.

"If it's your first Halloween you should absolutely come! You might see something you like." Luc grinned. "What do you say?"

"Yes." I said.


I finally told Indra about the birthday get together on the weekend. We were just having a small thing -- although Nick said he had plans for me, not too eager to see what they are.

I'm still curious to know what was going on with Indra the other day. I thought it was because of the story, but I had a feeling that wasn't the case.

"Prepare yourself, Luc Benson!" Nick shouted and pointed at me when he entered my room. "You are going to have the best 18th birthday party ever!"

"Nick," I groaned. "It's just a family dinner plus Indra and Evie."

"That too, but no cousin of mine will have a dull 18th! I made an awesome party for Jason!" He said.

"I know. We all know." I said.

"So, encore!" Nick said. I rolled my eye.

I huffed.

Tomorrow's the dinner; I just hope everything goes well.

Tomorrow while everything was being prepared, Indra, Evie, Alexandria, Nick and I hung out in the living room. I was teaching the child something new.

"Allow me to introduce you to our Lord and savior," I clicked on my phone and the picture came up. "Princess Diana!"

Indra threw his head back and started laughing. Alexandria looked completely enamored.

"Alexandria, aspire to be like Princess Di: kind, elegant, brave, loving, and just the right amount petty."

"Pretty!" Alexandria gazed at her.

Evie snickered to herself. "I don't think she understands what you're saying."

"She will!" I turned the phone off. "Some day."

"Indra stop laughing!" I exclaimed.

He covered his mouth and adjusted his head.

"Can I meet her?" Alexandria's eyes practically sparkled.

I stooped down. "Unfortunately no. A conspiracy led to her death. At least lots of people think."

"What's a conspirory?" She asked.

I pat her on the head, "you won't need to worry about that until you're older."

"But I wanna know now." She whined.

"I'm sorry. You can't. If a child knows about a conspiracy, do you know what happens?" I asked.

"Unh uh." Alexandria shook her head.

"A scary spider ghost will come into your room at night!" Alexandria squealed in fear. "And bite your toes! And eat your hair!" Alexandria screamed and ran away in tears. I snickered to myself.

"Not nice, Luc." Evie scolded. I hunched my shoulders playfully.

"Luc!" Mom shouted from the kitchen. "Don't scare Alexandria!"

"Sorry!" I called back. Totally not sorry.

Nick gave me a thumbs up and whispered, "everything's in place."

I narrowed my eye and shook my head at him. If he's whispering that means whatever he has planned is not adult-approved. I'm all for it, but also not all for it.

An hour later we all sat down to eat. Shit I want that ice cream. Hardcore vanilla fan over here!

Indra spoke, "very good food, Dr. Bensons." The rest of us nodded in agreement.

"Thank you." Mom and Brian said.

There wasn't much over the top chatter, thankfully.

"Well you guys all the ice cream you could possibly want." Brian said as he pulled out the cartons and buckets of ice cream and put them on the counter.

"Ooh!" Alexandria stood on her tip toes and peeked at the ice cream.

"Yes!" I cheered. "We're gonna eat ice cream until we turn blue!"

"Ubupbup!" Nick stopped me. He reached into the cooler and pulled out a bottle with light yellow contents.

"Oh, hell no." I said.

"Yes! You only turn 18 once! Live it up!" Nick handed me the Corona bottle after opening it.

"You two, no." Mom said.

"Hey, if you don't drink it I will." Nick said, ignoring Mom.

"No. We're making progress." I said.

"So go on. Have your first drink."

Pfft. He thinks it's my first drink.

Indra leaned on the counter and watched me.

"Luc, do not drink that." I ignored her too, because I knew Nick would drink it if I didn't.

I put the bottle to my lips and tilted my head back. So disgusting. I heard Evie start to laugh and I could feel scolding eyes on me.

I finished the drink and looked down. Mom scowled at me and Brian looked at me with his mouth open and shaking his head. I looked at the others like "whelp." Indra had his hand over his chest and he looked like he could fall in love all over again. Evie silently laughed into his back.

"Give me that." Mom snatched the bottle out of my hands. I burped and covered my mouth.

I held out my hand to Indra and clenched my teeth as there was a bad after taste. "Give! Me! Ice cream!"

Mom went to fix Alexandria a bowl. Indra scooped some vanilla ice cream into a bowl and handed it to me.

"Was it that bad?" He asked. He handed me a spoon.

"Yes." I answered.

"Come on, Lexie." Mom said as she and Alexandria went upstairs with their ice cream. They were leaving us teens to hang out.

Brian pointed to me and Nick as he spoke, "no. More. Alcohol." He then followed the girls upstairs.

God it's been a long time since I've had alcohol. I'm feeling kind of woozy. I leaned on the counter for support.

"Come on Luc. The party hasn't started yet!" Nick said as he went to the cooler and pulled out a carton of more Coronas. I groaned.

"No. No more alcohol." I put my foot down.

"Indra! Caps!" I grabbed the carton and wobbled over to the sink. Indra followed me and opened the bottle with his hand. I poured the bottle into the sink.

"Hey! I paid good money for that beer!" Nick groaned.

"Enough." I sighed. I poured out the other four bottles.

I went over to the couches with my ice cream and Indra. I sat down with him and leaned on him.

"Are you drunk?" He asked me quietly. I looked up at him. "I might puke on you."

He widened his eyes for a second. I slowly ate my ice cream.

I blew at my empty ice cream bowl. "Do you want more?" Indra asked.

"No. I want to go to sleep."

"It's not even nine o'clock." Nick stated.

"I should be going home now." Evie said. She stood up. Nick held up his hands in disappointment.

Evie came over to me and hugged me.

I laughed obnoxiously, "heyy! I had no idea you had a beauty mark on your boob!"

Evie let go of me. "Are you still drunk?" She asked.

"Mayyybe." I answered. It's been a long time since I've had a drink. She smacked me on the side of the head.

"Okay. I'm taking off." Evie said. She left.

Indra put his hand on my shoulder, "let me take you upstairs."

We got up and Indra guided me towards the stairs. I stopped to take a drunken detour, "you know, I'm really craving some cheese."

"Luc no." Indra called. He grabbed me by the legs and threw me over his shoulder. "Aw." I whined.

Indra began to go up the stairs. "Ooh." I said mischievously. Indra jumped and yelled when I bit him on the ass cheek.

"You aren't the only one who can bite someone!" I then started laughing.

Indra huffed loudly. "După ea, n-am vrut niciodată se ocupa tine beat." He sighed heavily.

"Romanian! To you too!" I said. Indra walked into my room and laid me down on the bed.

"Luc, you're just barely drunk." Indra said.

I pointed at him, grinning, "but just drunk enough."

He leaned down and pulled the covers out from under me. "Lay back." He ordered. I laid down and he pulled the covers over my shoulders.

"I'm not sleepy. Am I?" I asked myself. Indra chuckled and kissed the side of my head.

"I'll check on you in the morning." He said. He stood up and turned towards the door.

"Hey!" I reached out and grabbed his wrist and pulled him down. When he was eye level with me I started talking again. "Do you have a birthday?"

Indra took my hand from his wrist and put it back under the covers.

"Not for a long time." He said. He stood up and began to walk out.

"I'm gonna figure out when it is!" I yelled to him. "I willllll!"

"Goodnight, Luc." He closed the door behind him.

On Monday I approached Indra in a hallway during lunch.

"Hey." I called with a small amount of embarrassment.

He smiled at me.

"Why are you so flustered around me?" Indra asked with that cute head tilt thing he does.

"Because you saw me drunk." I said quickly. "But I wanted to talk about something else."

"You know how you told me you get lonely?" I asked. Indra nodded.

"Well, I have a suggestion for you." I started. "When you get lonely like you did, you can always come to me."

"When it's mild/managable you can just sit in the bedroom with me and be in my silent company."

"But if it's real bad then you can wake me up and we'll" I finished.

Indra put his fist over his chest and his mouth opened just a little. He looked at me with shock and adoration.

He took two small steps and pressed our bodies together. His arms wrapped around my shoulders and he held me tightly.

I smiled as my cheek rested against his chest. As always, he was warm and toasty, and I could hear his heart beating fast.

Strange how weird things can settle a mind.

The day of Halloween I got sick. Big time. It was some kind of stomach virus. I'm glad school was out today.

I threw up yet again in the trashcan. I sat in the living room on the sofa with a blanket on top of me and the trashcan in between my legs. This sucks.

I hated how I felt; bored and lonely and unable to do anything. And of course! I can't take Alexandria trick-or-treating. Mom and Brian said they would after they got off work, but we all know how fickle their schedule can be.

Someone knocked on the door. I tilted my head back and groaned loudly. I picked up the trashcan and kicked the blanket off of me and got up. I sluggishly walked to the door and opened.

Indra stood on the porch grinning and holding a brown paper bag. I leaned on the threshold of the door.

"What's going on?" I asked with a scratchy voice.

Indra stepped into the house, "well your Mom told me you were sick and that you wouldn't be taking Alexandria go-getting, so I came to help out." He held up the paper bag. I didn't have the energy to correct him, buuuut seeing his fine ass made me happy. So there's that.

He put his arm around me and closed the door before taking me back to the living room.

"Wait I have to dump out this trashcan." I left for the bathroom before he could say anything and poured all my vomit down the toilet. I flushed and went back to Indra.

"I don't think you want to be here. I'm all icky." I said as I stood near Indra and the sofa.

"I can't get sick." Indra said. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to the sofa.

"I assume you haven't eaten." He stated.

"Literally can't." I said lightly gesturing to the trashcan.

"But, I am aware to the fact that soup is the universal food for when a human is sick and throwing up." Indra said smiling. He opened the bag and pulled out a fat thermos. He sat down on his knees in front of me. Awww, he brought soup for me!

"Indra, I really just want to sleep." I whined.

"Okay, but just take a few sips."

I sighed and took the thermos. I took out the spoon that came with it and opened the lid. A little bit of steam rose. I took two sips then closed the lid and handed the thermos back to Indra.

"Thank you. Can I go to sleep now?" I asked.

"Sure." Indra answered. I pulled the covers back up and laid down. I closed my eye. I heard the thermos get set down on the coffee table.

"You're gonna stay with me, right?" I asked Indra.

"If you want me to."

"I want you to."

"Then, yes."


I guess Sick Luc is Tired Luc. He fell asleep very quickly after asking me to stay. He slept clinging the blanket close to his face.

I sat by his legs and watched him sleep. In a non-creepy way of course.

Luc slept for hours, I sat by him for hours. The sun was going down and the room was darkening.

Luc groaned and sat up groggily. I looked at him. His eye was open and he was looking at me, but I don't think he's entirely awake. He leaned forward, kissed me on the lips, then yawned and went back to sleep.

I looked down at him. I just shrugged my shoulders and pulled the covers over his shoulders -- since I know he hates having covers below them.

The front door unlocked and opened. I turned around. "So they're just people in costumes. No one is going to hurt you." I heard Dr. Benson say; the female Dr. Benson. They both came in with Alexandria holding their hands.

The child saw me and smiled, "Indra!"

I waved slowly. Her parents looked at me.

"Hi, Indra. Have you been here long?" Dr. Benson asked as she and Alexandria came into the living room.

"Kind of." I answered lowly. Dr. Benson put the palm of her head on Luc's forehead. He didn't react. "He's been asleep most of the day." I stated.

"He needs rest." She looked up at the other Dr. Benson. "He's a bit warm. I think we should stay and make sure his temperature doesn't rise."

Dr. Benson put his hands on the back of the sofa. "I'll stay with him. You take Alexandria out to get her candy."

Alexandria was moving around in excitement.

"Alright." Dr. Benson sighed. "Come on, Alexandria. Let's get you ready."

"Okay." Alexandria said. Before she left with her mother she leaned over Luc and gave him a little kiss on the forehead.

I looked away as a memory tried to surface. I slapped my hand onto my cheek.

The two left.

"Indra, you've been here all day?" Dr. Benson asked. I nodded. "You should go home. I'm sure you're bored out of your mind." He said. It takes a lot to bore me.

I looked at Luc. He was sleeping through all this talking.

"If it's alright with you, I'd like to stay." I told him respectfully.

Dr. Benson nodded and walked around the sofa and sat down on the opposite sofa.

We sat in silence. Dr. Benson closed his eyes. He dozed off. I could tell by the sound of his breath.

A few minutes later I heard Alexandria running down the stairs. "Be careful honey."

"Daddy! Luc! Indra! Look!" Alexandria smiled brightly. Dr. Benson and Luc jumped awake.

The three of us looked at her.

"Oh yeah, yeah, super cute." Luc mumbled before putting his head back down.

I tilted my head.

"You look great, baby! You like it?" Dr. Benson asked.

"Yeah!" Alexandria nodded.

She was wearing a fat suit? Or circle? She had a red little hat on with little sticky thingies coming out of the top. She carried a little red bag at her side.

Her cheeks had red dots on them.

"You want to look like that?"

Everyone looked at me. Luc shot up, wrapped his arms around my head and neck and pulled me down as he fell back.

"He doesn't mean it like that!" Luc laughed sickly. "He's never celebrated Halloween and doesn't understand the concept of costumes!" He said.

"So you gotta forgive him." He added. I pulled to get out of his grasp but my head wouldn't fit through his arms.

"Okay Alexandria, let's go." Dr. Benson said. I could hear the two leave.

"Ah!" I cried when Luc let go of me and I shot up. I clawed my hair out of my face.

"Indra." Dr. Benson called.

"I'm sorry." I said shamefully.

"You've never seen kids in costumes?" He asked.

"Can't say that I have..." I said slowly.

He looked at me skeptically. I clenched my jaw and adverted my gaze to look at Luc. He had his eye closed. Did he fall asleep again?

"Will...will he get better soon?" I asked.

"Of course. He just needs to rest and take it easy." Dr. Benson answered.

I nodded my head.

I don't know much from sickness. Where I came from the people just died. Or had really bad impairments if they survived.

I don't remember falling asleep, but I was woken up by a loud rattling noise. I opened an eye and saw a pot and tinfoil.

"Give me your candy or be eaten!" A slow and robot voice ordered.

"Ah!" I sat up and curled up. I exhaled once I realized it was Alexandria. She had tinfoil wrapped around her arms and legs and a deep pot on top of her head, covering her eyes. She was grinning.

I outstretched my legs and smiled before lifting the pot off her head. She smiled and giggled.

"I'm sorry. I haven't any candy." I told her as I put the pot on the table.

"You speak funny." Alexandria said. "Luc told me it's 'cause you're from Romalia. Is that near Flowrida?" Alexandria narrowed her eyes in confusion.

"No. It's not in this country." I answered.

"What's a country?" Alexandria asked.

"A big piece of land." I said.

"How big?"

"Hm..." I pondered.

"Is it as big as a TV?"


"Then, is it as big as Daddy and Mommy's hospital?"

"No, it's actually a lot bigger than that. Have you ever seen a football field?" I asked her.

"Yeah!" Alexandria nodded.

"It's about as big as those!" I held my arms out, "lots and lots and lots of them!"

"Oh!" Alexandria squealed.

I looked at her as a thought occured.

"Shouldn't you be in..." Crap. What's it called again.

"" I stammered. The child place thing. It's not an adoption facility but it takes care of kids.

"Child takers?" I asked with my hands out and head tilted.

"Hm?" Alexandria asked.

I reached over and shook Luc. "Hey, help me." I said.

"What's it called?" I questioned.

"Luc?" I looked at him. He hadn't woken up. "Luc?" I called again.

I touched his forehead. "He's very warm..." I thought out loud. He wasn't sweating though.

"Where are your parents?" I asked Alexandria.

"Upstairs." She answered.

"Will you go get them?" I asked.

She turned and walked away, rattling as she did.

I took the covers off of him and shook Luc some more.

Dee would be agitated by this; they hate when people are in denial and shake their loved one. Matter of fact-

I looked around frantically. Dee's not here. Good. Luc's still alive.

I heard multiple feet coming down the stairs.

"Indra what's wrong?" Dr. Benson asked. She was the first one to jump into action.

"He won't wake up." I responded.

She touched his forehead. She then shook him. "Luc?" She called. The other Dr. Benson went into the kitchen.

I shifted my focus back to Luc. His mother shook him some more and kept calling his name.

Unless...Dee already came?

I yelped and tensed up.

"Relax Indra. He's just having trouble waking up." Dr. Benson said.

"So he's, breathing?" I asked.

"Yes." She confirmed.

Alexandria looked calm. I doubt she understands what's happening.

She walked over to the pot on the coffee table and picked it up. She held it over her head then slammed it down on Luc's head and left it there. His body jerked.

"Alexandria!" Her Mom yelled.

"Oh..." I whimpered and brought my fist to my lips.

"Well if he wasn't dead before he is now." I thought, certain.

I heard Luc groan. The pot moved from his head and his hand rubbed the side of his head where he was hit. He groaned once again.

"Luc." His Mom called. She pulled him to sit up. His eye was finally open.

"Oh." I sighed.

Dr. Benson finally came over with two tall cups in his hands.

"Congratulations Luc. You're coming to work with us. Hold this on your face." He put one of the cups to Luc's face. It was full of ice. "And drink this." He handed him the other cup. Water.

Luc held both cups. He drank from the other.

"Indra, go on home." Dr. Benson ordered.

"But-" I started.

"It's a school day. Go home, go to school. Thank you for staying with him." She said.

I stepped away from them.

"Come on Luc. On your feet." She said as she pulled his hands.

"Brian, grab him." She passed Luc to Dr. Benson then peeled the foil off of Alexandria.

"Let's go." Dr. Benson left with Luc.

"Come on, Indra. Everybody out." She took Alexandria's hand and guided me out the door.

I saw Dr. Benson put Luc in the car.

When I got to the hospital at the end of the day Luc was asleep again. At least he's getting the care he needs.

Luc was in the hospital for two days.

As always, I walked the halls during school lunch.

I heard someone running behind me.

"Innnnnnnnnndraaaaaaaaa!" Luc's voice called. I turned around and he jumped on me and hugged me. He always somehow manages to find me when I'm roaming the halls.

"Hi." He said all cute. I snickered.

"It's good to see you! Did you miss me?!" He asked smiling widely.

"How could I? I sat by your bedside the entire time." I responded.

"Oh." Luc said. He slid off of my side and stood on his own.

"You're feeling better?" I asked.

"Yep!" Luc said. He smiled and hid his arms behind his back.

"What?" I asked.

"Indra, you're a full stack of pancakes. With like, all that decorative shit on it."

"O-kay." I replied. Whatever that means.

Luc chuckled and walked towards the end of the hallway.

That boy is certainly strange.


"Mama Bear. Mama Goat." I called Mom.

She turned around to me slowly, probably about to murder me.

"Did you just call me a goat?"

"It's your zodiac sign animal thing!" I smiled.

"Luc, you had better be glad you're cute." She said with her teeth clenched. I smiled.

"Hehe. So I come with a request."


"Since I'm a wolf, wolves happen to sometimes take in stray cubs." I stated. "And I did such."

"What are you talking about? Dear-heart, please. Make sense." Mom said.

"Can Indra come to Thanksgiving dinner?" I asked.

Mom stared at me. I leaned closer to her so she could see my cute pleading face and eyes- eye.

If she gon' say no, she gon' say it to my face!

She had a very skeptical expression. "I'll have to ask Brian." She then said simply.

"Que???? Why?" I asked.

"Luc, it's not just the five of us, it's the whole family." She said.

I crossed my arms and turned away from her.

"It's your house. You can say who can and can't be here. Not them." I pouted.

"I know." Mom said. "But we still have to think of the others first, see what they say."

She put her hand on my shoulder. "Sorry Luc, but I think this one will be a no." I sighed and shook my head.

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