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Chapter 62


"But you said-"

"I know what I said." Indra said quickly.

The woman went over to the brown bag and put her hand in it. She pulled out a bag of blood. I cringed.

"Who is she?" I whispered to Indra. "What is she?"

"This is Raign; Mother." Indra started.

"Do you remember me telling you someone saved me?" He asked me.

I nodded slowly.

He then gestured to Raign. So he calls her "Mother" because she made him. She began to drink from the blood bag.

I looked at Indra.

"Why was she in your bed though?" I asked.

"She was tired from her trip."

"Vampire or not, twenty-six hours is tough." Indra said. Twenty-six hours?! He then chuckled.

Raign turned to us as she finished her "meal."

"Băiat, I like him. His outspoken personality is great for your shyness." She said with a confident smile.

"Outspoken? How can you tell?" I asked.

"Yes, Mother can sense one's personality by the first look at them." Indra explained.

"So... She has mind powers too, did you inherit that from her?" I asked.

"No." Indra answered.

"Powers are your own. They stem from your personality or your circumstance."

"Some people think it's one or the other, while some don't see the connection at all."

"So, what do you believe Indra?" I asked.

"The circumstance. Like when I was in that cage or on that table." He started.

"I never knew what was going on or what was going to happen next. I couldn't get the people to stop no matter how much I begged."

"So I think my powers come from that; the ability to read minds and bend people to my will." He finished.

I looked at him with a teary eye, "that just made me so sad."

Indra put his hand on my head.

"Don't be sad." He said.

I turned to Raign.

"So, you made Indra." I stated.

"Mm-hm!" Raign confirmed.

"How?" I asked.

"Indra never tells me these things." I explained.

"I bleed into him." She said. She then pointed at the scar on his neck.

I turned to Indra. "So that's how you become a vampire! Another vampire just bleeds into a fatal wound and bam!"

"No." Indra in a gruff voice.

"No?" I asked.

"Any cut." He said. "Could be a needle prick, a microscopic cut, a knee scrape. A single drop of a vampire's blood will change you."

He held his hand to his throat, "and it'll scar."

"Complete the process by drinking sire's blood." Raign added.

"Yes." Indra agreed lowly.

Raign's fingernail dug into the crook of my neck and she pulled it back.

"Ow!" I yelled. She cut open my shoulder!

"Băiat. Now. He's someone close to you. You should always keep him close." She stated.

"Bleed into him." She told Indra.

"What? No!" I yelled. Oh god, she is totally serious.

I looked at Indra.

He stared at me; seriously contemplating his options.

Indra put his thumb to his lips and bit into the pad. I saw blood coming out.

"No, Indra." I said.

He came closer to me.

"Don't you dare!" I screamed. He then jammed his thumb in my mouth.

"Ow." I groaned when he pulled it out. Hella fucking disgusting blood. It's so bitter and metallic!

I felt the cut on neck my move.

"Oh right. His blood heals." I sighed with relief. Indra walked back to his original spot.

"Ce? You won't change him?" Raign asked.

"No." Indra said. "He doesn't want that."

I moved away from Raign and stood closer to Indra.

"You could've given me a little warning. Walking up on me like that." I scolded.

"When you're like this, I'll respect your wishes." Indra started.

"What are you talking about?" I asked. He looked at me, completely serious.

"But when your life cannot be saved, I won't hesitate to change you." He finished. I leaned back slowly.

Indra stared at me curiously.

"What? I told you; I won't lie to you."

"I know, but you can be so blunt sometimes." I said lowly.

"Băiat is old -- he doesn't care to coat with sugar." Raign jumped in.

I turned to her and looked at her in confusion.

"What does that mean? Boyah?" I asked.

"My baby." Raign put her hand just slightly above her hip, to mimick someone shorter than her. "He came from my blood."

"So...he is your son?"

"No." Indra groaned.

"She just calls me "son" because she turned me into a vampire. And because I was a child then."

"Oh." I said. Raign nodded in approval.

"Okay, how come she has an accent and you don't?"

"Like I say, he's shy." Raign answered for him. "He tends to conform."

Indra put his hand to his forehead and groaned, "doamne ajuta-ma."

I laughed and teased him, "aw, is Mommy embarrassing you?"

Raign put her hand on the top of my head.

"We weren't supposed to meet until later. So he's upset his plan didn't work." She said. I chuckled quietly.

"You said he's old, exactly how many years ago did you save him?"

"Hey!" Indra shouted.

"Almost 400 now." Raign answered.

"Phew," I breathed. I grabbed my cheeks and mouth. Holy shit. 400 years. I exhaled shakily. I pat my thigh.

"I didn't want to tell him cause he'd freak out." Indra said to Raign as he went over and stood in front of her.

"I'm not freaking out! What makes you think that?" I said quickly.

"Oh? Well make him forget." Raign said.

"I don't use my powers on him." Indra answered.

"Good băiat. No good relationship is based on manipulation." She said. She pinched his cheek praisingly.

"Yes, yes." Indra said, annoyed.

"It's so good. You have a doting mother." I smiled. "I don't have to worry."

Indra looked at me. I shut up.

We then sat on the couches. Raign had Delilah in her lap and stroked her back gently.

"Still a lover of animals I see." Raign stated. Oh?

"So he's always liked cats?" I asked.

"Any animal. Aside from dogs."

"Horses are his favorite. Right after cats."

She laughed, "he'd ride all the time. Even when he just began riding. He'd fall off then get right back on. It took forever to get him to come inside."

"I guess riding was his source of happiness after everything that happened." She continued.

"Aw." I said sadly.

Raign grinned and reached into her pocket.

She pulled out a piece of paper and held it out to me.

I screamed in delight.

"A picture of Indra!" I took the picture from her, cooing left and right.

He stood by the head of a horse holding it's reigns.

"He's so cute! Look at your hat!" I squealed.

Raign chuckled. Indra leaned back into the cushion of the couch and covered his eyes.

"That's Codrin." Raign said, she was talking about the horse.

"They made fast friends. They'd talk non-stop." She grinned.

"Talk?" I asked.

"Yes. Indra can understand animals too." She told me.

"Oh?" I beamed at Indra. He looked away.

"Do you have anymore pictures?" I questioned eagerly.

"Of course. But not here. That was the only one I had on me." She answered.

"Aw." I pouted.

"I'm sure he has his own pictures here." Raign suggested.

I cheered up. "Ha. The past has the habit of coming back to bite you in the ass!" I teased him again.

Indra sat up and started fussing at her in Romanian.

Raign didn't say anything.

"Indra." I called. He turned to me.

"And you!" He began to fuss at me. "You weren't supposed to be here."

I held up my hands, "hey, don't be mad at me just because I care about you."

"I just wanted to have a nice dinner and introduce you two." He said as he sat back.

"So things didn't go how you wanted. But look, Raign and I are hitting it off!" I tried to make him feel better.

"Fine." Indra said.

I kissed him on the cheek, making him smile.

Raign tilted her head at us. "So how did you two meet?"

"Oh uh," I stammered.

"Well, your darling son likes to swim nude." I started nervously. I mean, I wasn't going to lie to her.

"I went to the lake for a swim and he stood up from the water."

Raign nodded awkwardly but didn't seem surprised. "Oh." Was all she said.

"Please don't tell me he does this often." I groaned.

"Well...there was this incident with a nudist colony." Raign said ponderously.

"Hey! I told you never to mention that."

"What?" Raign said innocently. "If he loves you he won't judge you."

"Oh I'm not judging. Just maybe a little jealous." I stated.

"Jealous?" Raign asked.

I looked away. Shouldn't have said anything.

"Nothing." Indra said.

"But! It's not like we can't go to dinner together." I said. Indra looked at me.

"We could..." He muttered. I nodded.

"Mother? Are you okay with going to dinner?"

She smiled and touched his face, "of course. We haven't seen each other in a long time."

How long is a long time?

Indra turned to me, "Luc, do your parents know where you are?"

"I may have mentioned it." I said flippantly.

"Call them. Ask for permission." He said. I got up and went to the other side of the room. I called my parents and asked. They hesitantly said yes because I told them I was going to be with a "friend" of Indra's too.

We went to a steak house. Prime rib! Yum!

"Can I get sarmale with sour cream?" Raign asked the waiter. He looked confused.

"She'll just have prime rib." Indra cut in.

Raign sat quietly as we went around the table.

"Is "prime rib" what sarmale is called here?" She asked once the waiter was gone.

"No but it has beef in it." Indra answered.

"What's sarmale?" I asked them.

"Stuffed cabbage rolls." Indra answered.

"Oh." I said.

When the waiter put the steak down in front of Raign she stared at it for a few seconds.

"Mother." Indra called when it started to get weird.

"Yes?" She called innocently as she looked up at him.

"It's steak. You cut a piece, then eat it." He explained slowly.


A few minutes into the meal I asked Raign questions.

"What made you decide to save Indra?" I asked.

The two looked at me funny.

"Like, why him or why be there at all?" I asked. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy she saved Indra, but how was she there at the right place and time?

"Oh. They took my daughter and killed her. I was too late to save her, but got there just in time to see Indra get his throat slit." Raign explained.

"You say that so..." I don't know. Carelessly? Loosely?

"It happened a long time ago. I'm not as upset anymore." Raign said.

"So what happened to the cultists?" I then asked.

Raign spoke right as Indra told her not to answer.

"We killed them all." She said with a smile.

"We?" I slowly turned my head to Indra. My boyfriend; someone I couldn't see killing anyone.

He turned his head away from me in shame.

"Don't be upset or afraid, Luc. Make no mistake, they were very bad people." Raign said to me.

"We put an end to the cult that night. If not, they'd keep taking people from their family." She said.

She reached out and touched Indra's arm. He still wouldn't look at me.

"Like our darling Indra here. His family already believed he died. And with his newfound bloodlust, he couldn't return home."

Oh. So he couldn't be with them. Poor Indra.

I touched his elbow. He pulled away.

"Don't waste your sympathies on the past." He said coldly.

"But, it bothers you." I protested.

He ignored me. I frowned.

When we got back to the condo, Indra pulled me onto the roof. He was really bothered -- Raign let too much slip.

Indra stood with his back to me and his head held down.

"Indra...I don't know what to say." He killed a fuckton of people, was murdered, turned into a vampire, and denied seeing his family again all on the same day.

I knew he didn't want me to feel bad for him, but I did.

"Maybe this is a start. For you to let your guard down. Just a little bit." I said. Indra didn't react.

"You don't have to dive in head first. We can take it slowly." I told him.

Indra just stood there.

I sighed. Maybe he's having a hard time dealing with the fact that I know what really happened.

"If..." I shuddered. "If me knowing, if it really bothers you, then you have my permission to make me forget."

Indra slowly reached up and grabbed his arms tightly.


I took a step forward and slowly walked around him. I frowned sadly.

Tears were streaming down his cheeks and he shuddered. He gasped a little.

"I- I don't want you to forget!" He sobbed. "I don't want you to see me as some grotesque monster!"

I reached out and put my hands on his. He leaned forward and put his head on my left shoulder. I then put my arms around him and hugged him as tightly as I could.

After a few minutes we sat against the short wall bordering the roof.

Indra wiped his tears away with the palm of his hands. I sat beside him holding on to the corner of his shirt.

It was strange seeing him cry, but in a way it was relieving to. It was relieving to see him vulnerable, emotional, letting his guard down.

"My eyes burn." Indra said softly as he took his hands away from his eyes. "Maybe because I haven't cried in such a long time."

"I'm sorry. It's not that I don't want you to know, I just wanted to tell you on my own time. Mother can be hasty and talkative." He said.

"I understand." I replied.

I reached over and touched the other side of his head and pulled him to me. "You can talk to me about anything."

Indra looked at me.

"Te iubesc." He said.

I smiled. "Romanian, to you too."

On the weekend Brian went to work, I followed him, being stupid.

He sighed and shook his head as I grinned, being all cute.

How I snuck in: hid in the back of his car. Got out after him and followed him all Mission Impossible.

I stood at the nurse's station, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. Of course just standing there was fun for me.

"Luc, please stop coming here for fun." Brian said.

"It's good he's only here for fun. He's been on the table too many times." Dr. Pastor, the trauma surgeon who saved my life multiple times, said.

She leaned close to me. "I don't want to see you on my table again." She said seriously.

"I'll try my hardest." I chuckled.

A little later we were in the patient care area.

Brian was in a patient's room, a frail old lady, checking on her IVs and whatnot.

I got bored and stepped away from the nurse's station. I didn't go far, just to the other end of the station. The nurses were working, paying me no mind. Thankfully.

"You!" A voice yelled. We all turned. Oh crap.

I don't remember his name, but I remember why he hates me.

What's-his-face came up to me.

"You really have some nerve showing up here!" He snapped.

I backed up, but the counter of the nurse's station stopped me.

He grabbed my shoulders violently, "what did you do to my brother?!"

"Nothing." I answered blankly. Guess a few years won't take that anger away.

"That's a lie!" He screamed.

He began to shake me, "tell me what happened!"

I didn't say anything. Nothing I ever told him was good enough, so why would it be now?

Hands grabbed him and forcefully tore his hands from me.

"Jacob!" Brian snapped. "Keep your hands off him!"

Right. Jacob Wade.

"If you don't tell me, I'll make sure you regret it." He said.

"Take a walk now." Brian ordered. "Or I'll have security escort you out."

Jacob stormed off.

I turned around and left. When I was in the hallway near the nurse's station a hand grabbed my shoulder and turned me around.

I looked up at Brian.

"What was that?" He asked.

"Nothing." I lied.

"I don't like you lying to me."

"What was that?" He enunciated.

I held up my hand and opened my mouth.

"Eh..." I groaned lowly.

"Did you "work" with him?" Brian asked.

"No." I answered.

"Can we not talk about this? It's really nothing. I swear."

Brian crossed his arms and shook his head disapprovingly.

The next night I was growing worried. I paced around the living room.

"Of all the things that could've come back to was this." I thought.

I couldn't get Jacob's words out of my head. Something bad is going to happen. I can feel it coming.

"Luc? You okay?" Brian called from the kitchen.

"I'm fine." I called back.

I was so deep in thought I didn't hear the knock at the door.

Third Person:

Brian went to the door and opened it when Luc didn't. Two police officers stood at the threshold.

"We have a warrant for the arrest of Luc Narson." One officer said as he handed the warrant to Brian.

"What?" Brian questioned.

They then pushed past Brian as he read the warrant. Jeanette came down, "what is going on?"

"Luc Narson you are under arrest for the murder of Samuel Wade."

The officer grabbed him by the arms and forced them behind his back to put handcuffs on him. Luc didn't react. Jeanette shouted at Brian to stop them.

"You have the right to remain silent..." The officer read him his rights as he lead him out of the house.


As the officers put me in the backseat of the car Brian came out and reminded me to not say anything.

I looked down at the floor of the car. I didn't want to look at the mess I'd caused.

Mom was still screaming at Brian and trying to reason with the cops, but nothing worked.

The two officers got in the car and drove off, taking me from my home.

It's as I said: the past has a habit of coming back to bite you in the ass.

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