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Chapter 8


Luc and I sat in the classroom. It was empty. I sat at my desk just staring at him.

He got closer to me, leaning in to my face.

"My parents are hurting me." He whispered.

"Evie!" I jumped up in my bed. "Umi!" I exhaled once I got my bearings.

"You're going to miss the bus! Up! Up!" my mom said.

"Okay, I'm up." She left and I sat there thinking about that dream.

I should talk to Luc.


"You feeling better, Luc?" Evie asked me at lunch.

"Relative to what?" I mumbled.



"I'm fine." I said.

I could really use some sleep.

"Um Luc," Evie called.

"Hm?" I responded.

"I was wondering..." She trailed off.

I sat up straight. She looked afraid.

"Nevermind..." She said.

"Ok." I said slowly.

At night Izzy and I had squeezed into Winn's bed.

"Winn, what do we do?" Izzy asked quietly.

"What can we do?" He whispered back.

"We could go to the police." Izzy suggested.

"Are you crazy? They'll take us all away!" He hissed.

"This can't go on anymore. He hurt Mom. You and Luc too." She said.

"You didn't seem to have a problem with it before." I whispered.

"You both know what he did to me. You didn't bat an eye!" I hissed.

"And besides, why are you guys acting so nice now? You have no problem touching me!"

Izzy rolled onto her stomach. "You're right. I don't. But you are both injured now. In fact, we shouldn't even be here! You both should go to the hospital!"

"How are we going to do that? We're both too young to drive, Winn doesn't have a license, and even if we could get to the car, it'd wake up Chet the moment we start it!"

"Izzy, we can't do that stuff to Luc anymore. No matter how bad we feel." Winn re-entered the conversation.

"Fine." Izzy agreed.

"And another thing, we need to stick together." He said.

"Why?" Izzy asked.

"Because, at the end of the day we're all each other's got." He answered.

"Fine. But we should still go to a hospital." Izzy huffed as she laid on her back again.

"How?" I asked.

"You could ask your friend." Winn suggested.

"No. I'm not dragging Evie into this."

"Luc, your ribs are being held in place by duct tape! You need medical attention." Winn snapped as he sat up.

"Well, if either of you have any bright suggestions, I'm all ears." I said sarcastically.

"I got nothing." Izzy stated.

Winn lied back down and pressed his hands to his face and groaned.

"I have an idea. Kind of." Winn said.

"We sneak out. Tonight. Go somewhere public. I start a fight with Luc and knock him out. Someone's bound to call an ambulance." He said.

"What about you?" Izzy asked.

"I'll run away after I knock him out."

"What if someone got a good look at your face? You're pretty easy to pick out with those injuries." Izzy said.

"She's right Winn. If they see the duct tape on me an investigation will open." I interjected. "Not to mention the burns." I added.

"It won't work." Izzy said.

"Damn it." Winn sighed.

"We can take off the duct tape. I'll pass out tomorrow at school."

"One; they'll have to call Monique and Chet. Two; we don't know if your ribs will shift sooner than we'd hope." Izzy said.

"Damn it." I said.

"All we can hope for is some freaking miracle now." Winn said sarcastically.

Izzy and I blew air. But he was right. It'd take a miracle for me to end up in the hospital without questions.

"I guess if we keep the duct tape on my ribs will heal." I said.

"Maybe. But what about your head?" Winn asked.

I shook my head only.

"What if we away?" Izzy questioned vaguely.

"We can't." Winn replied.

I would.

Winn sighed heavily. "Go to sleep you two. You both have school still."

I sighed mentally. School.

Early in the morning I woke up to Winn coughing. I just assumed he was choking on his saliva, so I just went back to sleep. Or tried to.

My alarm went off. I dismissed it and rolled out of the bed.

After opening the door and checking the hallway, I tip-toed into my room and closed the door behind me. I opened the doors to my closet and grabbed some clothes. Fashion isn't something I pay attention to when it comes to school, as long as I am comfortable I'm good.

But today, I had a strong desire to wear something nice. Then I got scared and put on a sweatshirt and jeans. Try again never.

Oh ew, it smells like piss and sweat in this hallway! Evie drug me through the changing room/weight room hallway when school was over. I was gagging and dying for fresh air.

Once I was home for the day I invested myself in Netflix.

Forget the knight in shining armor, I want an Angel in a trenchcoat! Yeee! Before I knew it I’d downloaded and screenshot at least thirty pictures of Castiel and Misha Collins to my phone.

Does this count as an obsession yet?

Dude, he's like so oblivious it's adorable. He's like a little baby! A billion years old baby...And Misha Collins? Even better! I've watched several panel videos already, I need to stop.

Towards the end of the day the next day I was being held hostage by Evie.

"Come on, Luc! He's a really nice guy!" Evie groaned.

"You already said you're in a group together, why not talk to him finally?" She asked.

"He gives me the creeps!" I responded.

"Because you saw him naked?" Evie teased.

"Yes! Who does that?"

Evie rolled her eyes and pulled me along. She had a grip like iron.

She raised her arm and waved, "Yoohooo! Indra! I believe you two may know each other." She called.

I could see him. He was just standing there. Still wearing that scarf. His hair was down to his shoulders and somewhat wavy.

We stopped in front of him.

Ooh, damn. Those eyes!

Don't. Call. Him. Nudist. Guy. Again. Did he even notice the first time?

"Indra, Luc. Luc, Indra." Evie spoke.

"Hi," he said almost awkwardly.

I raised my hand slightly, "ahahaha..." I got incoherent.

That's what he's doing to me. Jerk. Oh ok! I like him.

I'd better leave before I really start blushing.

"I gotta..." I gestured behind me "...take a leak." As soon as Evie let go of me I took off.

Evie came up behind me in the hallway and gave me a good scare. "I'm glad you and Indra finally met."

"Ok. Why?" I exhaled.

"Because! I wanted my friends to know each other, didn't want any surprises. We're all going to the beach!" She said happily.

"What?! It's January!" I retorted.

"A lot of people go to the beach in the winter." Evie then stuck her tongue out at me.

"My mum said I can invite two friends. One. Two."

"Your parents can come too!" Evie's such a happy person. What?!

"No!" I shouted. Everyone passing by looked at me. I chuckled nervously. "I mean...they're busy." Yeah. Busy.

"You haven't even spoken to them yet." Evie put her hands on her hips. "Besides! I wanna meet my best friend's parents."

Oh god.

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