The fire within him.

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The book is about a young boy who keeps moving from one place to another. Never speaks or opens his mouth. But, what if he decided to what will happen...?

Drama / Mystery
Charlie G
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Chapter 1 - The beginning.

It took a long time to realize the feeling in his gut was homesickness. He never thought he would miss that place. But here he was, as far away as he could possibly get, feeling uneasy. He was the quiet type and know ever spoke to him. By early June he had just moved to the new house. It was his grandparents old house.
It took him a bit of time before he could get used to everything. The next day the breeze rippled the leaves and said "shush", but he didn't need to be told to be quiet. For as he knew words were the last thing he needed, and everything had been said, anyway.
He had so many thoughts in his head then he remembered something his grandfather told him. "The wisdom of old age is a curse and a blessing. Some many things I would do again, for pleasure or for redemption. If I could turn a dial and go back, the first thing I would do..." he continued thinking.
Suddenly, he felt relieved as if those words were soothing in a way. He wanted so bad to ask his mother why they moved. But he knew he would regret the question the moment the words were out of his mouth. She had been working hard in lab for decades, so long they probably already named the place after her.
He was glad for her yeah, but he felt uneasy. Finally he knew what he was going to say. Everything about it felt right. All of his instincts, usually so skeptical, were prodding him forward. Then, it happened. He took a deep breath stood up and began talking.
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