Regina Urbana (Urban Queen) Part Two: The Angels

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Part Two: The Angels (3/7)

April 16th, 2010

New York - ???

Leighla . . ? How long have I been out? Man . . . I keep passing out. My throat and mouth are still parched. Before I could fully awaken, the vehicle’s driver slammed his foot onto the brakes.

It caused me to get sent forward, hitting my face and upper body against the seat in front of me. A grunt and hiss as I slam back into the backrest of my chair. I reach up to my eyes to rub at them, opening partly and looking over to the driver. He’s sitting there with a dumb smile, laughing and joking with the other pricks in the vehicle . . . fucking assholes.

It wasn’t long until I looked out of the window, some street I’ve never been to before. Little time passed as the other men in this SUV opened their doors and left before they went to my door and swung it open. They soon grab me by my arms to drag me out of the vehicle.

“Hurry up, Lucy. I don’t want to keep the Boss waiting for you.” James said, walking in front of me, leading the two guys who’re holding me and escorting me into the building. I’m still weak from earlier.

I can’t walk normally; I’m limping and slow at that. I’m too fucking exhausted from screaming and crying so much. The doorway opens up, and we enter the building, and I take a look around. It almost seems like . . . a warehouse . . . or something like that. But there are makeshift rooms with walls and doors.

“Not bad, eh, Lucy? We’ve only gotten this place not so long ago, so excuse if it doesn’t look that great. Don’t worry; we’re planning to expand and get a better base for operations. I hear Boss is getting a building near the city. An actual building and not some dump of a warehouse.” The large man said: I don’t even know if he’s talking to himself or me. Honestly, I don’t care. He kept walking ahead as these two guys kept escorting me to this so-called ‘Boss.’

However, I could hear him talk to himself. I think I heard him say, “But to kill his family too? That’s just cold. But, he’s the Boss...” before resuming his way towards the boss’ location.

“What the...fuck...?” I said to myself in utter shock. While walking down the hallway, I’ve gotten glimpses of women in skimpy clothing or not wearing anything at all. It looked as if one was begging a man for forgiveness or something, only to get slapped across the face. I grimaced while walking by. Just hearing that slap connect with that woman’s face only brought back some unwanted memories.

As we kept walking, making our way past these fucked up rooms. I can only see more and more of a pattern getting more apparent. Whatever this gang is doing...women are nothing but a source of sexual pleasure. And if not that, a source of income through means I don’t dare think of.

The body is precious, to sell it or forced to do it... it’s inhumane. It goes against the rights of that person, not just women. Frankly, if I had anything left in me, I’d be throwing up. All of these sights were so disgusting. Just who the fuck do these people think they are, let alone whoever’s in charge to allow such actions.

“And here we are,” James said, turning around to face the two men escorting me. “This is where the Boss is. Mind your manners, men. I don’t think he’s happy that we took long. But hey, it’s cool. I got this.” he continued before knocking on the door.

“Come in.” spoke a voice behind the door.

“So this is the sick fuck allowing all of this...” I thought to myself, swallowing whatever spit remained in fear and anticipation for who was behind all of this. James pushed open the door and entered. The two men and I were next to follow.

As cliché as it sounded: the person at the desk was in a swivel chair facing away from us on the phone. Talking with whomever it was on the line. I listened in as best as I could.

“I’m going to have to go, Chica. But yes, this partnership between us would be beneficial for both of us. For now, I’m going to have to let you go.” and with that, his hand reached over to place the phone back into the receiver. And as any cliché bad-guy does, he turns around on his chair to face us.

I use this chance to study the features of this man. He’s tanned, but not as dark as James. The sides of his head are short, while the top is more prolonged and spiked. He had black hair but no facial hair. A couple of piercings on his nose bridge and one thing that immediately stuck out to me was . . . his tattoo—specifically, the one below his right eye. Three black circles below his right eye, evenly spaced out from each other. If I were to guess, this guy was Mexican or Hispanic, but that’s only a guess.

“Heeey! James, The Leader of Lé Royalé, was just on the horn, and the chat went pretty well.” He said with a shit-eating grin across his face. I don’t know what it is about that smile; it annoys me.

“Really? That’s good to hear, Boss. Say, remember that Ruuska guy? The dickbag who didn’t pay any of his loans from us? Well, we took care of him and his family. And remember that girl I told you about? Lucy Ruuska.” And like the fuckface he was, he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me. I stumble forward and fall to my knees, barely being able to stand up on my own in the first place.

“Lucy here volunteered to ‘work’ so she can help fill the money gap we have because of him,” he said, looking over to the Boss.

“So, this is the chick you told me about, James?” He said before getting up from the chair, he said, moving past the desk to stand in front of James and me. Looking down at me before looking over to James, a hand onto his shoulder as he gave a pat to his shoulder, that same fucking grin on his face.

“Me Gusta, James. She’s a good Looker this one, yeah?” He said before crouching down, he said, placing a hand onto my face, moving my head around as if he was inspecting cattle. A soft slap on his hand onto my face -- not in an aggressive way. More, ‘there-there.’ He soon speaks up once more.

“Ay, I’m the Boss around her, Lucy. My name is Rico Mendéz, I welcome to The Angels," he said to me, a smirk across his dumb face. He stood up and looked over to James and started to talk with him. “So, she’s here to work, eh? I’m going to have to ask you more about what you have in mind, Amigo.”

“Well, Boss. We have been expanding our money makin’ sources, right? Lucy here would be the perfect lady to be workin’ out in the streets. You know, on the curb.” he said, with a cocky snicker, as if he was playing along to Rico’s dumb energetic personality.

“I mean, she do be looking quite nice, doesn’t she? Pretty face, blonde, guys love blondes. And look at those tits of hers. Natural ones that size is quite the catch. Imagine the money she’d be raking in.” Concluded James.

...What did that Walker motherfucker say? While on my knees, looking down to the floor. My eyes widen in disbelief to what the hell I’m hearing—working out in the streets? Was he talking about my features and body like that? Is he seriously talking about...prostitution?

I begin shaking. So many emotions were overtaking my body. Fear, rage, and so many other emotions I can’t even comprehend right now. I desire nothing more than being able to get all of my energy and strength back just to run away.

I can’t. I don’t want this. My body is MINE. I’m waiting to find the right guy; I’m waiting to get my life on track and have a happy family. I want to have a family, I --

“Work as a prostitute, eh?” Rico said to James in response to his proposal for what I should do for this fucking hell hole.

“That’s a good idea. Lucy here will join the other girls and start makin’ us some more money. Good idea, but before we send her out to do any work, I’m going to have to ‘check the merchandise’ if you know what I mean.” Added Rico.

With a motion with Rico’s hand, the two men escorting me soon picked me up and began to move me along. As the men dragged me off, I watched as the two men in front of me talk. Rico, making gestures, and James talking and laughing with him.

Hands tighten into a fist. Dead -- dead. Dead dead dead dead. I want them dead -- but. I can’t do anything. I can feel my body threatening to shut down from all of this...but if I shut down, what will happen to me?

What if I don’t remember any of it? What if I do remember all of it? Remember every detail and let it haunt me for the rest of my life. . .what if I don’t. . .want that . . . what if . . .

What if . . .

Being shoved into the same SUV as before, I looked out the window as I saw Rico talk to the men. I couldn’t hear what was being said between him and the men. After exchanging a few words, Rico walked over to a car of his own, got in, and drove off. The men getting into the SUV I was in and began to pull out of the parking lot. And at the entrance of the building we were in, I could see him...

The man that got me into this fucking mess... and that killed my family...

“𝑱𝒂𝒎𝒆𝒔 𝑾𝒂𝒍𝒌𝒆𝒓...” I said quietly under my breath.

While in the backseat, I was much more awake now, and I could look outside clearly. The area we were in seems to be somewhere in the lower-end areas. Looking up to the sky, I saw less blue and pinker in color. The sun was setting. The evening was coming. And the drive to where ever we were going was much shorter than the first.

We pulled up to a somewhat decent looking house, wherein the driveway I saw the same car that Rico got into and drove off. So this must be the prick’s house. Pulling into the side, and the two men getting out. They opened my door and pulled me out and walked me over to the doorstep of this house. Ringing the bell, Rico soon opened the door.

“Ah, Chica. Just who I was waiting for. You fellas can go. I’ll handle it from here.” Rico said before grabbing my wrist and pulling me into the house...

What happened next is what all women fear happening to them...

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