Regina Urbana (Urban Queen) Part Two: The Angels

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Part Two: Then Angels (5/7)

August 18th, 2010

New York - The Streets

“O-One...two, three, four... five...six.”

I hid in an alleyway, away from all of the hustle and bustle from this city. It’s been nearly four months exactly ever since my first time has been...taken from that absolute prick of an asshole. Whatever...where was I? Oh, Right.

“Seven, Eight...Nine.” I ran my fingers throughout the small wad of cash that I’ve had in my hands. I have nine know, ever since I’ve started this kind of . . . ‘work,’ the amount of money I’ve had on my person has never been higher. But of course, none of it is truly mine. I have a quota to meet by the end of the month. At least that prick Rico has the common sense to realize that his sex workers need to pay rent, bills to live. So he gives us a set amount to make by the end of the month.

Although, from what I hear and know about other gangs, this gang runs somewhat differently. For better or for worse . . . sigh. But no matter what. I can never get used to wearing . . . whatever the fuck it is I’m wearing. Some sort of jacket with a crop top, shorts and...well. I can only describe them as hooker boots. And oh boy, look who’s wearing them.

Sigh...Yes, it has been four months, but...selling my body is still so...weird to me. I’m still very uncomfortable with it all, however...what the hell else am I going to do? Runaway from The Angels? Yeah right. To where? My past life is gone...and honestly, the thought of suicide has gone across my mind. However, I’ve never gone through it.

Even if I’m some whore on the street, trying to make it alive, I still have this weird sense of pride. This ego that won’t allow me to take the coward’s way out of this. Maybe I can someday take over this gang, become the strongest woman in New York.

“Yeah, right,” I said to myself; the realist inside of me is showing. Shoving the bills back into my purse, I made my way back to the main streets to make my way home. I’ve done...ahem. Plenty of work today, and I...REALLY could use the rest of the day off. I need to relax... and honestly, I want to get out of my work clothes. I hate wearing these things...the boots are hard to balance, in all honesty.

Oh, right. Didn’t I mention that I have my own apartment? I’m not so far from it now. I’m surprised that I was able to find a place to call home. However, I turn the corner to the street that my apartment is on.

“Yup. Still a piece of shit as ever.” I said to myself, looking at my apartment building up and down. It was one of those rundown, brick apartment complexes. You know, smashed windows, metal bars across windows, crappy dim lights. Just imagine the crappiest apartment building you can, and you’re probably not that far off. But it’s my home. Fitting for some whore like myself.

I make my way to my apartment, open the door, and close it behind me. And there I stand, at the entrance of my place. Right in front of me is a small living room. Barely any room for a couch and T.V. The next room over to the left is a small kitchen with the essentials. Oven, fridge, the usual.

And the next place next to that, which is surprising, is a small bedroom. Only enough room for a bed, a nightstand, and it has a closet for all of my clothing. And other than that, it is a small bathroom. Yup, this is my home. Despite the crappy exterior of this apartment building, I try my best to keep my suite clean. Because I can’ dirty. Well, at least more so than what I am now.

I make my way to the bedroom and finally get out of this outfit. I know, ballsy, huh? Working during the day? It’s a goddamned miracle I haven’t been caught yet by some cop. But of course, when it comes to meeting a quota at the end of the month, I have worked nights—often coming home at some ungodly hour in the morning.

“Ah, shit.” I peered into the open fridge...out of milk. See, this is why I’m glad The Angels run things the way they do...I can use some of my money for groceries. Luckily there’s a store down a couple of blocks. I exit my apartment, lock the door, and make my way down the road. I’m wearing jeans, a sweater, and some sneakers. I don’t want to stand out too much because I do that enough during my work hours. The store wasn’t that far of a walk, and I was already on my way back to my place.

And it wasn’t until I walked past an alleyway that I heard a particular noise... a mewl. I stopped in my tracks and looked around. The mewling kept going and going. Eventually, I was able to figure out that it was coming from the other side of a dumpster.

I walked over, and after a few seconds of scanning the area, I found the source of this adorable noise that I’ve been hearing. It was a small, gray, straggly looking little kitten. I looked around more, but it became apparent that its owner abandoned this kitten.

Kneeling to my knees, I softly spoke to the cat. “Hey there, little fella. Did your owner leave you here? What a big jerk, huh? Com’ere. You’re mine now.” I reached down to pick it up, softly wrapping my hand around its stomach to lift it.

“Now, what exactly are you...” I said to myself before observing the kitten’s junk. “Ah, a boy. Well then, little guy. Let’s get home, huh?” I said before lifting the brown paper bag that contained the groceries I’ve just bought. “I got some pretty awesome fresh milk for you when we get back.” Of course, like a baby, it kept on mewling and mewling as I was talking.

I soon got home and laid out a bowl of milk for the little guy on the couch. I sit next to him with a bowl of cereal as he drank away. Looking down at the little guy, I couldn’t help but smile. I’ve always loved cats. And this little guy was mine now.

“Hm...I oughta give you a name, huh?” I said to myself, crunching and munching at my cereal in deep thought. Eureka! “Your name from now on shall be . . . Smokey!” I said before reaching a hand down to the little guy’s head, petting it. All he did was a growl as if worried that I would take him away from his milk.

“Don’t worry, Smokey, it’s all yours,” I said before resuming to my bowl of cereal. You know, maybe with Smokey, things won’t be too bad. I mean...he’s the only true companionship I have. I haven’t been able to find Juliet or Percy. I know where they live, but...this kind of work is honestly tiring and bountiful. Sigh.

“You better not piss or shit on the floor, okay, Smokey? I’ll get you some kitty litter, some proper food and treats later on.” I said before heading to the bedroom. As I made my way over to the bed, I...collapsed onto it. Face first. I sprawled out on it. All the exhaustion and emotions hit me all at once, and soon, my eyes began to close as I began to drift off to sleep. Although a thought, a name came across my mind. And as my sight began to blackout, losing consciousness, I muttered out:


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