How I became a monster

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Cassie did an unspeakable thing, she murdered her brother. But how did a girl, once so pure and good, become so dark? Was this twisted side burried deep inside her for a long time? Or were other reasons the cause of what happened? Follow Cassie through some events in the past and see for yourself...

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I'm being led into one of the interrogating rooms by Tyler and another cop I don't know. They're talking to me, but I can't focus on what they're saying. Tired. I'm so tired. I just want to lay down, close my eyes and sleep.

Tyler opens the door and stands aside to let me enter first. As I walk towards the chair he's pointing at, I see my reflection in the two-way mirror. My eye is already bruising, my lip has burst as I had expected and I look paler than ever. What should shock me, but doesn't, is the amount of blood on my clothes. I look down at my hands, they're red. The blood has almost completely dried.

As I sit down, Tyler takes place right across from me, his colleague sits down next to him. He's trying to catch my eye but I keep looking at my hands, now folded in my lap.

"Miss Medina, are you ready to give your statement?" the woman asks. She's leaning forward, her head bowing a little, her ocean blue eyes have this very kind look in them. "Do you need to see a doctor before we start?" she asks as I don't reply. God, why is she talking so kindly to me? Slowly I shake my head. "I don't need a doctor." My voice sounds hoarse and so far away. As if it's not me who's speaking. "Cass, are you sure?" Tyler asks. I still can't look at him. Not after what happened, after what I'm about to tell them.

I take a deep, shaky breath before I speak again. "I don't need any medical attention." I force myself to look at him. His hazel brown eyes are piercing in mine, trying to read them as he always does. I see a mix of emotions in his. Concern, anger, sadness. But most of all he looks confused. I don't get why they let him take me in. Maybe they think it went differently? That I had nothing to do with it? Well, they will be proven wrong.

The officer nods as she pushes the button on the recorder she just took out of her pocket. "Officers Julie Hays and Tyler Smith. October 20th, 11:45pm. Starting the interogation of Cassie Medina." she says soft but clear. She looks at Tyler who nods while still looking at me. Then she turns to me and asks "Can you tell us what happened?"

I look away from Tyler and instead look at the small recorder laying in the middle of the table. I swallow hard and say. "I did it. I killed my brother."

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