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Emily is 25, she has had an awful past. When George emerged in her life and her past resurfaced, was she willing to give them a chance? with their exes getting in the way of their newfound love; will there be a happy ending? She has had a sad beginning; a happy ending should be after difficulties, isn't it? Read on to find out! ***************************************** This book is something different. It's not like, your usual cliché. Try it out and you would love it...😉

Drama / Romance
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“Is it about that guy, the one who drops you off every night? that asshole”. he said gesturing with his hands and shouting.

He moved closer to me pointed at me and said “You! are a nobody, no one genuinely wants to be with you. You look so innocent and people just want to use and dump you!” he said grinning

He has done a lot of traumatizing things in my life, but that was all in the past. I would not let my past define my future.

He cannot have his way in my life again, not now and not ever.

I could not take it anymore; his sudden appearance and the way he thinks he can control me. I was just done with all his tactics.

I clenched my teeth and said, “how dare you!” he looked at me and smirked then he said, “What did you say?”

I have never dared to do this to him, but I raised my hands and slapped him hard on his cheek.

I saw his hand move, so he felt it coming but he was not fast enough to dodge it.

I tried to withdraw my hands to myself after slapping him but then he held my hand in place pulled me close and kissed me forcefully, it was so sudden I could not react. my bag was in my left hand and my other hand was placed firmly on his cheek with his strong hands holding me back.

Before I could move an inch to push him, I heard my name, I recognized that voice, that voice... I turned my face to the direction of that voice, I felt Brad did the same.

Looking at George’s expression, I wished time would just freeze and I would run away from this situation.

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