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Exceptation is like a gift sometimes what you excepted will come or sometimes the excepted gift will not come..... exceptation depends on the person....

Drama / Children
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Chapter 1

On a fine evening a girl named Melina was born.....on the day she born her parents very Happy,but sad thing is here grandmother doesn't like because first always a boy should born but here father said that a angle is born to me with a beautiful smile.All the people in the family loved her and cared her so much...Melina has a cousin sister named mariya ,she is always a arrogant girl who always fight and bite Melina's hand because she thought Melina has a doll after some years melina grown and a new family member came into our house which is here younger brother who born after 2years...Melina got worried because she thought that after this her parents doesn't like her but the reality is parents always like their children even if they did wrong.melina went to see her brother and she asked to her mother Teresa what is the baby name,her mother said his name is ashkon.Melina asked her mother why you brought him ,Teresa said that he is your younger brother and God has sended to our family because you will take care of him,then Melisa smiled at her mother and said she will take care of his little brother....

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