The Beta and the Alpha

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The book is about two best friends, Muzi (the Beta's son) and Ethan (Alpha's son) who had an unbreakable friendship since they were young. But the unexpected occurred and feelings got involved causing a strain in their friendship. Thank you for choosing to read this story. I really appreciate it and I hope you will enjoy it. Before reading the book note the following: a) The book is not edited, so expect spelling and grammar mistakes. b) The book contains sex scene. The sex scenes are are not extreme and forgive me if they are sloppy. c) The book contains MenxMen, if you are sensitive please do not read this book. d) Expect mpreg. e) The book will be edited with time. Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Drama / Fantasy
Thabsile Thabethe
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Chapter 1

“Earth to Ethan,” Muzi poked Ethan as they were sitting next to the stream in their pack territory. They were part of the Dark spirit pack known as one of the powerful pack with over 2000 pack members. Muzi was the Bata’s son and Ethan’s best friend. Ethan was the alpha’s son. "What’s up Muzi?” he responded without looking at him. He continued to stare at the running water in the stream. “What is the plan for your 18th birthday?” Muzi asked him taking off his clothes and jumping in the water. “My father is organizing a big party and everyone is invited with the hope of me finding my mate. He also invited the a few alphas who have daughters which are unmated from the blue pack, golden globe pack and the Zion pack.” he was still looking at the flowing water as he responded. It was expected that his father would invite other alphas and their families. Alphas were always mated with other alphas, that is, alpha’s son mates with alpha’s daughter. It was unheard of that an alpha is mated to a lower ranking wolf like the beta or gamma or theta or omega, while the other ranking wolves could mate randomly. The ranking was Alphas (top of the chain) then betas (2nd), followed by gammas (3rd) and thetas (4th) and the omegas were the bottom of the food chain (Alphas: Wealthy & powerful→ Betas: Rich & strong → Gammas: upper middle class trackers & warries → Thetas: lower middle class warries→ Omegas: poor & weak). “I’m sure you can’t wait to meet your mate and have all the steamy sex, I sure as hell can’t wait. But unfortunately I still have 6 months before I turn 18 years and you will be 18 in just a month.” Ethan looked up and watched Muzi as he swam naked. All he could think about was, he was not ready for commitment nor mating and having kids. He was young and still wanted to fool around with different girls. Ethan sighed at the thought.

“Muzi, let’s go I want to go see Lisa. I really need to get laid; this topic you just brought has killed my mood.” Lisa was Ethan’s girlfriend of almost 2 years; they started dating when Ethan turned 16 years. Lisa’s family were part of the lower middle class. “Speaking of Lisa, you just reminded me. There is a new human girl at school called Zanele. She is as hot as sin. Not only that she has similar classes as mine, which will give me enough time to woe her.” Ethan laughed at his friend as his stroke his bare cock while floating on his back in the steal water. “Fuck Muzi, you can’t be masturbating in front me, that it’s just wrong.” He hissed and looked away.

Ethan POV

“So when exactly are you planning to bed your new human pet?” I took off my clothes and dived in the water. I liked Friday afternoons because it meant no school the next day. Juggling between training, patrolling and alpha duties was a bit too much. Then again no one told me being an adult was going to be easy. I was glad my father decided to involve me in all the alpha duties; since I was going to have to take up all the responsibilities soon. He was planning to step down before I turned 19 years.

“Next week Friday, Zakes is throwing his 18th birthday party. He invited everyone at school. I am planning to convince her to come with me to the party.” I heard Muzi respond to the question I asked him. To be honest I was caught up in my own thoughts I didn’t hear everything he was saying. Frankly I didn’t have any interest in the conversation we were having. Dammit I can’t believe I am going to have a mate in a few days, this fact bored me more than anything. I honestly hoped Lisa would be my mate, if not her, Zee my personal maid will do. She is a beautiful and well-mannered girl. I have never slept with Zee nor have I ever slept with any omegas. Omegas are at the bottom of the food chain, we normally don’t mix with them. They do the all the house chores and hard labour. But Zee was something else, she become my maid when she was 14 years. She is the only females who has never showed interest in me, nor dress or behave like a slut. I knew it was not possible for either of them to be my mate but it not a crime to wish for it. “Ethan! Ethan! ETHAN!!!!!!!” I feminine voice called me. It made me snap away from my trail of thoughts. “Hey Lisa! Lover boy here has been dreaming the whole day. It’s really hard to get his full attention. Maybe you will have better luck than me.” Muzi was getting dressed while talking to Lisa. “I got this, don’t worry I know what to do to make him listen,” Lisa chuckled. “Alright man I will see you at 8 pm during our patrol. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” Muzi waved his hand goodbye and left us. I just nodded my head.

“Babes I missed you at school today, you know school is boring when you are not around.” Lisa spoke while smashing her lips on mine and moving her arms to my neck. I didn’t even see when she took off her clothes and got inside the water. The kiss started slow, but escalated from slow to a very heated kiss. She moved her right hand to my cock, while my hands remained on her waist. She started stroking my dick moving her hand back and forth till it was hard as a rock. She then broke the kiss, allowing us to catch our breath. She dived inside the water and put my cock in her mouth. She took the whole of my dick in, I could literally feel the walls of her throat. She started sucking it hard and fast. Making me moan softly. Man I loved it when she gave me a blowjob. She was the only woman I easily got certified by only fucking her mouth. She surfaced from under the water and took my lips on hers. She wrapped her legs around my waist and directed my dick to her opening.

‘Ethan, come to my office now. We need to talk urgently,’ My dad mind-linked me. ‘Okay dad I will be right there.’ I stopped Lisa from continuing her mission of making me take her raw. I got out of the water and told her to go to her room I will meet her there after I spoke to my dad. She nodded and we proceeded getting dressed. I could have asked her to wait for me in my room, but I will never make out or fuck anyone who is not my mate in my room. Even though I liked Lisa very much.

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