The Beta and the Alpha

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Chapter 9 Part 2

Same day

“Baby! Is everything ready? What about the food and drinks? And did you connect the sound system to the TV?” Muzi asked worried as if Will and Bonga were some special guests. “Chill love, it’s just boys hanging out. Everything is ready. Come sit with me on the couch.” Ethan pointing at the empty space near him. They started making out like high school kids. Till Bonga knocked and pushing the door open, almost catching them kissing. Will was trailing behind him holding a crade of beer. “Happy birthday boy!” Bonga said brushing Muzi’s head and giving him a light hug. “I bought you beer because I could not think of a perfect present than getting drunk,” They all laughed and each one seated on the couches around the small sitting room. Muzi and Ethan sat together, while bong and Will sat on different couches.

“So what are we doing tonight?” Will asked. “There is food, video games and lots of beer. What about just drinking while catching up?” “I would prefer watching the football match playing right now, we will play the video games later.” They all agreed with Ethan. He turned the TV to the sport channel, while Muzi took the beer they brought to the kitchen to keep it in the fridge. He brought food and the beer they put in the fridge earlier to the sitting room and settled right next to Ethan.

They spent most of the Afternoon talking, playing games and listen to music, while downing a lot of beer. About 4 hours later, early into the evening, 7 pm, Ethan could no longer hold himself from touching Muzi, the urge was becoming unbearable for him. He kept on going to the bathroom a million times. After a while Muzi noticed this, and followed him to the bathroom leaving the other two guys playing video games. “Babes are you ok?” Muzi asked Ethan. Ethan pushed him from the bathroom to the master bedroom in the cottage and gave him his present he had been saving for later. He opened the box to find a platinum ring with an engraving: Ethan loves Muzi. “Marry me Muzi, be my Luna- Beta.” Instead of answering, he put the ring on his finger and kissed him. The door to the bedroom was slightly ajar.

Ethan directed him to the bed while kissing him. “I want to be inside of you right now. I can’t wait anymore.” Ethan told Muzi while kissing him. Within a matter of second both of them were naked, lying on the king size bed and Ethan took Muzi cock in his mouth earning himself soft moans from him. When Muzi could feel his load about to come, he moved Ethan’s head faster and making his cock penetrate deep in his throat. A few seconds later Muzi released in Ethan’s throat. Ethan kissed him on his lips so he could taste his release. He grabbed the lube on the stand and used it to lubricate his fingers and Muzi’s hole. He inserted a figure inside and moved it slow. Then placed another figure in while kissing and licking Muzi’s neck. When he felt he was ready, he lubricated is dick and pushed it slowly inside Muzi’s ass and started moving with slow strokes, still sucking on his neck. “Fuck baby, that feels so great…….Oooooh yeeeeeeeahh” Muzi moaned. He picked up his pace and moved faster and deeper than he ever did causing Muzi to moan louder. “Oh Muzi, my cock feels great inside of you. I can’t hold myself any longer.” He moaned. The room was now filled with moans, dense smell of sex, sweat and whispers. “I am about to cum Eth….., fuck faster…. AAAAAaaaaaaah” Muzi moaned. “I am going to mark you babes.” Ethan’s words came out as a moan. They both meet their release at the same time screaming in ecstasy. As Ethan was coming, he released his canines, sinking his teeth in Muzi’s soft spot on the neck which made Muzi scream loader in ecstasy.

Will and Bonga heard the scream and rushed to the bedroom to find out what’s happening. They thought maybe someone was being attached. Bonga swung the door open fully to have a good view of what was happening in the room. What their eyes meet, was something they both did not expect. Ethan banging Muzi and marking him. Both of them were clearly enjoying what they were doing. They did not even notice that they had company in the room. “I love you Zii.” Ethan spoke while kissing Muzi on the mark and licking it. Muzi also released his canines and without a warning, punched into Ethan neck. The act made Ethan to thrush inside him and moan like a bitch. Muzi pulled out and licked his mark on his neck. He moved his lips to Ethan’s lips. Ethen pulled out of Muzi, turn to all four looking at the headboard. Muzi came behind him pop the lube and smeared it in his fingers, cock and Ethan’s ass. He started pushing his dick slowly inside Ethan and fully penetrating him. He then thrust slowly, but Ethan wanted it rough. “Fuck me harder and faster baby.” Muzi obeyed his command and started pounding faster, harder and deeper, causing Ethan to moan.

The pair where oblivious of their surroundings, not realising they were putting on a show. Will and Bonga were frozen on the door, none of them could move nor take their eyes off what was happening on the bed right in front of them. A million questions ran in theirs minds. ‘when did this happen, how, where they seeing each other right under their noses. Was the fight because Ethan or Muzi started getting jealous? How is it even possible that they are able to mark each other when they are both males?’ All this questions flooded them as they continue to watch not being able to stop. Someone cleared their throat very loud, alerting Ethan and Muzi that they had an audience. This action caused Bonga and Will to turn and look at the people standing behind them.

Muzi did not bother stopping even thought they were now both aware they were being watch. A few minutes later they both came. Soon after they went to take a shower with no care in the world. They did not bother acknowledging Bonga, Will and Zee who were still standing at the door, as they walk into the bathroom.

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