The Beta and the Alpha

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Chapter 10

“When did this happen?” Bonga asked as they were all sitting in the sitting room, Zee present. “Us being mates or being together?” Ethan responded with a question. “Ethan and I kissed about 7 months ago when we were on patrol. We stopped talking after that, and our friendship came to a halt because neither one of us were willing to talk about it, we also did not know how to go about it. On his birthday I helped him to his room. And everything went south,” Muzi said. “ oh!” is all Will said still trying to process what he saw a few minutes ago. “My wolf has been restless from the day we broke our friendship, but came down when he smelled Muzi scent and felt his touch. I knew then he was mine, but I waited for his birthday so that he could also realize it. Although it should have been obvious, I have been over protective of Muzi since we were kids.” Bonga laughed humorless, “Now it all makes sense, why your wolf wanted to kill Emelda and why Muzi was the only one who can calm you down without doing anything. All the times you refused to train with anyone else but Muzi, and why the two of you share the Ethan’s room,” Bonga smirked. “Wait, does everyone know we sleep in the same room?” Muzi asked showing a panic on his face. “No, just because I have noticed that every time I was looking for you at night, I could only find you in Ethan’s room. Most of the time, the two of you skipped breakfast, no one took breakfast for you, but I notice Zee now prepares breakfast for two, even though she used one plate to try and hide it.”

After a long conversation between Muzi and Bonga, Ethan finally spoke. “Can you guys continue this conversation tomorrow? I want to be alone with my mate now.” “Sure, we will leave the two of you alone, but we need to decide how we are going to go about this whole situation. You know tomorrow is the day of the ceremony.” Bonga questioned Ethan. “All you need to do is keep you mouth shut until after the ceremony. We will inform our parents the next morning. I hope you understand what I am saying Bonga.” Ethan replied to him in a warning tone. “Chill dude, I was just saying we need to figure out a way to hide your scents.”

“We are not hiding any scent from anyone. We are not going to explain anything to anyone. You can tell whoever you want, but its not going to change shit. Ethan is going to be Alpha tomorrow and no one can stop it.” Muzi stood up and looked around the small sitting room s if searching for something, then continued talking. “Thanks for gracing us with you presence tonight, but we will appreciate it if you guys can leave so we can continue our mating.” He smiled and looked at Ethen who was impress by the words coming out of Muzi,s mouth. “We will see you tomorrow during the ceremony.” They left as they did not want to start a fight.

Bonga knew that if the elders found out about this, they would go crazy. One thing is for sure, they will not allow Ethan to become the alpha, let along Muzi be his beta-luna. They would probably ask them to give up their positions willingly and after change their rank to omega. I don’t see Ethan nor Muzi agreeing, so he will either challenge his father to submission on death for him to be the new alpha tomorrow. Meaning he will no longer need the ceremony. He can choose his own will be his beta, gamma and theta. In fact he can even change the current high ranking wolves to omega because of revenge. He signed not knowing what to do. “Hai, we shall see what happens tomorrow.”

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