The Beta and the Alpha

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Chapter 11

Ethan POV

The ceremony to crown me as Alpha with my own team Beta, Gamma and Theta went smoothly. My father tried by all means to make me interact with all the Alpha’s daughters who attended the ceremony hoping one of them will be my Luna. But it was impossible because I already have my mate. I looked around to locate my mate but I could not see him which caused my heart to sink. I then followed his scent which lead me to the garden. My eyes were meet with a handsome site of my mate sitting on the grass shirtless reading a book. I looked around to make sure no one was watching before walking to him and kissing him. Kissing him felt like heaven. Muzi was definitely my addiction, I could not go a day without seeing him, touching him or talking to him. “Let’s take it to your room, this flower has ears and mouths.” My handsome mate suggested and I would be lying if I said I was against his idea.

When we entered my room in the pack house Muzi locked the door behind him and started taking his clothes off. I followed suit. I then sat on the edge of the bed admiring my mate. Muzi grabbed the lube and poured a generous amount on his hand and rubbed it on my dick with one hand and on his hole with the other hand. He them settle himself on my lap, lowering himself on my member slowly while starring straight in my eyes. I could not help but smile with all the butterflies in my stomach. When my dick was fully in, he started moving up and down my member gently and that drove me insane. I knew then I was going to come. “Oh my gosh Zii I am going to come,” I stated each word coming out as a moan. Muzi picked up the pack thrusting up and down fast and moaning my name like it was oxygen (he could not live without it). “Oh love I cant hold it, please cum with me.” Before I finished my sentence, my handsome mate came so hard shooting his load all over our stomachs, chest and traces on our faces. Man that site made me cum inside him like it was my last time ever cuming. That was the most amazing feeling I have ever had. I swear the sex with Muzi got better every time.

After catching my breath, I pulled out of Muzi, climbed on the bed and remained on all four with my ass at a perfect view for Muzi. He did not wait for me to say anything. He rubbed the lube on my hole and his cock and in one thrust filled me to the brim. “Fuck!, did you dick grow over night?” I question in pain. Muzi laughed, while leaning down to suck on my soft spot on the neck. Without a warning he took me rough (thrusting in and out at an animalistic pace) and I loved it. His thrust were rough and fast but they followed a particular rhythm. “Uuuuuuuh!” I screamed out when the pleasure was making it to hard for me to keep my mouth shut. “You love that hey?” Muzi asked with a smirk. I tried to answer but the only thing that came out my mouth was a moan. “Yeeeeeeah!” Before I knew it I was cuming on the sheet and I felt Muzi cum inside me. Fell on my cum because my legs and hands were too weak to hold me, and Muzi fell on top of me. We remained in that position for a few minutes then went to take a shower. I hated the fact that we had to get back to the party before someone came looking for us. Hiding our relationship was honestly becoming a dreadful. But unfortunately, we were both not ready to tell everyone just yet.

We returned to the party which was still on full swing. I went to talk to my father about the mate issue finding a mate. Not long after, Muzi came to inform us that he was calling it a night. At that moment I wanted to follow him home so badly but I could not because it was my party and it would have rude to leave the guest alone. I endured the party till early hours of the morning. When I got to the cottage I found my mate fast asleep in his birthday suit. I stripped of all my clothes and joined him. I spooned him while holding him tightly. That was all I needed to end a long dreadful night with.

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