The Beta and the Alpha

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Chapter 12

Five Months later.

“Ethan let me handle the rogue problem you need to rest.” Ethan looked at me with a tired look but still refused to listen. “No! I am the Alpha and it is my responsibility to keep my pack safe. There are 30 rouges, I know it will be hard to take them down without me. I need to go help.” I was not going to allow him anywhere near the rouges no matter how strong he was. “Mark please reason with him. I will go handle the rouge situation. If he refuses you know what to do.” I looked at the young doctor who was standing next to our bed in a panicked mode. He did not say anything he just smiled at me. “Muzi I am your Alpha you do not tell me what to do. I am telling you, I am going to help with the rouge situation.”

I knew I was not going to win this one so I just made it seem as if he won. “Fine Alpha, do whatever you like,” I said sarcastically. “Just take the meds and let go. Try not to put our baby in danger.” Ethan smiled excitedly. Ever since we found out that Ethan was pregnant, it has been hard to keep him at leash. He is very moody, eats everything that he puts his hands on. He does not listen to anyone and worst of all he is making keeping our secret harder. After he drank his med, we left house to join the warriors.

When we arrived, we were shocked by the number of our warries who were down. Before we could digest anything one rouge lunged at Ethan. Without thinking, Ethen turned to his wolf form and attached back. He pinned him down and ripped his head off with his teeth. When another rouge tried to jump on him he threw him away like a piece of paper. Gosh my man is sexy when he fights. I was too distracted watching him fight I did not see the man who was about to stab me with a silver knife. Ethan jumped to save me but the knife nudged the side of his stomach, causing my heart to stop beating for a brief moment. That pushed my wolf to the limit. Without realizing it I killed all the remaining rouges and rushed Ethan to the pack hospital. I mind-linked Dr Mark to meet us there.

When we arrived, a private room was ready for Alpha Ethan and I rushed him there. Mark sent me outside claiming I was a distraction with the millions questions I was asking. Well kill me for worrying about my mate and child. Before I left the room, I reminded him that everything was to remain a secret until Ethan and I are ready to tell everyone the truth. Ethan’s parents came to the hospital to find out how their son my doing. Before they took a sit in the sitting room I was asked the question I dreaded the most. “How is he Muzi?” Ethan’s father asked. I looked down as a sign of respect and I also did not want them to see that I was devastated and unsure of the situation. “I do not know Alpha, I am still waiting for the doctor to give me feedback. They are still in surgery,” I responded to him still looking down fighting my tears from falling. “Would you explain what happened out there?” I nodded and I told him everything, leaving the part that I was too busy lusting over his son instead of fighting and that is why he is in here. The door flung open Dr Mark came out looking as if someone died. I rushed to him not waiting for Ethan’s parents. Mark gave me a small smile and I could not help by worry. “How are they Mark, can I go see him?” I spoke so fast Mark had to calm me down as panic was showing all over me. “Calm down Muzi, they are fine. The surgery went well. The knife missed the fetus, so the was no harm there. But Ethan lost a lot of blood and is taking time to heal because of his condition. But he will be fine he just needs to rest.” I rushed in the room leaving his parents with Mark not even worried about what Mark might tell them.

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