The Beta and the Alpha

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Chapter 13

Muzi POV

I got in the room a were Ethan was sleeping. I climbed the bed and spooned him. “You will be fine love.” I whispered while rubbing his small baby bump. He was 5 months pregnant but it was not even big. “Mark said you will be fine you just need rest. And our little pea is fine. No! he is great.” Ethan laughed lightly when he heard me call our baby little pea. The first time we saw the ultrasound, there was a small pea and Mark said that the pea was our baby. Gosh that was the funniest thing ever. Ethan kept saying it was a tumor not a baby Mark was mistaken. I kind of agreed with him because there was no ways Ethan could be pregnant, he is a man.

So, a month after the Alpha ceremony Ethan started feeling light headed, tired and nauseas frequently. We were worried so we asked Mark to do a full body check-up. He came back to us telling us that Ethan was pregnant. The urine and blood work indicated that he was 6 weeks pregnant. We looked at him like he was a mental case. He also admitted that it sounded stupid and he could not explain how it was even possible. After doing additional test and one ultrasound Mark confirmed that he was indeed pregnant. Ethan and I had no idea how to react because we were not expecting such news. In fact, we had accepted that we are not going to have kids and the alpha title will be continued via his cousins. A week after founding out, we practically changed the cottage to a kindergarten. We read about how to take care of kids and what we must expect. Since Ethan is a man Mark said he will have to do C-section when around 37 to 38 weeks. We were ready for everything that was to come. But we had no plan on telling anyone about our relationship and baby. Only Mark and Zee knew about the pregnancy. We felt it was not necessary to tell Bonga and Will.

I kissed Ethan’s head as he yawned and pulling me closer to him as if saying he doesn’t want me to leave. “It’s ok love I won’t leave you, I will stay here with you until you can go home. We can ask Mark if you can be moved home.” I spoked while rubbing his belly and brushing his hair. “I love you!” he said with a small smile on his face. He placed his hand on mine and moved our hands together so we were rubbing his belly. We were too caught up in our conversation we did not hear his parents and Mark come in the room. “I am sorry I did not listen to you, I promise I will not do it again.” “Shiii love you need to rest, all that is in the past. I need you to get better okay?” Ethan nodded. “I love you too,” I said, learning over to kiss his neck. Ethan let out a soft moan, which caused my dick to grow hard in an instant. “I can feel your dick on my ass. Tell the little man to behave.” We laughed simultaneously. “Well it was that little when it was filling you up, was it now?”

“Okay you too that is enough, Ethan needs to rest if he is going to get better.” Mark interrupted us. “Yes doc, but Muzi is not going anywhere.” Ethan spoke. We were still spooning each other looking at the window, still oblivious of the presence of others. “Ethan?” the voice of the person calling Ethan made us jump and released each other from the embrace. “Are you ok son?” Ethan said nothing, it was as if he was caught stealing and there was no way out of it. After what felt like hours Ethan finally spoke, pulling me close to him without caring what his parents will say. “I am ok mom, no need to worry.” He said it softly avoiding his mother gaze. “Muzi!” His father called my name causing me to panic. “Leave us, we need to talk to Ethan alone.” I stood up and was about to leave when Ethan stopped me. “He is not going anywhere. Say whatever you want to say in front of Muzi.” I looked at Ethan and smiled, “Its ok Alpha, I will be outside. Just call me when you need me.” With that I left the room, leaving Ethan to deal with his parents. I felt bad leaving Ethan alone with his parent instead of standing by his side. Truth is I was a coward. And for the first time since we mated I felt like I did not deserve Ethan in anyway.

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