The Beta and the Alpha

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Chapter 14

Hi everyone! This is just a reminder that the story is not edited and I did not proofread any chapter.

Ethan POV

Fuck Muzi for dumping me in the lions den. How the hell am I suppose to tell my parents that I am gay for Muzi. And my so-called mate just left me to face my parents alone. “What is going on Ethan?” My father question snapped me back to reality. I did not bother looking at him or answer him. I was not ready to tell them anything. “I am talking to you Ethan. Answer me when I am Talking to you!” My father raised his voice at me thinking it will shake me. I continued looking at the window, while my mom way rubbing my back. In a split second my father was next to the bed holding me up, both his hand on my gown. “When I talk to you, you must answer me. Do you understand Ethan.” I could feel the anger in his. I still did not answer him instead I looked down at my stomach and rubbed it in circular motion trying not to get angry. “Leave him alone hun! You heard the doctor saying he needs to rest.” My father released me, but I could still feel his gaze on me. I shifted my gaze to Mark who had coward to the door, ready to bolts out.

“Father! I need you to leave. I do not want to deal with you right now. I am tired and I want to sleep. When I feel fine I will come talk to you.” The expression on my father’s face changed from anger to shock for a second. He then walked out of the room without looking back. Muzi entered the room looking worried, but paused when he saw my mother was still in the room rubbing my back. “I don’t want to see you right now, you left me to deal with my parents alone.” Muzi moved closer to the bed. “I am sorry, I thoug-” I cut him off, I was not in the mood to listen to him. “Get out Muzi!” He did not move he just stared at me with his eyes begging me to changed my mind. I stood up and walked to him. I stopped in front of him and look at him dead in the eyes. I repeated my words slowly. “I SAID GET THE FUCK OUT. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE RIGHT NOW!” I shouted at the top of my voice causing the room the shake. Instead of walking out, he reached for me, wrapped his arms around my neck and said. “Shiiiiiiii love I am here don’t cry. I'm sorry I left. I truly am a coward.” I leaned to the warm hug and allowed my tears to fall.

We stood there in silence for what seems like forever but it was just a few minutes. Mark cleared his throat causing us to turn to him. “I really think Ethan should get some rest if he wants to recover fully and not put the baby in harms way.” Muzi looked at me and said. “You heard the doctor baby. Come on let’s get you to bed.” I climbed the bed and Muzi covered me with the sheet. Not long after I feel asleep

Muzi POV

I looked at my sleeping mate and smiled in content. We had forgotten about Rebecca who was in the room the whole time. I turned my gaze to Rebecca who was watching us. Her expression was hard to pin point. Suddenly I started to panic when I realized that she knows now. We forgot that she was in the room and go carried away. “So would you like to tell me what is going on?” I looked at her thinking a million things. The thought of Ethan, the baby and I homeless and packless scared the shit out of me. Ethan was strong by the two of us could not take out his dad, my dad and the rest of the pack warriors alone. Given his condition we will have to leave if we are to make sure the baby will be safe. But if we leave, where will we go, how will we survive without money and where will we sleep.

I looked at Rebecca and opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. I poured water on a cup and drank it. “I am sorry!” I finally managed to say it. “You not going to tell me anything are you?” she asked knowingly but disappointment was written all over her face. “Alpha Ethan will tell you himself. It is not my place to say anything Luna.” I sat on the couch and look at the window hoping she will drop it. She kissed Ethan’s cheek goodnight and left without saying anything to me. At the point I knew that there was no way out of this. If anything, we had to prepare for war. The issue was who will fight on our side once they find out the truth.

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