The Beta and the Alpha

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Chapter 16

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Rebecca POV (Ethan's Mom)

I knew the minute I walked out Ethan’s hospital room yesterday that something was not right. The way Muzi and Ethan were acting towards each other was not acceptable. It was ok when they were kids but now it was totally out. This bordered me the whole night thus I decided to come see Ethan today so I could explain to him why their closeness was not right. Walking in on them kissing confirmed my fears, they were lusting over each other. This was not good for my son’s position as alpha nor the pack image. For a minute the baby distracted me from voicing out my concerned. She looked like Ethan when he was a baby, but the coloured version of him. My son opened his mouth and told me the last thing I expected to hear from him.

“She is my daughter.”

I looked at him thinking how is it possible. Did he find a mate and did not inform any of us? Was he ashamed of her thus he hide her form us? Is she a rouge? It suddenly explained:

1. Why he was sneaking out every night. He found his mate.

2.The unwillingness to find a mate because he already found her.

My heart was filled with joy, at least the Muzi situation will be sorted. But then if they are here together kissing, where is she? I was brought out of my thoughts by Ethan’s words. “Astrid is the daughter of an Alpha and the Beta mom.” I looked at him confused. “I thought you said she was your daughter. Did you mean you adopted him from the nearby pack? But why will they give you their daughter? Did we attack their pack and took over the pack land?” I asked him hoping he will clarify it. “Mom! Muzi and I are her parents.” I looked at him confused more than ever. “Muzi is my mate mom and Astrid is our daughter. I carried her in my own belly. I know it sounds crazy but it is true Mark can attest to it.”

The information he was giving me was too much. It could not be true. It is not possible to have same sex mate let along a male being pregnant is preposterous. I looked at both of them and they looked serious. At that moment I noticed something I have been ignoring. Their scent was mixed, they both had the same mating mark next to their collar bone and they were always together. It made sense why Ethan was always protective over Muzi and how they will both frown every time we tell them then need to find mate. The way Ethan was always lazy this past few months, eating like a pig. And the way Muzi would constantly ask him every second if he was ok and whether he needed something and refused to leave his side should have been a giveaway. ‘OMG! They were together and they had broken all the laws of nature.’

I started panicking. This could not be happening to my son, my family and my pack. How will I live without my son? The whole pack including his dad will want to banish them from the pack and they will not survive with a new born without a pack nor money. I looked at my son and he did not look strong enough to fight for his alpha position. The thoughts caused me to hyperventilate and I fainted.

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